Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 47


Very Good had no time to use [Beri Beri no Mi] to escape. When Ain saw them again, Very Good was lying on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Standing next to him was a calm face.

Damn… what just happened?

Leiyin used [Flying Thunder God Slash] speed combined with the taijutsu [Lion Combo] to deliver a swift blow, making it hard for people to see his series of moves.

Ain was even more startled as she stood there: Hey!! Didn’t we agree that I would protect you?

Very Good, who had already been knocked to the ground, was even more filled with resignation.

He strained to get up from the ground and using his [Beri Beri no Mi] ability. He detached an orb from his body and smashed it at Leiyin.

“All of you stop!”

Suddenly, a figure flew out from a short distance away, blocking the duel in front of the two men. Very Good regained his original form to stop the duel.

This figure wore a suit with lavender stripes and a dark blue shirt, wearing a tie, a punk head, and a beard. At his waist was a top-quality samurai sword.

Is that Momonga?!

Momonga was the Vice-Admiral of the marine. He was one of the marine’s senior members and a student of former Admiral Zephyr [Black Arm] Zephyr, who was currently a swordsmanship instructor at the Marine Academy. (The sword at his waist was suspected to be the Fifty Skillful Grade Swords [Katana].

He wasn’t only good at swordsmanship; he was also a master of Rokushiki. He was one of the five Vice Admiral who had led the Buster Call on Enies Lobby.

He also captured the giant Panz Fry, a 320 million bounty pirates alive. He performed well in the future Battle of Marineford. His strength was unfathomable.

Momonga, who was wearing a cloak of “Justice” and holding a katana at his waist, reprimanded, “You two, it is forbidden to fight in the marine. Moreover, you are the future of the marine. Someone!”

“Yes!” The two marine Master Chief Petty Officer said.

“Put them both in isolation for two days each, face to face!”

“As ordered!”

With that, Leiyin and Very Good were taken down.


One day later, Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral’s Office.

Garp told the Fleet Admira Sengoku about sending Leiyin to the Marine Academy. Sengoku and Garp were old friends, so they naturally agreed.

The relationship between Garp and Leiyin was unknown to even the three Admiral, except for Sengoku.

The person which Garp favored naturally attracted Sengoku’s attention, so the matter of Leiyin’s confinement reached the Fleet Admira’s ears immediately.

Sengoku was sitting on his desks at this time, and Garp was sitting on the sofa next to them, drinking tea and eating senbei.

“Garp, is this the kid you have your eye on? I’m surprised that on the afternoon of my first day here, I found trainees were fighting.” There was some doubt in Sengoku’s tone.

Garp, on the other hand, ate his senbei carelessly, “Haha, Sengoku, you’re inevitably overreacting. Both are in their youth.

The young and vigorous will inevitably clash. This also shows that this kid is brave and aggressive and will definitely become a strong marine warrior in the future.”

Fleet Admiral Sengoku said, “What kind of logic is that? Can someone who ignores military discipline and law be a good marine officer? This kid is just like you; he loves to mess around.”

Garp smiled cheerfully, “Haha, it’s good that he’s just like me. He’s really my style.”

Sengoku saw this and sighed helplessly, “But then again, that top officer of the Donquixote Pirates, Diamante, is it true that this kid captured him alive?”

Garp took a sip of his tea, “Of course. Do you think Lieutenant T Bone would have that kind of power?”

Sengoku thought for a moment, “In that case, this kid’s strength is unfathomable. With restraint, he might become a buildable talent.”

Garp smiled even more boldly at his words, “I told you, I’ll make him the number one combat officer in the marine.”

Sengoku added, “However, we captured Diamante alive. I’m sure Doflamingo won’t let this matter go. It seems there will be a battle between the Donquixote Pirates and us.”

Garp’s face became serious as he said, “To be honest, for this matter, I intend to let Leiyin practice in the Marine Academy for some time. After his strength grows to a certain level, I will give him an official appointment to deal with Doflamingo. I think that with this kid’s strength, he can take down Doflamingo.”

Sengoku looked at Garp, “Takedown Doflamingo? This is not something to talk about. With Doflamingo’s power and strength, it’s hard for him to find an opponent on the sea. Now, you said you want a kid to handle him? Are you sure?” 

Garp looked at Sengoku with a straight face, “I believe him.”

Sengoku sighed at the words, “Okay, then you can handle this matter. Anyway, we still have to deal with the [Four Emperors] and the big pirate groups dominating the country now. If Leiyin is like what you say, it saves us some trouble as well.”

“By the way, what did you do with Diamante?”

Sengoku sighed lightly, “I’ve sent someone to take him to Impel Down secretly…”


The day after Leiyin was put into isolation, Ain came to see him with some snacks.

Ain took out a small pink box with some exquisite and delicious snacks and handed it to Leiyin, “Here, I made this with my hands. I don’t think you’ll be able to eat well here. Try it.”

Leiyin was dumbfounded, “Please, I’m just in isolation, not in jail. I’ll be out tomorrow, so that makes it weird.”

Upon hearing this, Ain’s face turned red, “Right… I’m sorry.”

Although Leiyin said so, he still ate the snack, “You made it yourself, it’s delicious.”

Ain blushed even more, “Really? Thank you for the compliment.”

Very Good, who was locked up in the next cell, was filled with displeasure when he saw this, “Hey, Sister Ain, why did you only bring snacks for him? I’m also locked up in isolation.”

Ain scratched her head in embarrassment at the words, “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot…”

Leiyin swallowed the last bite of the snack in his mouth and handed him the snack box, “Here, I still have some. I’ll give it to you.”

“Cut the crap. Who cares if you hand them over.” Very Good gave Leiyin a blank look but took the lunch box over anyway.

When Very Good took the lunch box and opened it, he was suddenly furious. His head got bigger, and his teeth got sharper, “Hey, you kid, you said you have some left, but you’ve eaten them all!

Seeing that he had succeeded in playing a trick on him, Leiyin laughed loudly.

Ain, who was outside the punishment room, also covered her mouth and laughed sweetly.

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