Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 48


As Leiyin finished eating, Ain still didn’t leave and asked Leiyin in a soft voice that only two people could hear, “Hey, how did you do that technique two days ago?”


“The one that made you disappear in a flash. When you reappeared, you had already knocked down Very Good. Could it be that you have already mastered the [Rokushiki – Soru]?” Ain asked.

Hearing this, Leiyin scratched his head, “Well…”

“Hey, you two, get the hell out of my sight! Don’t sneak around and talk!”

Before Leiyin could say anything, Very Good grabbed the punishment room’s railing with both hands and shouted at Leiyin and Ain.

Very Good felt very uncomfortable seeing the two people so close together.

As for Ain’s question, Leiyin was also vague and didn’t make it clear. Even if he told her, she would certainly not know what the [Flying Thunder God Slash] and [Lion Combo] meant.

Hey, this was a youth, the age when hormones were emitting…


On the third day, the two of them were released.

Now, Very Good looked at Leiyin with an extra point of jealousy in his eyes.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about Leiyin and Very Good’s brawl in isolation.

“You mean that kid knocked down Very Good in one go?”

“It must be nonsense, right?”

“How is this possible?”

Hina said, “That’s right. He’s a Chief Petty Officer. I don’t believe he’s capable of that.”

“At any rate, Very Good also has a Devil Fruit ability.”


These days, in addition to sleeping and practicing, Leiyin and Ain spent almost the entire day together, which causes many male trainees and the marine to feel uncomfortable.

Ain was the goddess of their Marine Academy, many of them secretly in love and openly chasing after her.

She didn’t even look at them, but that kid, who was only a Chief Petty Officer, was getting stuck and entangled with their goddess?

One day, in the Marine Academy cafeteria, Leiyin and Ain sat across from each other, eating lunch together.

At a nearby table, Hina and some of her girlfriends were also eating lunch together.

As the saying went, women were born to gossip. When a few girls sat down to eat together, they started to talk in each other’s ear.

One of Hina’s friends said, “Hey, look over there, do you think they’re already in love?”

The other one said, ” I didn’t expect this guy to be able to do anything despite his low rank.”

Another one said, “I can’t believe that the most difficult goddess to handle in the whole Marine Academy will let a Chief Petty Officer to….”

Hina, on the other hand, sneered defiantly in Leiyin’s direction, then said, “Tsk, I can’t believe that Ain would like him.”

One of her friends answered, “Oh, right. The number one goddess of the Marine Academy, it should be you, Hina.”

Another one said, “That’s right. You guys keep saying that Ain is a goddess; you’re making Hina upset.”

Beauty, jealousy, and comparisons were natural for women.

If two women of the same age stand together, the one who wasn’t beautiful would always have an inferiority complex.

So, people in Marine Academy, especially the female trainees, still love to gossip about these things.

The two most beautiful women in the Marine Academy were Ain and Hina. Still, there was always an argument over who was more attractive.

However, it wasn’t long before another beautiful girl arrived to break up the debate. Anyway, that was a story for later.

At this time, hearing the words of her best friend, Hina couldn’t help but give a blank look, “Hmph, I don’t care about such things. In this world, strength is the most important….”

Although Hina said that, she loved beauty more than anything else. She always dressed up beautifully before going out every day.

She was always looking at Ain, who was also being talked about, for fear that her appearance might be inferior to Ain’s.

Leiyin and Ain were sitting across from each other, laughing and chatting as they enjoyed the food on their plates, really making everyone envious.

Suddenly, a discordant knock on the table interrupted the man and woman.

A man, followed by four or five trainees, knocked on the table and stared at Leiyin with an evil look on his face.

This man was also a trainee in the Marine Academy; Brannew, an Ensign trainee. He had straw green hair, and his hairline was a little too high to hide his real age (he looked anxious to grow up). He was big and strong, and his muscles were a little scary.

Brannew said to Leiyin, “Hey, kid, come on out; we need to talk.”

Leiyin forked a piece of the sea beast’s meat in his mouth, “I’m eating; I’m busy.”

One of the trainees next to Brannew said, “Damn. Don’t be shameless. Our boss told you to go out, how dare you refuse!

Brannew squeezed his fist, “What a stinking Chief Petty Officer who doesn’t know what he’s doing. You don’t even take a piss to look at yourself, and you’re still eating here with Sister Ain. If I were a Chief Petty Officer like you, I would be ashamed to face anyone.”

Ain got anxious, “Hey, Brannew! You’ve gone too far! Get out of here! Or I’ll be rude to you!”

Leiyin said, “Ain, stay out of it. I want to see what he can do.”

“Damn it, how dare you scream here! If it weren’t for Sister Ain, I would have beaten you to death. Tell me, do you want me to beat you up with that move from [Rokushiki]?” Brannew pressed his finger, “GRALA.”

Ain was about to use her Devil Fruit ability against them, but Leiyin pressed her shoulder.

At that moment, the trainee next to Brannew said, “Rokushiki? Boss, isn’t it too cruel for you to use Rokushiki against this kid? This stinking Chief Petty Officer probably doesn’t even know what the [Rokushiki] is, haha…”

After the man said that, many people laughed and mocked Leiyin together.



The punch flew off, knocking the man out of the way, directly into the counter where people were getting their food and made a big hole.

The one who threw the punch was Leiyin, and the one who was knocked flying was Brannew.

In addition to knocking a hole in the counter, Brannew spewed out a mouthful of blood, spat out two front teeth, and dislocated his jaw.

In response, Brannew’s men scattered like birds.

‘Even Brannew, who was a big man and knew [Rokushiki], was beaten up like that. We were certainly no match for this Chief Petty Officer.’

After beating Brannew to a pulp, Leiyin continued to eat as if nothing had happened. At this point, Ain, who was sitting opposite Leiyin, and Hina, who was not far away, were startled.

One of her friends said, “Hey, did he just use what seems to be the [Rokushiki – Tekkai]?”

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