Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 49


Her other friend said, “Well… it seems like it…”

The other one said, “How is that possible? He’s just an unknown Chief Petty Officer. Even most Lieutenants don’t know this [Rokushiki] .”

Hina looked at Leiyin; her pretty face couldn’t stop showing surprise. Although she didn’t say anything, her heart was stirring.

Isn’t he just an ordinary Chief Petty Officer? How is it possible for him to do [Rokushiki]? Moreover, Is it an extension of the [Tekkai] move from [Rokushiki]?

Leiyin couldn’t blame everyone for reacting so strongly. In the marine, there weren’t a majority of people who knew the [Rokushiki].

Not to mention Lieutenants, even the academy officers, only about a one-tenth of them knew about it.

Furthermore, Leiyin was still only a Chief Petty Officer? How could he make or extend a move?

“Did I underestimate him before?” Hina thought to herself.

This time, Brannew was the one who provoked the fight, and he was also injured, so the department only gave them a verbal warning.


Marine Academy’s ranking examination was getting closer, so Leiyin stepped up his training.

After an intense training period, the headquarters gave the trainees three days off, and Leiyin had a big plan in mind.

After earning the bounty and selling the [Gomu Gomu no Mi] for 110 million belly, Leiyin still had nearly 200 million belly left.

The price of drawing E-rank ninjutsu was only 10,000 belly. Leiyin had spent just over 200,000 belly to learn all six basic E-rank ninjutsu.

The six basic E-rank ninjutsu were body replacement, cloning, transforming, the cloak of invincibility, escaping, and ropes escape! And one of the E-rank ninjutsu had helped him a lot with this plan.

Leiyin read the latest issue of the newspaper. Recently, two pirates came to the [Sabaody Archipelago].

One named Taylor, who had slaughtered more than a hundred inhabitants and kidnapped more than a dozen girls around twenty years old.

He was so well covered up that the government repeatedly sent soldiers to arrest him without success. A reward of 52 million belly was offered for him.

There was also a man named Capone Bege.

Hmm? What a familiar name.

Capone Bege, known as “Gang,” was a Captain of the Fire Tank Pirates. He was a superhuman with the ability of Shiro Shiro no Mi Devil Fruit and currently has a bounty of 78 million belly.

Leiyin remembered him a few years later as one of the 11 Supernova simultaneously with Luffy, with a 138 million belly bounty. 

Later he joined the Four Emperors as one of Big Mom, and his bounty increased to 300 million belly.

Leiyin didn’t expect this guy to be in the Sabaody Archipelago now.

It was evident that Capone Bege was never a loner. Because he had the Shiro Shiro no Mi ability, he could carry thousands of men with him wherever he went. So it was hard for the marine to catch him.

Well, 78 million belly. In that case, the target was clear!

With this in mind, Leiyin took a small boat to the Sabaody Archipelago, not far from the Marine Headquarters, during his three-day vacation.

Although the Marine Academy training was rigorous, the trainees were very relaxed during the holidays. So, the Sabaody Archipelago was their first choice for recreation.

Near the Marine Headquarters, the world’s largest mangrove tree, the “Yarukiman Mangrove,” was located.

Because its roots were always exposed to the water, it formed the Sabaody Archipelago.

The Sabaody Archipelago was located in front of the Red Line in the middle of the Grand Line.

The archipelago was made up of large trees, with the roots being the ground. In the original One Piece story, Brook called the archipelago “Isle of regret” and “Isle of beginning.”

The most distinctive feature of the Sabaody Archipelago was the special natural resin produced by the Yarukiman Mangrove tree roots through respiration, which expanded with air to form bubbles that flew into the sky.

Since the bubble was only suitable for the climate range of the Yarukiman Mangrove, once the bubble was out of the climatic field of the Sabaody Archipelago, the resin component would explode as it was unable to use its full power. This was why the Sabaody Archipelago got its name in the first place.

The bubble bike, the bubble Ferris wheel, the bubble coating process, and the house built on the bubble…. were all unique culture and beautiful sights of the Sabaody Archipelago.

The whole island consists of 79 separate trees, each with a town and facilities.

Numbers 1 to 29: Mainly a lawless area where pirates and bounty hunters gathered. The Human Auctioning House and Unavailable Zone were also here. 

Numbers 30 to 39: Mainly consist of Sabaody Park, an amusement park with bubble-based attractions.

Numbers 40 to 49: Mainly a tourist area, filled with shops and souvenir stands.

Numbers 50 to 59: Mainly consist of shipping area.

Numbers 60 to 69: Mainly local headquarters for the marines

Numbers 70 to 79: Mainly hotel complexes.

Leiyin was now considered a regular marine officer. Naturally, he entered the Sabaody Archipelago from the marine headquarter in area number 60.

Leiyin initially thought that the Sabaody Archipelago was massive. However, after boarding the island, he found that it was even bigger than he thought.

As soon as he boarded the island, he saw bubbles flying all over the sky, which looked colorful and gorgeous under the sunlight…

From the moment he arrived on the island, he was determined to capture Capone Bege and exchange the bounty for ninjutsu in the marine to strengthen his power.

In other words, Leiyin was back to doing his old job. However, he was now a marine officer. If he caught the pirates, he couldn’t exchange it for a bounty; instead, he would be promoted to a higher rank.

Isn’t it nonsense to become a Bounty Hunter again after being in the marine?

Oh, don’t forget, Leiyin was also a ninja.


After finding an empty space, with a “ping” sound, Leiyin transformed into a different person.

He changed his previous weak and delicate image. This time, he used the E-rank [Transformation Technique] to become a strong man, with a powerful body of muscles different from his original appearance.

Who said that he couldn’t be a Bounty Hunter if he were in the marine? Who lets him had such a buggy system?

Next, he could start looking for the target.

According to logic, pirates were generally unlikely to be in a residential area or a tourist or specialty area.

Of course, the most likely place was the [Unavailable Zone], where the marine had no time to take care of it, so it naturally became a gathering place for pirates.

After confirming this idea, Leiyin headed towards areas 1 to 29.

The more pirates gathered, the more Bounty Hunters were attracted.

Besides, there was a famous [Human Auctioning House], which was the political symbol’s default.

So, the Bounty Hunters there claimed to be Bounty Hunters, when in fact, they catch almost anyone they see who looked valuable and then sell them to the [Human Auctioning House].

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