Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 5


Leiyin thought about it and reached out to the card in the middle.

He could feel the excitement that he couldn’t even explain. He saw that the middle card was gradually turned over, and on it was written a line in small letters.

Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi (A-rank): This technique was based on the ninjutsu “Chidori,” which releases lightning all over the body.

System: Congratulations, you obtained the A-rank Ninjutsu [Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi]. 

As soon as the voice ended, Leiyin saw his personal information. In the column of “Ninjutsu,” there was “Chidori Nagashi,” in the column of “Chakra Amount,” the original 0/0 changed to 100/100, and in the column of “Ninja Rank” changed from “Academy Student” to “Genin (Elementary)” level.

Leiyin could feel the energy flowing through his body at this time… 

This was the flow of chakra!

With excitement, Leiyin asked the system, “Why is my chakra’ 100/100′?”

The system said, “Since you are drawing cards for the first time, the system will determine the amount of chakra based on the first ninjutsu you learn. The amount of chakra needed to release one [Chidori Nagashi] is 80, and the system gives a value of 100.”

Leiyin then asked, “So if the chakra it takes to draw my first ninjutsu is 9800, does the system give me a chakra value of 10,000 for my first time?”

The system said, “Yes, that’s right.”

In a split second, Leiyin’s curiosity was aroused, “Then can you tell me what ninjutsu the remaining two cards are?”

People had this kind of psychology. After choosing, they wanted to see if their chosen path was right and whether they should celebrate or regret it.

The system said, “Well… It’s not impossible, but do you really want to see it?”

Leiyin said, “Of course.”

The system said, “Don’t cry after you’ve seen it.”

Leiyin said, “You’re so annoying. Show it to me now.”

The two remaining cards on the floor, whose golden light had dimmed, shone again.

The left card flipped over first.

[Wind Release – Rasenshuriken (S-rank): The first S-rank ninjutsu learned by Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s main character.]

In the original story, Naruto used only fifty percent of his power to break both Kakuzu’s hearts, causing him to become paralyzed.

If there was some regret after reading the first ninjutsu, the second could make Leiyin cry directly in the toilet.

“How about this one on the right?”

After Leiyin finished speaking, the card on the right was slowly turned over…

[Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation (S-rank Kinjutsu!): Directly summon Hashirama Senju to fight for you!]

After watching it, Leiyin wanted to go jump in the river!

Leiyin, who was familiar with Naruto, knew who Hashirama Senju was. He was the man who defeated Madara Uchiha. Hashirama Senju’s Wooden Release – Wood Human Technique was comparable in power to the full-bodied Susanoo! 

If he could learn this technique, not only the little Buggy, he might be able to fight Four Emperors.

If Leiyin could have moved his hand just three centimeters to the right when he drew the card, he would have been able to dominate the One Piece World by now! 

However, there was no use in saying so much. In the end, he still drew the A-rank Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi.

It was indeed regretful that he didn’t take a look at the other cards, but now that he knew, the regret was even more significant.

After looking at these two techniques, Leiyin couldn’t help but say, “Damn, you did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

The system said, “It’s all your bad luck; why did you blame me?”


Leiyin often wondered if the system was intentionally made to draw this card the first time he picked a card. Moreover, something he learned later established his thoughts even more. 

The first draw of ninjutsu was free.

The system deliberately teased him by saying that he had to pay one million.

This system was really full of mischief…

By the way, let’s try this newly obtained ninjutsu.

“Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi!”

With that said, Leiyin felt the chakra in his body surge violently. Then, his body shone with lightning, once again illuminating the dark cabin brightly.

If anyone saw Leiyin at this time, he would appear like God of Thunder with thunder and lightning all over his body.

With excitement, Leiyin withdrew his moves.

In this way, he would have the capital power to fight against this world.

He would also become stronger.

As expected, after testing this move, the chakra amount changed to 20/100. The amount of chakra consumed in a single attack of [Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi] was 80. 

In this way, it was like Leiyin had consumed most of his physical strength at once, coupled with the hard work during the day, a strong sense of fatigue ensued.

It was already after midnight, and the sky was about to dawn, so Leiyin lay down on the floor and fell asleep… 


When Leiyin woke up again, it was already midday. He got up from the floor and saw that his chakra level was at 100/100, which was back to full. 

Since he had already gained this power, he intended to break out of here and not be restrained anymore.

Due to the darkness around him, Leiyin groped his way towards the door of the ship. He then tried to gather a small amount of chakra in his fist and blasted it towards the ship’s door. 

The bottom cabin door was not very sturdy in the first place. Leiyin’s punch was unparalleled with the chakra he had, and he blew the door open with a single punch. 

Leiyin gradually walked up to the deck. Because he had just come out of the darkness, he felt the sunlight was particularly harsh and put his hand on his brow. 

At that moment, he noticed that the ship had reached an island and was docked on the shore.

As far as he could see, there was a sea of corpses along with smoldering and burning houses. On the island, the bloodthirsty roars of excited pirates could be heard.

Leiyin couldn’t help but tighten his eyebrows, ‘Could it be that this was the place where…’


Six hours ago, when the sky had already brightened up, Buggy’s ship had arrived in Orange Town.

The townspeople were all horrified at the sight of the pirates’ flag. In the past forty years, they had never been invaded by pirates and lived a comfortable and prosperous life. It could be said that the people were unaware of the presence of the pirates.

However, when so many barbaric pirates came down, many residents could not help but be afraid.

For the townspeople, the fluttering pirates’ flag seemed to be declaring their doom. The clown’s head on the flag was like the demon floating around…

The only two brave people in town were the mayor, Boodle, and the Pet Food Shop owner, Hocker, who immediately urged the people to form a resistance.

However, some of the cowards chose to run or hide, while others decided to chase away the invaders.


Buggy stood on the bow of the ship. His hands clasped in front of his chest, and his right foot stepped on the railing, as he said coldly, “Such a weak and unruly people. How dare you confront this master.”

The pirates had already pushed the five guns on the ship onto the bow. The dark and cold muzzles of the guns were rushed toward the townspeople.

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