Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 50


“If I go to the lawless zone from the Marine Headquarter, I should pass through the tourist area,” Leiyin recalled the map of the Sabaody Archipelago.

As he walked on the road, under the sunlight, colorful bubbles were constantly rising into the sky, a view unique to the Sabaody Archipelago that couldn’t be seen anywhere else.

Before he knew it, he had reached area 45, a special tourist area. He then rented a vehicle unique to this area, a bubble bike, and rode it toward the middle of nowhere.

As soon as he reached area 8 of the Sabaody Archipelago, he felt an atmosphere of decadence.

There were many ruins, and on the ruins were gathered the people of the different religions. These people would have been pirates if they weren’t Bounty Hunters.

“What year is this. There are still inhabitants who dare to run to the lawless zone?”

“He must be out of his mind, right?”

“Arrest him. Sell him to the Human Auctioning House, and exchange him for some money for alcohol for our brothers.”

These men said, carrying swords and guns. They then surrounded Leiyin, who was riding a bubble bike.

The group leader, a big man with a sword, said to Leiyin, who was riding a bubble bike, “Kid, my brothers are a little short on cash lately, so please come with us.”

The brothers next to him smiled at Leiyin.

The big man meant that he wanted Leiyin to be captured and then sell him as a slave for money.

Sending someone to the Human Auctioning House where they would never see the light of day and live a miserable life for the rest of their lives for the sake of a quick buck was even more disgusting than the pirates who were so vicious.

“If you’re capable of doing that, just come and catch me,” Leiyin said calmly.

“Damn. Arrest this ungrateful kid and sell him!” The leader of the group said.

As soon as the words fell, a curved white light of energy appeared, “WHITE BLADE!”

The Bounty Hunters barely had time to react before Leiyin cut their chests open. Some of them had their hearts cut open; some of them had their lungs cut open.

They were lying on the ground twitching in pain, their blood staining the ground red, and one by one, they died in an unsightly manner.

However, Leiyin deliberately left one person alive. That person wet his pants in fear when he saw the blood and the ugly dead Bounty Hunters on the ground.

Leiyin jumped off the bike and patted him on the shoulder, “Hey, I will ask you something; you must give me a truthful answer.”

The man’s body shook violently in fear. He saw Leiyin as if he had seen the devil. His eyes were terrified, and he stood still, not daring to move. After all, it was real blood and not ketchup that spilled out on the ground.

The man still didn’t say anything, while Leiyin asked, “Where is Capone Bege?”

Leiyin had come here to find him. In such a large place, it would be almost impossible to search blindly for him.

The man hadn’t spoken yet, probably scared by Leiyin’s [White Blade] just now. Seeing that he hadn’t spoken, Leiyin continued, “If you still don’t say anything, I’ll have to find a way to make you talk. Let me tell you, there are ten thousand ways for me to make you die, but the length of death and the degree of pain is up to you to decide.”

The man, as if hearing the sound of hell, immediately opened his mouth and said, “Big brother, I really don’t know this person you’re talking about; please let me go…”

Leiyin was livid at the words, “Oh, is that so? Then you can’t blame me…”

When he saw that Leiyin was about to take action, he immediately dropped to his knees, “Big brother, oh. No, sir, I only know that Capone Bege has a 70 million bounty on his head.”

The man fell to his knees in fear and begged for mercy, kowtowing like garlic.

It seemed that he really didn’t know.

Leiyin then asked, “So, do you know of any other pirates? The higher the bounty, the better.”

The man stopped kowtowing at the words, “Oh, if you ask me, sir, I really know a man who was offered a bounty of over 50 million belly….”

The man told Leiyin what he heard about the pirates, and Leiyin went away.

Leiyin had only one principle to follow in dealing with people, and that was: Observe people.

If it were someone as kind or gentle as Garp and Ain, he would treat them with the same kindness. But for those who wanted to threaten and oppress him, like Very Good and Brannew, Leiyin would also return the favor with his fist.

As for the so-called Bounty Hunters who sent others to hell for their selfish desires, Leiyin showed the cruelest and evil behavior.

If that person didn’t say anything, Leiyin didn’t mind putting him to death in a brutal way.

Since they were evil, they should be sent to hell.

For the poor people they send to [the Human Auctioning House], they could have had a painless death.

Angels should have to face the angels, and devils should have to face the devils.

This was Leiyin’s principle for people, for those who were on the side of the “devils.”


Following the location, the man told him, Leiyin walked straight toward a spot in area 16.

Most of the areas from 1 to 29 of the Sabaody Archipelago were almost completely deserted. However, when Leiyin walked to area 16, he saw something very different from area 8.

Area 8 mostly ruined that had been destroyed by pirates or Bounty Hunters, while area 16 had clean streets and rows of gorgeous houses that didn’t look like a lawless zone at all.

Of course, not every pirate just destroys things.

Leiyin believed that the pirate was here.

As Leiyin was thinking, he saw a girl running out of a vast courtyard. She looked panicked, and her eyes frightened. As she ran out, she was followed by a group of people chasing her.

“Don’t let her get away. If we lose her, the boss will blame us, and we’ll all die!” A man in the lead behind the young girl shouted.

The girl’s physical strength and power were ultimately not as good as the man’s. It wasn’t long before those men once again surrounded the girl.

“Do you want to run again?”

“This is our territory, and it seems you still don’t understand.”

“No matter how far you run, you won’t be able to escape us.”

“Be good and go back to serving our boss!”

The girl’s face was as white as a frightened kitten’s. In her fearful eyes, those people reached out their claws towards her.


The sound of thunder suddenly appeared in front of the girl, creating a white ripple of energy in the void and a sharp arcing edge scattered in all directions.

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