Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 52


“Hahaha, I have a Hebi Hebi no Mi Zoan Devil Fruit (Green Snake) ability. If I entangle you like this, you will only be waiting for death.”

After Taylor transform into a human-faced snake body monster, the features on his face had already become distorted and hideous. If ordinary people saw it, they would be scared to death.

This was even more terrifying than a transformed Orochimaru, Leiyin thought. He tried to break free from Taylor’s entanglement.


Leiyin moved at high speed to get away from Taylor, but he was still wrapped around Taylor when he moved to the other side.


Seeing that Leiyin was unsuccessful in breaking free, Taylor laughed even more proudly, “Hahahaha, it’s useless. I told you, as long as I entangle you, you will have to wait for death.”

With that, Taylor tightened his body violently, making Leiyin suddenly turned pale. His breathing became increasingly difficult, and he was dying.

“Ahaha, kid, where’s all the strength you just had? Didn’t you want to take my head? Come on, my head is right in front of your eyes, hahaha.” Taylor arrogantly let out an ear-piercing screeching laugh as the tangled Leiyin swallowed his last breath.

Was he going to die like this?

Judging from Leiyin’s pale face and his stopped heartbeat, it seemed like it.

Looking at Leiyin’s corpse on the ground, Taylor couldn’t help but feel proud: No one could catch me, let alone a little kid like you!

Everything was over.

Wait, was it really?

“You’re hurting me quite a bit, by the way.”


Taylor suddenly turned his head. Leiyin was already standing behind him, with Three Tomoe Sharingan spinning in his eyes.

“You… When did you…” Taylor’s eyes were terrified. He couldn’t even speak.

It turned out that just before launching the [Flying Thunder God Slash], Leiyin had already launched the [Sharingan].

What Taylor had just seen of Leiyin’s process from slowly suffocating to death was all due to Leiyin’s [Sharingan] illusion!

So, how did Leiyin break free?

He used one of the most basic of all ninjutsu, the Rope Escape Technique. This insignificant E-rank ninjutsu helped him at the most critical moment.

Taylor, however, didn’t know about it, and his eyes were slowly filled with incredulity.

“So, it’s my turn to fight back next, right?” Leiyin casually pulled out his ears. As he said, he gathered blue cyclones in his hands again, “BIG BALL RASENGAN!”

Leiyin stepped over with [Geppo], and the blue energy in his hands came down fiercely!

The Rasengan was synonymous with destruction. So, after a great roar, the fortress-like houses not far away collapsed in half. A ten-meter hemispherical crater was created on the ground.

However, It didn’t hurt Taylor.


It turned out that, just before Leiyin attacked, Taylor turned into a small green snake and escaped.

At that moment, Leiyin understood why the marine had failed to capture him many times.

It was because, with Taylor’s Devil Fruit ability, he could easily hide. So, no matter how many people came, Taylor would turn into a snake and find a small hole to burrow into.

However, after all this effort, how could Leiyin let him escape so easily?

With this thought, Leiyin flipped his hands up and down, completing the seal, “WATER RELEASE – WILD WATER WAVE!”

This time, the [Wild Water Wave Technique] that Leiyin used contained three times more than usual chakra to spit out magnificent water waves that struck in all courtyard directions. In a short while, the green snake was actually rushed out!

Taylor was dripping wet and full of frustration, “What is it about you, kid? How did you manage to push me to this point?”

“You can’t even figure it out if you think about it. However, you and I, we’re not from the same dimension.” Leiyin faintly responded.

“Don’t get cocky there; I’m going to kill you!” Taylor shouted hysterically and transformed back into his thick, green snake form, “GO TO HELL, SNAKE WHIP!”

With that, Taylor swung his huge green tail down hard.

Leiyin sighed helplessly, “It seems that you still don’t understand.”


Taylor didn’t even have time to react; he was already cut in two by the flashing lightning blade.

After that, Leiyin took out the [Scroll of Seal] and put Taylor’s two pieces of body into it.


Since his bounty was alive or dead, Leiyin went to the Sabaody Archipelago Marine Headquarter and exchanged the bounty for 52 million belly.

When the bounty was redeemed, the marine looked at him with a surprised face.

We’ve sent out no less than three roundups with no results, and you managed to catch him all by yourself?

The Captain asked, “What’s your name, kid?”



The three-day vacation was soon over, and the trainees were back at their Academy.

“Hey, did you know, there was a pirate named Taylor in the Sabaody Archipelago who was offered a bounty of 52 million belly. The marine failed to catch him three times with thousands of soldiers. However, just two days ago, a Bounty Hunter named Baramak killed him alone and redeemed the bounty.”

“I know that the marine reportedly went to the scene of their fight yesterday, and it was a mess. Some of the pirates’ bodies were charred by fire, some were buried alive in the ground, and it seems that many more were drowned.”

“I also heard that this Bounty Hunter displayed no less than three abilities, which were incredibly powerful.”

After hearing the trainees’ comments, Hina lit a cigarette and said, “Who is this Baramak? How is it possible for him to have this ability?”

“Even if he’s powerful, he’s still a Bounty Hunter after all. He doesn’t follow through on true ‘justice’ like our marine.”

“Forget it. I’m more concerned about our ranking examination than things that have nothing to do with us.”

“By the way, it’s less than a week away. I’m so nervous.”

“What’s there to be nervous about? Every year, I never dared to hope for the top ten, let alone the top three.”

“Speaking of which, the nervous one should be Hina; she’s always been a solid top ten every year. Last year, I remember it was eighth, right?”

“Well, Ain is seventh…”

It was a woman’s nature to compare, especially a woman like Hina.

When it came to Ain, Hina always felt a little uncomfortable. Although many guys liked her, there were even more guys who had crushes on Ain.

Every year in the highly regarded ranking examination, Ain was always ahead of her, making Hina even more uncomfortable.

She might seem like she didn’t care about Ain on the surface, but she really cared more than anyone else inside.

Hina exhaled a puff of smoke ring in frustration, thinking to herself.

“No one can surpass her, neither in strength nor in value…”

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