Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 53


As the ranking examination was approaching, Leiyin was practicing even harder.

Ever since Leiyin injured Brannew with a single punch in the cafeteria, Hina has been paying attention to him.

It was because the [Rokushiki – Tekkai Kenpo] was simply not something that a Chief Petty Officer could master.

Let alone a Chief Petty Officer, even at the Captain’s level, only one in ten could master Tekkai Kenpo.

‘That day. Was it possible that I was mistaken?’ Hina secretly thought to herself…


On the eve of the ranking examination, the Marine Academy was doing its daily drill of sword training.

Real Admiral Gion, holding the famous sword [Konpira], demonstrated a series of sword techniques to the trainees, with the sword inserted into the scabbard.

“Okay, so next…” Gion looked inside the team, “Hina and Leiyin, you two will have a match. Head to head.”


Why with him?

Hina’s eyes were still disdainful as she watched Leiyin stand opposite her, “Don’t blame me if you get hurt later.”

Leiyin didn’t say anything when he heard her words. Instead, he stood proudly with his sword in his hand.

“Hmph!” Hina grunted and rushed straight to Leiyin with her sword and struck directly at him.

On the other hand, Leiyin didn’t panic. With a slight dodge, he hit Hina on the back with his scabbard. Hina lost her balance and fell straight to the ground.


Many of the trainees couldn’t help but laugh when they saw Hina’s wretched appearance.

Hina was already angry and pale. Ever since she entered the Marine Academy, she had never received such humiliation.

How could a Chief Petty Officer of a branch defeat her in a single move?

“The winner has been decided. It’s Leiyin.”

Just as Hina was about to stand up and fight back, Real Admiral Gion had announced the result of the duel.

Although Leiyin had won, people didn’t think that Leiyin was better than Hina.

How could he, a mere Chief Petty Officer, defeat someone with the Devil Fruit ability? Maybe it was just Hina’s mistake, or perhaps she just fell. Besides, swordsmanship wasn’t Hina’s strong point.

In any case, everyone thought it was an accident.

However, Hina didn’t think so.

Only she knew that Leiyin had knocked her down. Although it was only for a brief moment, she understood that the blow was beyond what a mere Chief Petty Officer could do.

Moreover, combined with the fact that she saw Leiyin blow Brannew away with a single punch that day, there were countless question marks in her mind.

‘There must be something wrong with this guy, and I won’t let you off the hook after all the insults you’ve caused me today… Leiyin.’


The next afternoon, already less than three days before the ranking examination, Leiyin was practicing in his courtyard.

He had a cyclone gathered in his hand and was trying to infuse the attribute chakra into it.

“Leiyin! Come out here!”

Just as Leiyin’s concentration was high, a girl’s yell drew him away.

A girl with long pink hair, a delicate face, and a sexy figure is walking toward Leiyin with a sword.

If it wasn’t Hina, then who was it?

Hina had been defeated by Leiyin with a single move yesterday and had lost so much in front of the trainees that her heart couldn’t swallow it. That was why she wanted to find Leiyin to finish the job today.

When Leiyin saw Hina, he stopped his training and said without any expression on his face, “What do you want from me?”

Hina wasn’t shy about pulling out her sword, “I lost to you yesterday by chance, but I’m here to fight you to the death today.”

Fight to the death?

Leiyin was dumbfounded when he heard this. However, Hina had already drawn her sword and rushed over, chopping at Leiyin’s eyebrow. Leiyin, who was many times faster than her, easily dodged the chop.

“Hey, let’s just spar. You don’t have to die here.” Leiyin flashed aside.

“I don’t care! I must defeat you today!” Hina said, swinging her sword at Leiyin like crazy.

On the other hand, Leiyin was very agile and dodged every blow without missing a beat, “Hey, have you had enough of this? If you do that again, I’m going to fight back!”

If it weren’t for the fact that she was a woman, Leiyin would have put her on the ground.

As if Hina hadn’t heard him, the attack didn’t pause at all.


Taking advantage of an opening, Leiyin raised his knee to knock Hina’s abdomen and landed without hitting her hard. He then drew his Kusanagi Sword from behind him and put it around her neck.

“Now you’ve had enough of this, haven’t you? Sorry, I won again.” Leiyin raised his sword and spoke faintly.

At this point, Hina was displeased to the extreme. How could a mere Chief Petty Officer defeat her twice?

With this thought, Hina snapped in anger, “You have angered me! Go die! Chief Petty Officer!”


The black iron branch surrounded Leiyin, and Hina instantly got rid of the Kusanagi Sword around her neck. It was as if Leiyin had been locked in an iron cage, with no way out.

When Hina saw this, she was very proud of herself, “Weren’t you kicking me just now? What’s happening now? I’m telling you, you’re no match for me!”

Did it finally work? The ability of the Devil Fruit [Ori Ori no Mi]?

Leiyin was calm, then he made the chakra of his body flow at high speed and then shouted, shattering the black iron branch as if it were glass.

“How…how is that possible?” Hina’s face was filled with shock, “Who the hell are…you?”

Based on the series of events that had happened recently and some time ago, Hina had sensed that Leiyin was not an ordinary Chief Petty Officer trainee.

Hearing this, Leiyin put his sword back into its scabbard and said indifferently, “You and I, we are not of the same dimension. You are not my opponent, so back down.”

When Hina heard this, her pretty face was pale with anger, “You… you, well, Leiyin, remember this! I will never let you go!”

After saying that, Hina ran away in a fury.

Looking at Hina’s distant figure and thinking about her last words (I’ll never let you go), Leiyin sighed: It seemed like he had heard them somewhere before.

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