Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 54


The annual ranking examination finally began, and a slightly tense atmosphere enveloped the entire Marine Academy. Trainees were eliminated in a head to head match.

The more won, the higher the ranking.

The higher the rank, the more room for advancement.

For example, Drake’s rank of Commander, Smoker’s rank of Captain, and Hina’s rank of Captain trainee were all earned through this competition.

There were over two hundred trainees who participated in the examination. They were divided into over a hundred groups by lottery to face off against each other.

Because the Marine Academy was the cradle of future marine officers, the annual ranking examination was critical.

The upper echelons attached great importance to it, so every year, the marine’s top officers would come to watch the examination.


In the high bench, the viewing platform.

The former Marine Admiral [Black Arm] Zephyr was sitting in the center. He had now retired and became the marine’s head instructor.

However, even though he had retired, he was still the teacher of many of the marine’s top officers present.

Sitting on Zephyr’s right hand was Admiral Sakazuki, Vice Admiral Garp, Real Admiral, and Vice Chief Instructor Gion. Sitting on Zephyr’s left hand was Admiral Borsalino, Vice-Admiral Momonga, and Vice Admiral Dalmatian.

Sakazuki, the Akainu, was the current Admiral of the marine with a terrifying Magu Magu no Mi Logia Devil Fruit ability.

Leiyin remembered that in the Marineford Arc a few years later, Sakazuki had defeated the strongest of the Four Emperors, the Whitebeard Pirates, several times, giving them an extremely tough fight.

Afterward, the Fleet admiral, Sengoku, resigned, and Akainu fought for ten days and nights against his fellow Admiral, Aokiji, and won the final battle, making him the new Fleet Admiral.

The fight between the two men even changed the weather of the area, which showed his strength.

He was willing to pay any price, even by any means, to protect the marine’s authority and had the belief of “absolute justice” in his life.

As for Zephyr’s left hand, the Kizaru, Borsalino, the Admiral of the marine with Pika Pika no Mi Devil Fruit ability, he was just as strong as the others.

With two of the three Admirals coming, the lineup had become quite luxurious.

Under the field, more than two hundred people competed in the examination. There were over one hundred venues to compete where trainees stood opposite each other.

“That kid, Leiyin, I don’t know how far he can go.” Garp thought to himself. His eyes focused on the 16th arena.


Leiyin was waiting for the start of the 16th arena, and standing across from him was…


“Don’t let the water out of your mouth when you play later,” Leiyin said to Ain.

Ain smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry. I’ll do my best.”

Draining the water during a duel was disrespectful to the opponent, even if the relationship was good.

“Let the match begin!”

At the signal of the officer, the whole Marine Academy started to fight.

Ain’s brow furrowed. Her foot gathered energy, and a blue zapping blow spurted out, “ROKUSHIKI – RANKYAKU!”

The blue zap flew in, and Leiyin stepped on the [Geppo] to avoid the blow.


“This kid, he’s not bad…” Garp watched Leiyin use the [Geppo] and was gratified.

At the same time, not everyone was watching the 16th arena like Garp was. For example, Sakazuki watched Drake in the 45th arena; as the annual winner, Drake’s first game this year didn’t disappoint anyone.

Drake didn’t even pull out his sword; he just threw a punch and knocked out his opponent, making the whole match took less than half a minute.

“The winner of the 45th arena, X Drake!”

There was hardly any suspense.

“Oh, that guy Drake won again.” Borsalino was sluggish, with that iconic nastiness in his tone.

Sakazuki was proud and indifferent, “It’s only the first game. Drake’s strength wasn’t even on display.”

Real Admiral Gion said, “He won almost every year. However, this year, Drake’s first win seemed to come a little faster than in previous years….”

With Drake’s easy victory, most of the top officers focused their attention on the 98th arena.

“White Blow!”

A trainee with shredded silver hair had his right arm turned into a cloud of smoke. Then his sandbag fist came out, knocking his opponent unconscious.

The judge said, “The winner of the 98th arena, Smoker!”

“That guy isn’t bad either.” Vice Admirals Dalmatian said with a cigar in his mouth.

Momonga said, “Smoker is the only one in the whole Marine Academy who has the ability of Logia Devil Fruit. That’s why he has a unique advantage. It’s reasonable for him to win easily…”

The top officers, however, turned a deaf ear to the judgment of the junior officers.

Another person on the platform was paying attention to the 16th arena because there was a trainee he valued.

That student was Ain. The person who was watching her was the marine Head Instructor [Black Arm] Zephyr.


Leiyin used [Geppo] to avoid Ain’s [Rankyaku].

In the next moment, what looked like ghostly pink flames appeared on Ain’s hands, “MODO MODO SHOOT!” Ain squealed.

The pink flames were already out of her hand, firing at Leiyin.

Ain really didn’t drop any water at all. It was only the second move, and she used the Devil Fruit [Modo Modo no Mi] ability.

How would Leiyin respond to Ain’s attack?

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