Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 55


Leiyin knew very well that if Ain’s pink flames hit him, he would definitely be defeated. Came to think of it, if his age was set back twelve years, wouldn’t his fighting ability be less than that of an ant?

So, the next moment, he disappeared in front of Ain’s eyes…


Leiyin unleashed his fastest speed to dodge Ain’s [Modo Modo Shot]. He then flew in front of her, flipped his hands up and down, and suddenly formed a seal, “WIND RELEASE – GREAT BREAKTHROUGH!”

Leiyin’s speed was so fast that Ain had no time to react before she was blown out of the field by the gust of wind that Leiyin spat out.

Even the judge took a moment to react before they announced, “THE WINNER OF THE 18TH ARENA, LEIYIN!”

When Garp saw this, he smiled gratefully, “This kid…”


After the first selection and advancement match, almost all students didn’t believe in the result of the 18th arena.


“You mean that Chief Petty Officer actually won against Sister Ain?!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Ain is in the top eight every year, how is it possible…”

Everyone gathered together; the sounds of amazement and exclamation were incessant.

However, there were only two people who were relatively calm among the trainees. One was Very Good, and the other was Hina.

Both of them had been defeated by Leiyin. Very Good was still considered to have a more objective understanding of Leiyin’s strength.

“That damned Chief Petty Officer is definitely not an ordinary person.” Hina thought to herself secretly.

The ranking examination stipulated that after each selection match, there was a day of rest in between.

This was to give the advancing trainees enough energy and strength to prepare for the next match.

People always believed in their perceptions, and they still didn’t think Leiyin could defeat Ain. So, in less than a day, everyone gave a rationalized explanation.

Leiyin and Ain had an unusual relationship. Leiyin wanted to rise to the top, so Ain deliberately lost to him in the match to let him advance.

This would make sense.

“To actually use a woman to make advance himself, how brazen.”

“I really don’t know what Ain sees in that guy. She can actually give up her future for him…”

Hina, on the other hand, always felt that Leiyin’s victory was because of his strength.


After the first match, Leiyin went to see Ain.

When he saw Ain, he felt a little embarrassed. While Ain was smiling sweetly as always, “Ah, you’re here.”

Leiyin scratched his head in embarrassment, “I…”

“I didn’t expect you to be that strong. I’m convinced of my loss.”

Upon hearing Ain saying that, Leiyin was a little more relieved.

After the first match eliminated more than 100 people, the second match was immediately ushered in.

Zephyr, Sakazuki, Borsalino, Garp, and other senior officers were still sitting on the high stage viewing platform.

The trainees who had been eliminated were watching the match inside at the periphery.

Below the field, more than sixty fields of duels were still in full swing.





In the 23rd arena, Hina used the power of [Ori Ori no Mi] to extend a black iron branch from between her arms and wrapped it around her opponent, who was unable to move, making it an easy win for Hina.

After leaving the field, Hina’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on the 35th arena because one of the competitors there was Leiyin.

Since Leiyin defeated her, Hina always unconsciously kept an eye on Leiyin, hoping to grasp his every move.

Hina’s arrogance and high spirits were broken by a man three times. How could she not hold a grudge?


In the 35th field, Leiyin was dumbfounded because the opponent in front of him was an old acquaintance!

And a beautiful woman!

“Hey, you guys, look at that girl in the 35th arena.”

A male trainee at the bottom of the field pointed with his hand, leaving many people to focus their eyes there in unison.

Hina saw it long ago, men’s resistance to beautiful women was always infinitely close to zero, so many people looked toward the 35th arena.

“So beautiful.”

“Not inferior to Hina and Ain.”

“When did she come to our Marine Academy? I’ve never seen this girl before.”

“I think she just came the day before yesterday.”

“How can she just arrived and took part in the ranking test?”

“Well, I saw her during the first match. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also very good at fighting. She only used one move to beat her opponent in the previous match.”

This girl was actually mentioned earlier in the story. The day right before Leiyin arrived, while practicing in the courtyard, a line of soldiers passed by the door and discussed this girl.

At that time, she had not yet joined the Marine Academy because she couldn’t master Rokushiki. So, the headquarters sent a Captain specifically to instruct her [Rokushiki].


Inside the 35th arena.

Leiyin’s face was full of horror as if he had seen something very horrible. Nothing had ever made him so afraid but this, “You… Why did you come here?”

The girl opposite him didn’t answer Leiyin’s words at all. By the time the referee gave the command, the girl had rushed towards Leiyin like crazy.


The girl shouted, raised her jade foot, and struck Leiyin with a chopping blow, while Leiyin dodged with the [Rokushiki] [Soru].

“You’ve gotten stronger compared to when I first met you, you big bastard…” The girl smiled wryly.

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