Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 56


Leiyin looked at the girl in front of him with infinite horror and amazement.

“Although you are powerful, I am not the same as before. Leiyin, you will pay the price!” The girl’s voice was clear and pleasant, but it was heavy with a killing aura.



The girl stepped in front of Leiyin with [Geppo] and poked his chest with [Shingan].

It might be that Leiyin hadn’t come back to his senses. He slightly dodged with his index finger, but his right arm was grazed by the girl’s [Shingan], which left a bloody mark.


Under the field.

“That girl is very unusual.”

“Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also a master of [Rokushiki].”

“That’s my type…”

Many boys’ eyes on the outside of the arena almost turned peachy when they saw this girl.

Seeing so many nymphomaniac boys beside her, Hina on the side was a little upset.

Hmph! These guys acted as they have never seen a woman before.


On the arena, Leiyin was in shock.

“Although I don’t know why you came here and became so strong, you are still not my opponent,” Leiyin said.

The girl looked disdainful and said, “You are still as stinky and arrogant as before. I must teach you a good lesson today.”

Leiyin shook his head helplessly. This girl still had her momentum and launched the third attack at Leiyin.

This time, Leiyin concentrated his mind and used an instantaneous technique. In an instant, he disappeared in front of the girl.



Just as the girl was trying to catch Leiyin’s trail, Leiyin already flew in front of the girl and struck the girl’s chest with a palm strike. The girl received a heavy blow and fainted at once.

“The first… winner of the 35th arena, Leiyin!”

Women’s senses were always keen. Hina, who was off the field, saw Leiyin and the girl fighting and talking simultaneously. She felt that there must be something wrong with the two of them.

 ‘Damn Leiyin. That kid was getting annoying.’ Hina thought darkly.

The girl passed out and was being carried down. That girl was none other than Farmer’s daughter, the head of the East Village – Verdan.

Why did she come to the Marine Headquarters? Leiyin was puzzled.


The day after the second game, which was a rest day, Verdan came to see Leiyin.

When Leiyin saw her, he looked as if he had seen a ghost. He subconsciously tried to run away but was stopped by Verdan, “Where are you going? Stop right there!”

Leiyin turned his head; his face was very unpleasant, “That… I have some things to do. If you have anything to say, we can talk tomorrow.”

Verdan crossed her arms on her slim waist, with a look of curiosity, “Cut the crap. Leiyin, don’t you ask me why I came to the Marine Headquarters? You must be shocked, right?”

The woman in front of him was like Leiyin’s nemesis. Just by looking at her, he felt his tongue tied up and couldn’t say anything, “So… how did you get here?”

Verdan pretty face became solemn, “Remember when you defeated the Bad Wolf Pirate and left? Didn’t I say the words? I am not going to let you go.”

“Ha?” Leiyin suddenly felt a cloudy cloud over his head.

Verdan continued, “A few days after you left, I went to sign up for the marine. In the boot camp, I worked harder than anyone else, training myself day and night. In four months, I acquired five of the [Rokushiki] (except for one move [Kami-e]). Perhaps my superiors were impressed by my hard work, so they transferred me to the Marine Headquarters. A week ago, I mastered [Kami-e], so they directly let me take the ranking examination. However, I didn’t expect that yesterday… I lost to you.”

“But why do you want to join the marine?”

Verdan snorted coldly, “For you, bastard.”


“I thought that initially you were a bad Bounty Hunter and might change one day to become a terrible pirate. I became a marine to devote my life to climb up to personally catch you one day. However, what I didn’t expect was that you actually became a marine.”

Leiyin smiled. He couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air and thought she was truly terrifying.

But, well, She wouldn’t… kill me, right?

“But why are you holding on to me?” Leiyin asked.

Verdan’s face sank as she said, “This… Think about it yourself, bastard. And yesterday… where did you hit me?”

“Yesterday?” Leiyin heard her words and tried to recall what happened.

Oh no!

Because the face was a forbidden part during the match, so Leiyin… hit Verdan’s chest.

Because of this embarrassing scene, Leiyin’s face turned red, and cold sweat ran down his body, “That… It was a competition, and I accidentally hurt you. You don’t want me to slap you on your beautiful face, right?”

Verdan’s face turned white with anger, “Accidentally? How can you say that lightly? I’m telling you that I can’t just let this go, remember that!”

After saying that, Verdan walked away.

Leiyin was left standing in the same place with a dumbfounded face. What could he do? The two women (Hina and Verdan) both said that they would not let him go easily.

It seemed that the future wouldn’t be easy.

However, Leiyin didn’t know that Hina happened to be passing by the compound where Leiyin was living when Verdan came to ask questions.

Hina overheard the conversation between the two.

“I was right; these two really knew each other. I wonder where this guy, Leiyin, owes his debts. This bastard!” Hina thought with a puff of anger.

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  1. rillik says:

    Kinda disappointed in the plot, the Explainaion why she became so strong seems not logical but oh well I can’t expect the author to be a genius just because they made a fan novel based on two great shows, disappointed, I might drop it if this gets more towards the explanation of something with “just because”

  2. rillik says:

    Don’t get me wrong, It just makes only a tiny bit of sense about the explanation of how that girl became what she is, seems unreasonable, you might Argue what about Coby, that to I say is he was training under garp and it took more time than that, but oh well it’s the author story, nobody would care if I drop it in the future or not, kinda frustrated I wasted my time in this plot to expect something more interesting and more logical

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