Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 57


Leiyin won two matches in a row, which was expected for Garp. However, most of the trainees in the Marine Academy didn’t think so.

What strength could he have as a mere Chief Petty Officer?

Besides, the two people who fought against him were girls. Maybe they both let him won.

Ain’s relationship with him went without saying, and people also rumored Verdan’s relationship with him.

The trainees almost all say that Leiyin got to the top with the help of those women. He didn’t have much strength, so many people were contempt for him.


Soon came the third match of the ranking examination.

At this time, the trainees who advanced had been left with sixty-four people.

The third match was divided into thirty-two fields. Leiyin drew a lottery for the 26th arena, and this time his opponent was Sharinguru.

Sharinguru was a superman with [Shari Shari no Mi] Devil Fruit ability. Every part of his body could turn into a wheel, and his body strength could be comparable to that of a steel reformer.

He was a Lieutenant trainee in the Marine Academy and would become Captain of the Marine Headquarters in the future.

The match hadn’t started yet, and the trainees were standing opposite each other.

Sharinguru looked like a tiger with a strong back and waist, which gave people an invisible sense of oppression.

At this moment, he stared intently at Leiyin. At this point, in the participants’ eyes, Leiyin’s good fortune was considered to have come to an end.

Even if the first two women who were familiar with him yielded for him, Sharinguru and Leiyin were unfamiliar with each other, so how could he let Leiyin win?

The trainees standing on the outskirts of the field who had already been eliminated were waiting to see what Leiyin would do.

“Sharinguru always on the top eight every year.”

“This time, that Chief Petty Officer who only picks up girls will be treated like a plant…”


On the high platform, the eyes of the marine officers didn’t pay much attention to Leiyin.

For example, the attention of Admiral Borsalino, Sakazuki, Vice Admiral Momonga, Dalmatian, Real Admiral Goin, and others was only focused on two people.

One was Smoker; the other was X Drake.

Drake, as the annual winner, had his reputation spread inside and outside the Marine Academy.

The marine’s high-ranking officers almost treated him as a Vice Admiral or even a future Fleet Admiral.

As for Smoker, the only one who possessed Logia Devil Fruit ability in the Marine Academy with unique combat advantage, he was a top-four trainee every year. So, he was also a key candidate in the eyes of the senior officers.

Although the senior officers were concerned about Drake and Smoker, Garp’s eyes were always on the arena where Leiyin was competing.


Inside the field, the 26th arena.

Many of the eliminated trainees looked there. They wanted to see, today, how Leiyin was defeated.

Sharinguru looked at Leiyin with a provocative gaze. His porous fists were clashing together, “Hey, Chief Petty Officer, relying on women to get to the top, I despise you. Wait a minute; I’ll show you what real strength means. Your game will end here.”

Leiyin smiled and just coldly snorted, not returning his words.


As soon as the judge gave the order, Sharinguru’s arms rotated at high speed and charged toward Leiyin, “PASSIONATE REINCARNATION!”

The high-speed rotation of the arms even drove the surrounding air to whistle.

Looking at the strength of Sharinguru, many trainees couldn’t help but cheer for him.

“Go on, just go ahead and beat him!”

“Give him a good show!”

“Finish that, Chief Petty Officer!”

The male trainees were cheering for Sharinguru. Well, actually, they didn’t have a good relationship with Sharinguru, nor did they have any grudge against Leiyin.

It’s just that they were jealous of Leiyin.

The first time he came to the Marine Academy, he was having a vogue relationship with the goddess Ain. Then, another goddess (Verdan) was Leiyin’s old acquaintance, so how could they let him live peacefully?

One more thing, Leiyin was only a Chief Petty Officer. If he won, where would the losers’ faces be? Besides, wouldn’t he be more likely to win Ain’s and Vierdan’s hearts?

“Go on, Sharinguru, defeat him!”

Facing the waves of shouts from below, Leiyin, on the other hand, didn’t get affected. Instead, he looked at his opponent carefully.

As soon as Sharinguru came up, he used the [Shari Shari no Mi] ability. It seemed that he wanted to settle the victory quickly.

“Since you want a quick battle, then I will do as you wish.” He secretly thought.

Facing Sharinguru’s [Passionate Reincarnation] coming straight at him, Leiyin raised his knee and met it violently, “LION COMBO!”

Leiyin flew up and tried to use his knees to push Sharinguru into the air and then launch the next move. Unexpectedly, he was shaken back a few steps by the arms that Sharinguru rotated.

Sharinguru’s situation wasn’t much better. He fell straight to the ground and stumbled.

When this [Shari Shari no Mi] ability activated, the body’s strength was comparable to that of a steel reformer. If it were an ordinary body, it would have suffered from Leiyin’s [Lion Combo], and the winner would have been decided by now.

Nevertheless, those who could enter into the third match with two consecutive victories weren’t muddlers.

If the opponent was too weak, what was the point?

“Well, let’s use this….”

The corner of Leiyin’s mouth hooked up an inconspicuous arc. He stood in place and raised his hand. There was a blue cyclone gathering in his hand as he stared straight at Sharinguru.


Outside the field.

“Look! What is that?”

“Is that… some kind of Devil Fruit ability?”

The people of One Piece World certainly didn’t know what “chakra flow” meant, so when Leiyin made that technique, it drew a gasp from the trainees below.

However, what made them even more amazed was still to come, yet…

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