Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 58


The cyclone ball in Leiyin’s hand was still spinning at high speed.

At this time, his opponent, Sharinguru, still hadn’t gotten up from the ground but was looking at him viciously, “Kid, don’t play games there. No matter what kind of devil you are, I’ll crush you into a meat cake!”

With that, the entire Sharinguru’s body turned into a three-meter diameter wheel on the ground.

The next moment, it crushed towards Leiyin at high speed. The power was terrifying, as if it was going to destroy everything.

In the face of the whistling, with the absolute overwhelming dominance of the big wheel, Leiyin eyes unchanged.

Without the slightest intention to retreat, the cyclone in his hand became larger, ready to face the attack.

“Is that Chief Petty Officer crazy?”

“Does he know what he’s doing?”

“It’s no joke if you are crushed!”

“He’ll… he’ll die!”

Ain and Verdan, who were watching the battle, were always focused on Leiyin’s body.

At that moment, they were sweating as they watched the wheels going straight up the field. Especially Verdan, she clenched her fists, with her heart beating in her throat.


On the platform, Admiral Borsalino and Real Admiral Gion’s eyes also fell on the 26th arena.

They weren’t worried. If Leiyin didn’t have superhuman abilities, it’s no fun to be pressed by a big guy like that.

The strength of Sharinguru’s body was already very high. Now that he had transformed into this form, it was like a large spinning steel wheel, crushing directly towards Leiyin.


Leiyin stood in place without moving even half a step. Upon seeing the huge wheel hurtling towards him, he directly threw the chakra in his hand to meet it.


There was an explosion, with Leiyin as the center.

A powerful shock wave spread out in all directions, raising a cloud of thick dust and fog that directly covered the entire 26th arena.

This made everyone outside the field, unable to see the situation inside the field.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s happening?”

At this time, not only the trainees under the field went chaos, even all the senior officers of the marine were focused on the 26th arena.

Vice Admiral “Dalmatian” gripped his cigar and looked at the field full of dust and mist with a grave face, “That kid…”

Admiral Borsalino looked confused. He put on a terrifying expression, “What’s going on here? What a scary look…”

“Is it a tie?”

When the heavy dust and mist gradually dissipated, Sharinguru had returned to his original form.

However, at this time, he was lying down.

To be precise, he was blown up all over his body and passed out.

Even the referee looked at Lei Yin with an amazed expression and then announced, “THE WINNER OF THE 26TH ARENA, LEIYIN!”


Under the field.

“What was that cyclone ball he made just now?”

“That Chief Petty Officer… actually won against Sharinguru?”

“That’s… a joke, right?”

“I’ve never seen Sharinguru beaten like this before…”

“How… how is it possible?”

“Does it mean that Ain and that girl didn’t let him won in the earlier match?”

“So… it turns out… what we thought was wrong?”

Hina smoked a thin cigarette and secretly thought: Leiyin, you are really not an ordinary man. You’re making me more impressed…

Ain and Verdan both sent a sigh of relief when they saw that Leiyin easily defeated Sharinguru and also achieved victory.

Leiyin, you big bastard. Whenever others thought you were going to die, you were there to play it cool.


In the high platform.

Garp’s hands clasped to his chest, showing a pleasing smile.

That kid. He’s really a guy who loves to mess around…

Even the Head Instructor of the Marine Academy [Black Arm] Zephyr couldn’t help but ask, “That kid, what’s his name?”


Vice Admiral Sakazuki was a little disdainful, “At this level, from my point of view, his strength is still far inferior to Smoker and Drake. However, his moves look more magnificent.”

Garp was a little upset, “Sakazuki, whether he can beat Smoker or not, we will know after the competition. You can’t decide the winner with just one word.”

At that, Sakazuki looked at Garp, “Mr. Garp, with all due respect, we don’t know if he can hold out until then.”

Garp coldly snorted, “I said, whether he can or not, is not up to you.”

Sakazuki seemed to see something, then said, “Mr. Garp, why do you always talk about that kid? Could it be that you and he know each other?”

Garp saw this and didn’t hide, “To tell the truth, it was me who brought him to the Marine Headquarters.”

Upon hearing this, all the uninformed admirals were astonished.

Vice-Admiral Momonga said, “So it was Mr. Garp who brought him in.”

When Sakazuki heard this, he looked at Leiyin with dead eyes: No wonder, the first time he saw this kid, he felt so unpleasant.

Although Garp and Sakazuki, Akainu, were in the same robe, their adherence philosophy was very different.

Sakazuki would hang the so-called “justice” on his lips all day long. He could even become ruthless and evil for the sake of “justice.” This made Garp disapproved of it from the heart.

Although Garp was a Vice Admiral and the marine hero, his son, Monkey D. Dragon, was indeed the leader of the Revolutionary Army, the world’s number one criminal.

The old man was a hero, but the son was a criminal, which in Sakazuki’s view was not implementing the real “justice,” and even some blasphemy “justice.”

Sakazuki was an Admiral, while Garp was a Vice Admiral. However, although Garp was only a Vice Admiral, he was a veteran of the marine and Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s old friend.

He also had a pivotal position in the marine, which was why Sakazuki couldn’t do anything about it.

In other words, these two people didn’t want to deal with each other; neither of them gave a damn.

The topic returned to the 26th arena. Although Leiyin won the game, he walked out of the ring with a calm face under the gaze of the crowd.


The night after the match, Ain went to find Leiyin.

“Ain, you’re here.”

When Ain saw Leiyin, she gave her trademark sweet smile, “Well, today, you did a good job. Even I was amazed.”

Leiyin scratched his head in embarrassment, “No, I just did my best in the competition…”

Suddenly, Ain lowered her head as if her mood had become depressed all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?” Leiyin seemed to see what was going on.

Ain sighed lightly, “Leiyin, I… I… I’m leaving.”

Upon hearing that, Leiyin’s heart thumped, “Leaving? Where are you going?”

Hearing Ain said the word “leaving,” Leiyin didn’t understand whether she was leaving the Marine Headquarters or something else.

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