Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 6


Buggy couldn’t help but feel amused at the sight of a mere twenty or thirty people, led by the mayor, who dared to resist and were coming at him with their swords.

“Don’t you know what it means to hit a stone with a pebble? These fools really don’t know what life and death are.”

After muttering that, Buggy ordered, “COME ON, FIRE!”

The pirates were ordered to push the cannonballs into the chambers and light the fuses, sending the black cannonballs out.

Five cannonballs landed next to the people and exploded with a huge spark. With a roar, the townspeople were blown to pieces.

Looking at the townspeople’s flesh and blood, Buggy touched his big red nose and laughed even more proudly on the ship.

The pirates were also impressed by the victory and invited Buggy to fight with them, “Captain, let’s go down and fight them!”

Buggy smiled, “Not so fast. Let me give them another shot.”

With that, Buggy stretched out his foot, and three bullet holes appeared on the right side of his shoe, “MUGGY BALL!”

Afterward, a cannonball the size of a pea came out from one of the bullet holes in the shoe.

It landed in a residential area, followed by a roar several times louder than the previous one.

There was a lot of smoke in the area where the cannonball exploded. Many buildings on the island suffered varying degrees of damage.

Buggy loved to use cannonballs to attack people, and this [Muggy Ball] was a cannonball that Buggy had developed with great destructive power.

“Little ones! Go down there and take over this town!”


When Buggy gave the order, the pirates rushed off the ship with their muskets and swords.

Mohji rode his lion, Richie, and Cabaji rode his single-wheel as they slaughtered the innocent people.

The howls and pleas for mercy were incessant.

However, there was no stopping the merciless swords and bullets.

It was a unilateral massacre, a battle without hesitation.


Time returned to the present.

Because he had spent so much energy yesterday and slept so late, Leiyin had just woken up. He didn’t hear the sounds of the morning’s battle.

Leiyin had just escaped from the ship’s bottom cabin and frowned when he saw the devastated Orange Town.

As Buggy’s orders to lock Leiyin in his cabin for two nights, of course, no one paid any attention to him.

The pirates on the ship had gone to the island to burn and loot.

Leiyin, who had just come out, jumped off the ship and approached the Orange Town.

“Why did you come out?” A few pirates saw him.

Hearing the pirates’ unkind questions, Leiyin carelessly picked out his ears and said, “How can you stop me with that broken wooden door?”

At that moment, Buggy, who was counting the “results,” came over and said, “I can’t believe you snuck out…”

Mohji said, “Captain, this guy dares to disobey your orders.

“Aye, aye…”

The pirates, under his command, echoed.

These pirates had just massacred the town, so they wanted to kill the weak Leiyin as well. Not to mention that this guy had offended the Captain.

Leiyin laughed, “I will not insult you all, but you guys can’t do anything to me.”


After hearing Leiyinn’s words, everyone was shocked at first, but then they laughed in unison.

“This guy, is there something wrong with his brain?”

“Haha, what a joke…”

“Hey, did I just hear that right? He actually said we couldn’t do anything to him.”

“This guy must be mentally disturbed by the bullying.”

There were so many scornful jeers. Some of the pirates even started laughing so hard that they covered their stomachs.

Go ahead and laugh; I would make you cry later…

Cabaji, on the other hand, couldn’t hold himself back. He rode his single-wheel and said to Buggy with a face of birds of prey, “Captain, I’ll execute this guy on your behalf.

Buggy cupped his hands in front of his chest and said, “Fine.”

Upon hearing this, Cabaji waved his sword and stabbed Leiyin. However, Leiyin dodged his attack and then punched Cabaji in the ribs.

The punch sent Cabaji flying several meters away from the single-wheel. He then fell to the ground with a scream.

Of course, this punch wasn’t an ordinary punch; instead, Leiyin attached chakra to his fist so that it could have such power.


The pirates couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched Cabaji wailing in pain on the ground.

Buggy couldn’t believe it even more. His confused clown’s face became more comical, “What have you done to Cabaji?”

Leiyin clenched his fist, “Are you blind? Didn’t you just see it all? It was obvious.”

Buggy’s face became increasingly unpleasant, “How dare you speak to me like that! Have you eaten the bear’s guts?”

“What’s wrong with me talking like that? I’ve been putting up with you for a long time; you damn Red Nose!” Leiyin’s gaze was stern, staring at Buggy.


The pirates were horrified. In less than three days, there are two people called Buggy Red Nose. First, it was their crew; now, it was a kid who was blatantly shouting!

In the eyes of the crowd, Leiyin had been sentenced to death.

“How… dare you call me Red Nose? You’ve angered me, so I’m going to blow you up without a single bone fragment left!”

“Come on, do it, you Red Nose!”

Buggy was so angry that he started to roll his eyes, “Well… Well, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to execute you with my bare hands to relieve my hatred.”

With that said, Buggy took the four knives at his waist in his right hand. He then fired them toward Leiyin, “BARA BARA HO.”

As he flew into the air, clutching four knives in his right hand, Leiyin finally unleashed his ninjutsu…


When Buggy’s [Bara Bara Ho] flew in, Leiyin’s body was already wrapped in lightning. He raised his right hand in a defensive stance…

Buggy hadn’t even touched Leiyin’s body yet. However, when he touched the lightning Leiyin had unleashed, his body was suddenly convulsed with electricity.

Buggy’s right hand was separated from his body, which was the devil fruit’s ability. However, his body was actually all connected.

When everyone looked at Buggy again, his big red nose was scorched black by electricity.

Buggy’s split body wasn’t afraid of decapitation, and he could even use his ability to escape from a blow quickly.

However, this didn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid of elemental attacks such as lightning or fire.


Seeing that Buggy had been electrocuted and passed out, several of the confident pirates rushed at Leiyin with their swords…

They all came to die!

Leiyin thought as he unceremoniously drew lightning onto the pirates who were rushing towards him.

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