Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 60


Because Smoker was the only person with Logia Devil Fruit ability in the Marine Academy, he was relatively special.

Before the match, the referee walked up to Leiyin with a black stick.

“According to the rules, Smoker is a person with Logia Devil Fruit ability. So, in this match, you can hold the battle stick and fight with it.”

Among the Marine Academy, there were only a few trainees who knew Busoshoku Haki. Even though they knew it, the mastery wasn’t excellent.

Before fighting Smoker, Leiyin never used the battle stick to fight his opponents.

“Thank you, but I don’t need it.”


When Leiyin said this, even the referee froze for three seconds.


“That Chief Petty Officer, does he know what he’s saying?”

“Even if you have some strength, you don’t have to be so arrogant.”

“What an arrogant person. It’s an act of death.”

There were a lot of comments from the trainees down the field.

Even Verdan, who watched the battle, couldn’t help but think he’s out of his mind.

How long would that big bastard, Leiyin, pretend?

Hina was smoking a cigarette off stage and felt that things weren’t that simple.


On the high platform, Gion said, “Does it mean that Leiyin has mastered the Busoshoku Haki?”

Sakazuki clasped his hands in front of his chest with a disdainful expression, “Hmph, such an arrogant and cocky kid.”

The Logia Devil Fruit was recognized as the strongest Devil Fruit type in the One Piece World. Except for Blackbeard’s [Yami Yami no Mi], all other Logia Devil Fruit was out of reach for many people just because of its false state.

If someone wanted to touch the person’s body with Logia Devil Fruit ability, there were several conditions: Busoshoku Haki, Seastone, Sea Water.

As Leiyin didn’t want to use the battle stick, of course, the referee couldn’t force him to use it.


With that being said, even Drake in the next arena glanced at Leiyin.

Smoker also checked out his opponent, wondering what kind of medicine he shoved in his mouth.


When the referee gave the order, Smoker’s right arm had elementalized and turned into a smoke cloud. His right hand was clenched into a fist, and his arm came out, “WHITE BLOW!”

The fist smashed towards Leiyin as if it was flowing.

“As soon as the match begins, he uses the ability of the [Moku Moku no Mi]. It seems that Smoker wants to give that Chief Petty Officer a good fight.”

“This power is to suppress his arrogance.”

“If it’s not the Busoshoku Haki, then let’s see what he will do….”

The reason Smoker started to use the Devil Fruit ability was, first, he wanted to do a test round of attack. Second, he was also curious to know how Leiyin was coping with his Logia Devil Fruit ability.

Facing the sudden [White Blow], Leiyin hands flew up and down, and he suddenly formed a seal, “WIND RELEASE – GREAT BREAKTHROUGH!”

The Wind Release C-rank Ninjutsu came out boldly, dodging Smoker’s [White Blow] by blowing away the fog at the same time.

“Oh, it’s the same move that was used to fight Ain.”

“Is this the ability of [Wind Wind Fruit]?”

“I feel something wrong at the beginning. Does it mean that that guy is also had Logia Devil Fruit ability?”

For Leiyin, since he won all the way, everyone has always felt that he was full of suspicion and mist. Also, he had always been a mysterious character. Whenever he made a new move, there was always a lot of discussion on the platform.

When a gust of wind came, Smoker barely held on. His face became grave, and he quickly flashed to Leiyin’s body with [Rokushiki – Soru].

Smoker not only had Devil Fruit ability but also proficient in [Rokushiki].

The two fists clashed together without taking half a step back, so the power was comparable.

However, this made the crowd amazed.

What happened?

Don’t forget, although Smoker was just swinging a single punch, he was still in his Logia Devil Fruit.

“That… is that Busoshoku Haki?”

“I guess so?”

“No… it doesn’t seem to be…”

When the crowd looked closely, Leiyin’s right fist that was hedging with Smoker was wrapped in light blue energy.

Everyone knew that Busoshoku Haki wrapped around the skin were pitch-black. So, what the hell was this blue color?

The point was, it actually could touch the Logia Devil Fruit user’s body!

All of them had an incredible look, each with different thoughts.

Verdan’s beautiful eyes stared at Leiyin in the field. “That guy, he always brought surprises…”

Hina took a puff of smoke as she thought, “Leiyin, he was really the devil…”

Whether it was people inside and outside the arena or people on the platform, no one was paying attention to the second arena, where Drake was.

They were all staring at Leiyin and Smoker; their eyes wouldn’t leave half a millimeter.

What the hell was going on here?

Although their heads were broken, they wouldn’t understand.

Busoshoku Haki, to put it bluntly, was energy attached to the body, while Leiyin was attached to the hands. Busoshoku Haki was spiritual energy that could harden to use as a shield, and so did chakra.

Thus, Busoshoku Haki and chakra flow were identical. Hence, Leiyin chose not to use the battle stick.

However, the crowd didn’t know how this happened. His opponent, Smoker, was even more puzzled.

“It doesn’t matter whether you use Busoshoku Haki or no.”

With this in mind, Smoker turned his whole body into smoke and opened the full power of the Devil Fruit, “WHITE SPARK!”

The next moment, the entire arena was surrounded by white smoke.

“Oh, does he finally use the big move of [Moku Moku no Mi]?”

Smoker intended to cover the entire field with the smoke of his elementalized body and subsequently solidify the smoke to envelop Leiyin and quickly finish the battle.

Needless to say, the killing power of this move was, indeed, extreme.

As for Leiyin, not to mention striking Smoker, because the arena was covered with thick smoke, Leiyin couldn’t even see the ring.

At this point, Leiyin was in a big crisis.

He was like a man trapped in a dense smoke prison, waiting for Smoker’s verdict.

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