Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 61


In the first arena of the final four, not only was Leiyin surrounded by fog, but even the entire field was out of reach.

Is this the end?

In the smoke that was gradually being solidified, a pair of bright eyes flashed.


The Three Tomoe Sharingan in Leiyin’s eye suddenly turned up. Because he opened the [Sharingan], although Smoker’s body was deflated, Leiyin was still able to see the center of where Smoker was clearly. Even the ring, which was full of smoke, was apparent in Leiyin’s [Sharingan].


When the smoke was about to solidify, Leiyin quickly teleported to the air. His hand-gathered the chakra ball down towards Smoker’s location below!

Focusing on the [Rasengan] attack, with a loud boom, it exploded in all directions. Even the ring was blown halfway down.

Smoker couldn’t resist this powerful attack. At this time, his eyes rolled white, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He fell directly to the ground, restored to its original state.

The field of thick fog immediately scattered clean.

The referee was even a little stunned when he announced, “FINAL FOUR-MATCH, THE WINNER OF THE FIRST ARENA, LEIYIN!”

“He… he will go directly to the finals to compete for this year’s rank examination.”


Under the field.

“That Chief Petty Officer is really something.”

“He doesn’t look like an ordinary person.”

“What are all those juggling moves he’s making.”

“We’ve never seen it before.”

“Not to mention seen, we haven’t even heard of…”

At this point, Leiyin’s strength was unquestionable in everyone’s mind. No one dared to underestimate this low-rank kid anymore. Even if he was in a low rank, he could be promoted to a Lieutenant with his ranking examination results.

Not only among the trainees, even Sakazuki on the high platform, slightly glanced sideways, “This… How is this possible?”

Real Admiral Gion showed a rare wintry smile, “It seems that the Marine Academy has an additional powerful guy.”

Vice Admiral Momonga said, “Well, Leiyin should also be a main trainee.”

Garp’s face broke out in joy when he heard what people said, “Hahahaha, of course, it should be that way…”


In the other arena of the final four, Drake also defeated his opponent and obtained the victory.

In other words, Drake and Leiyin would have the showdown in this year’s rank examination!

The final, which would be in three days, was to compare the Marine Academy’s strongest trainees. At that time, the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral Sengoku and the three Admiral of the Marine Headquarters would be present.

Who would get defeated in the final?

Everyone would like to know.


After Leiyin defeated Smoker, he walked down from the ring with a calm face and saw Hina right in front of him.

As soon as she saw Leiyin, for some reason, Hina’s face instantly turned flushed, “Leiyin, well… congratulations…”


What was wrong with this girl? Didn’t she usually fiercely talk to him?

Leiyin looked at her and said, “It’s nothing.”

Hina looked at Leiyin with a still flushed face. She then somehow ran away like a kitten.

“What’s wrong with this girl today? Did she take the wrong medicine?” Looking at Hina’s back as she ran away, Leiyin muttered a word to himself.


That night, to forget the sadness of Ain’s departure, Leiyin trained himself more diligently.

Since entering the Marine Headquarters, Leiyin wasn’t just practicing ninjutsu, but also his body’s strength.

Normally, he would tie about a hundred kilograms of sandbags on his body during training to exercise physical strength. Since Ain was gone, Leiyin would double this amount.

The physical suffering might diminish the sorrowful thoughts.

“Hahahaha, what an effort.”

Leiyin was sweating when an old man’s voice came.

Who else was it if not Garp?

Leiyin saw him and wiped the sweat from his forehead, “Oh, old man…”

Garp came over and patted him on the shoulder, “Kid, well done. It’s really refreshing to see your performance.”

Leiyin smiled and said, “It’s nothing…”

Suddenly, Garp’s hand fell from Leiyin’s shoulders as he said, “Ain is gone, and you must feel uncomfortable…”

Leiyin felt his heart thud for a moment and said, “No… no, we’re just friends.”

“You don’t have to explain this to me. So, to resolve your low mood, I will introduce you to Hina.” Harp held up a finger and said.

“WH… WHAT?!!!”

Leiyin’s mouth grew so big that it could even stuff a rugby ball.

“Old man, you’re not joking with me, are you?”

Garp laughed brightly, “Of course, I already told Hina today. ‘I see that you and Leiyin are very suitable; why not get along and try.’ When Hina heard this sentence, her face immediately turned red. I can see she also has some interest in you. I didn’t expect it. Kid, you’re outstanding, hahaha…”

No wonder when Hina saw him today, she looked like she took the wrong medicine. It turned out to be Garp.

Previously, when Leiyin just came to the Marine Academy, Garp said he would introduce Hina to him. Initially, he thought it was a joke and didn’t expect that Garp, the old man with no slips, really went and said it.

“Old man, you… you are too messy!”

“Hahahaha, it’s because Ain is gone. I see that you’re depressed. That’s why I go talk to her for you.”

Upon hearing this, Leiyin’s head was full of black lines, and he could feel ten thousand alpacas passing through his heart, “I’ll be even more depressed when you come like this, old man. I have to participate in the finals, so I don’t have time to think about things like this.”

“Try it first and see if it works. Don’t waste the heart of this matchmaker.”

“Look at you. You’re really good at being a ‘matchmaker.’ However, I didn’t have that in mind ……”

Hey, Leiyin didn’t have the temper for Garp, who had a messy personality.


As expected, the next day, Hina came to find Leiyin.

When Leiyin saw Hina, he felt uncomfortable and showed a weak expression of pain.

Hina looked a bit squirmy, “That… yesterday… Vice Admiral Garp came to see me.”

When Leiyin heard this, he suddenly felt his entire body went numb, “Oh, that thing. I think you misunderstood…”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

Leiyin said, “Last night, the old man and I talked about that thing. However, I didn’t know that he spoke to you before, so…”

“So, are you guys playing a trick on me?” When Hina heard this, her pretty face turned white in anger.

“No, no, I really didn’t know about this matter earlier. Please don’t misunderstand.” Leiyin hurriedly waved her hands.

Hina was already furious, “You bastard. You make it seem like I need to be with you… Hmph! You big idiot!”

After shouting hysterically, Hina ran away in a puff of anger.

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