Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 63


Back to the present.

Marineford, the Marine Headquarters. The stage had been cut into two, yet the match was still not over.

Drake, who had been shaken back, pointed his sword straight at Leiyin, “Since I joined the marine, no one has ever been able to fight me to this extent…”

“Your name is Leiyin, right? I, Drake, recognize you!” Drake said with a solemn face.

Upon hearing Drake’s words, Leiyin just showed a faint smile, “Thank you.”

Drake was the strongest trainee in the Marine Academy. Whether it was physical skills or swordsmanship, the other trainees were unable to compete with him. He was almost an insurmountable mountain for everyone.

It could be said that Leiyin was the first trainee who could defeat Drake head-on in swordsmanship.

Drake, who had recognized Leiyin’s strength, knew very well that if he continued to fight with ordinary swordsmanship techniques and physical skills, his chances of defeating Leiyin would be slim.

So, he unleashed his big move!

In the next moment, a faint light was seen emanating from Drake’s body, and his body was gradually getting bigger.

“That one is…”

The battle had already entered a heated stage. The trainees’ eyes under the field and the officers on the high platform couldn’t even spare half a second to move away.

In no time, he transformed into a dinosaur of about five meters in length, an Allosaurus to be exact.


On the high platform.

Although Admiral Borsalino had a somewhat interesting look, his tone was still a bit gruff, “Oh? Is that little kid finally unleashing his Devil Fruit ability?”

Admiral Kuzan said, “Ah… This is the first time I’ve seen Drake-like this.”

Admiral Sakazuki snorted, “If Drake unleashes this move, that Chief Petty Officer won’t have much chance of winning.”

In a gruff voice, Vice Admiral Yamakaji said, “Being able to force Drake to this extent, that Chief Petty Officer is not a simple kid either.”

Rear Admiral Gion said, “Is that… a real duel?”


Off the field.

There was a loud sound from the male trainees, who couldn’t help but cheer when they saw Drake turn into a behemoth.

Those who cheered had their bets on Drake.

Hina, with a cigarette roll in her mouth, looked at the field and exhaled a heavy smoke ring, while Verdan folded her hands together as if she was praying for something.

Drake, the current Marine Academy Commander trainee with Zoan Devil Fruit ability – Ancient Zoan – Ryu Ryu no Mi – Allosaurus form!

The “Allosaurus” Drake was more than five meters tall, with a bloody mouth that showed fangs like sharp knives. Each tooth was more than ten centimeters long.

His mouth opened and closed as he said, “Over the years, you are the first person to force me to activate my Devil Fruit ability. First of all, I acknowledge your strength…”

“Then, I will pay you a high tribute to defeat you!”


With that, his vast body swung his razor-like claws, which were already wrapped with pitch-black Busoshoku Haki, and attacked right at Leiyin.

The claws of the Allosaurus were as sharp as bone-picking knives. Their strength was more than ten times greater than that of an elephant!

It was hard to imagine how many pieces someone would break into if such a move hit them head-on.

Unlike the previous fight, this was a clash between two real masters!

No matter how powerful I was, I should fight with all my power if I encountered a strong opponent. If you went all out, I would rise to meet your strength!

Leiyin’s right foot gathered a faint blue glow. It was the hardened entanglement of chakra.



The two forces clashed together with a resonant sound as clear as metal.


With a loud bang, the entire field emitted a sonic boom.

The field had already been cut into two sections. Now, the field was almost reduced to rubble by the fantastic destructive power of the two.

“Has… has the winner been divided?”

When the crowd looked again, the two men were still standing in the same place. This strikes cancelled each other out without any distinction.

Seeing that this move didn’t damage Drake, Leiyin flipped his hands up and down and formed a seal.


Leiyin shouted, and a vast earth dragon rose from the ground to stand against the Allosaurus Drake.

With that, Leiyin waved his index finger. The dragon opened its mouth and spat out hundreds of mud bombs, which came at Drake like a violent wind and rain.


Drake roared brazenly and spat out a huge shockwave from his bloody mouth, which not only knocked down all the raining mud bombs but also hit the earth dragon and knocked it to pieces.

The trainees under the field even let out a series of shouts of surprise.

“What kind of battle is this!”

“What exactly is Leiyin’s ability?”

“We’re not even on the same level as those two people on the field!”

“They are two living monsters!”

From the match to now, the two had fought for almost two hours.

Drake exhaled a cloudy breath from his big mouth, panting with exhaustion.

‘I couldn’t drag it out any longer; let’s decide on a winner!’ Drake thought to himself.

With that, Drake’s body gathered powerful energy.

As if Leiyin could see Drake’s mind, he also knew that the battle had come to the final hurdle.

So, Leiyin’s hands once again gathered a blue cyclone.


On the high platform.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku stroked his twisted beard, “Upon looking at the situation, the two are going to decide the winner.”

Admiral Borsalino said, “Watching their power, it feels a little scary.”

Vice Admirals Momonga said, “In previous years, there has never been such a battle.”

Real Admirals Gion said, “No matter which side won, both of them are deservedly strong.”


Just standing outside the field, people could feel the powerful aura and energy emanating from the two men inside the arena.

Drake brewed this aura, feeling the majestic energy flowing through his body at high speed. He then opened his bloody mouth and spat out a shockwave that was even stronger than just now.


The shock wave was launched towards Leiyin. However, Leiyin certainly didn’t show any weakness.

At the moment before Drake launched the [Allosaurus Breath], Leiyin had a blue energy ball in his hand that looked like a high-speed rotating planet.

Was it that move again [Big Ball Rasengan]? No, it wasn’t.

These days, Leiyin had been practicing this technique hard.

According to the previously obtained [Wind Release – Great Breakthrough], the wind attribute chakra was injected into the [Rasengan].

This was the first S-rank ninjutsu that Leiyin had developed on his own from the original Naruto. The first S-rank ninjutsu that he had learned!

When Drake sent out a magnificent shockwave, almost at the same moment, the high-speed energy ball in Leiyin’s hand was launched out brazenly!


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