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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 64



In his hand, the rotated the blue energy ball suddenly came out, clashing violently with the [Allosaurus Breath] spat out by Drake.

Two strands of energy clashed, like a thunderstorm. Like a sonic boom, it sounded throughout the Marine Headquarters, generating a huge shockwave that spread out in all directions.

Had the winner been decided?

Looking at the field again, the two men were still standing in place. However, both were panting and almost exhausted.

At this point, the match had already gone through two hours. Fleet Admiral Sengoku signaled Vice Admiral Momonga to step down to stop the match.


At this point, off the field.

“This should be considered a tie, right?”

“Well, it’s unbelievable. Leiyin is really too strong… To be able to fight Drake to a draw.”

“This guy, how on earth did he train?”

Vice Admiral Momonga stepped down from the high platform, walked to the center between the two. He then announced in a loud voice with an amplified Den Den Mushi.

“This match is fascinating to watch. It was full of ups and downs. The strength of the two was evenly divided. So, here I announce, since the battle between the two tied, they won the crown at the same time…”


Vice Admiral Momonga hadn’t finished speaking when suddenly, Drake spat out a mouthful of blood, rolled up his eyes, and fell to the ground in one fell swoop!



There was another uproar inside and outside the field.

Hina was so shocked that the cigarette roll in her mouth fell to the ground.


On the high platform, the three Admiral, all the Vice Admiral, and Real Admiral’s eyes were wide open.

Garp finally couldn’t restrain himself as if he was more excited than catching a pirate with a bounty of over 100 million. His strong fist kept slapping the table, like an old child, while laughing.

“Hahahaha! All of you have seen it. I was right from the beginning… Sengoku, hurry up and announce the result!”

Sengoku responded to Garp’s words. He picked up the Den Den Mushi and said, “Vice Admiral Momonga, please re-announce the results of the match!”

When Momonga heard Fleet Admiral Sengoku’s words, his hand trembled as he picked up the Den Den Mushi. He couldn’t even believe the scene that was happening in front of him, “Then… I ONCE AGAIN ANNOUNCE THAT THE WINNER OF THIS YEAR’S RANKING EXAMINATION IS… LEIYIN!”

As soon as the words fell, the scene was first silent…

It then boiled up as if it had exploded. Cheers and screams were incessant.

Although many people lost their bets, it was a historic moment because, for the first time, Drake was no longer the reigning winner.

The crowd couldn’t be blamed for their overwhelming reaction. After all, the Marine Academy rank examination winner’s position was always the focus of attention.

Winning the rank examination meant that your strength was the strongest in the Marine Academy.

Moreover, your rank could be raised by several levels, both for trainees and marine officers, which was something they always dream of.

Although Leiyin won, there was no expression on his face, just a soft exhale. The battle had made him consume most of his physical strength.

However, suddenly something woke him up again!

Verdan rushed into the ring and hugged Leiyin without a second thought!

“Great! That’s great! Leiyin, you’re powerful…” Verdan’s delicate body shouted in Leiyin’s arms.

Verdan’s emotions were clearly out of control. She hugged Leiyin tightly with the pair on her chest, pressing against Leiyin’s body, making Leiyin felt like he couldn’t even breathe.

After nearly a year, Verdan had grown very well.

It wasn’t clear whether Leiyin didn’t have the strength to resist or what because he just said to her, “Verdan, cough… I can’t breathe…” Leiyin was strangled and spoke with difficulty.

Verdan hurriedly let go, “Sorry, I was too excited… I’m really happy for you…”

Verdan said but didn’t completely let go of him. Instead, she grabbed Leiyin’s arms with both hands and looked at him with a pair of incomparably clear and soul-stirring eyes.


Under the field, the gossiping trainees were appalled for another moment.

“What?! This guy and Verdan too…” A male trainee said.

Another male trainee also gritted his teeth, “Leiyin… he’s actually having an affair with Verdan as well!”

“This abominable Chief Petty Officer….”

“This makes me angry!”

“No way. This is what happens when people’s strength lies there…”

Although Verdan had just come to the Marine Academy not long ago, she was beautiful and somewhat incomprehensible; her posture even surpassed Hina and Ain’s and was close to that of Empress Hancock.

Her delicate face and exquisite figure gave men a feeling of blood rushing through their veins at first glance. So, once she arrived, she became the object of many male trainees’ intent of lust.

However, at this time, her actions made people envious. Everyone was surprised and angry at Leiyin.

The jealousy of people was inherent. The title, a bright future, a beautiful woman’s embrace…

These were the most important things in life to have. What more could you want?

Many male trainees now have the urge to rush on stage to kill Leiyin.

However, they also had to weigh their strength.

The most uncomfortable person wasn’t the male trainees who used the female emperor as a masturbation object, but a girl.

This girl was Hina.

The first time she saw such a scene, she even dropped the cigarette roll in her mouth to the ground.

She was feeling extremely uncomfortable while she thought to herself, “These two people… I felt from the beginning that there was something between these two… You’re a philandering, hateful pervert! I will never let you go!”


At this time, the atmosphere inside and outside the field gradually cooled down.

Verdan’s emotions gradually stabilized as she let go of Leiyin. Her pretty face was flushed when she looked at him.

However, Leiyin’s face was still expressionless. Because he had just experienced such a high-intensity battle and consumed most of his body’s energy, he was already a little tired.

All he wanted now was just to go back to get a good night’s sleep…


On the high platform.

Admiral Sakazuki, with an arrogant expression, just coldly snorted, “Humph, the villain gets his way.”

Many high-ranking officers crossed their ears and wondered what he was talking about.

Garp thought to himself, “This kid. Not only did he have strength, but he also has a way with girls…”


A day later, at the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral’s office.

Leiyin’s name appeared on the Sengoku the Buddha’s desk.

Every year, the trainee’s rank who won the Marine Academy ranking examination was personally determined by the Marine Headquarters’ highest leader.

Sengoku said, “In my opinion, let’s give him a rank of Ensign.”

Garp said, “Brother Sengoku, are you not mistaken? This kid has defeated Drake. Not to mention Ensign! Captain, even if he is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, it is not too much?”

“Lieutenant Commander? It’s impossible. He was only a Chief Petty Officer; how could he be promoted to such a high rank at once? Moreover, the entire headquarters now knows about your relationship with that boy; I have to avoid suspicion.” Sengoku stroked his braided beard and said with a solemn face

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