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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 66



Gion shouted, and the pink sword energy scattered in all directions. This move not only carried powerful energy but was unavoidable.

The next moment, a more powerful sword technique was born…


As soon as the words fell, Leiyin was seen flying with his sword in his hands. A blue sword wave on the blade was induced but not emitted, dancing like a devil.

When the chopping wave from Gion’s [Sword Slash] touched Leiyin’s [Kusanagi Sword], it turned into a pink mist.

“Instructor Gion’s attack… was it fail?”

“What kind of technique did Leiyin use?”

“Hurry up… Look!”

The trainees below watched the duel between the instructor and trainee above, and they were talking about it.

Suddenly, one of the trainees pointed to the stage, and the [Leopard Sword Wave] that Leiyin had just performed had turned into a magnificent sword wave and was fired at Gion.

Not to mention the strength of the move. Even the speed was terrifyingly fast. Gion barely had time to react and hurriedly used his sword to block it.

The sword wave hit Gion’s sword, and she couldn’t resist the force. She was knocked back a few dozen steps and finally stuck the [Konpira] on the ground before she started to retreat.

The audience was horrified!

They all knew that Leiyin was strong, but they didn’t think he could be this strong.

Even Instructor Gion, who was the Head Instructor, was no longer a match for Leiyin?

Gion’s beautiful eyes stared at Leiyin as if she knew this trainee of hers for the first time, revealing an unmistakable look of disbelief.

Below, Verdan and Hina, who had already returned from their punishment, saw the scene and were full of disbelief.

Drake pressed his swordsmen’s cap and wondered.

While everyone was still shocked by Leiyin’s head-on defeat of Gion, a loud bang diverted everyone’s attention.

Leiyin couldn’t help but look towards the sky.

Within half a minute of the loud “boom,” Marineford’s enemy alarm rang through the air!


Marine Headquarters, the Fleet Admiral’s office.

Sengoku’s face was solemn as he clutched the Den Den Mushi, “Order all marine forces. Get the entire marine immediately into a state of war preparation. Assemble all officers above the rank of Captain in the central square of Marineford! Don’t make any mistakes!”

On the other end of the Den Den Mushi, “Yes!”

Garp barged into the Fleet Admiral’s office from outside, breathing heavily, “What happened?”

Sengoku looked grave, “He… come again!”

The next moment, the two old men rushed out of the office…


Marineford central square.

The ground was shaken by the loud sound that shocked the world and made all the residents and the marine terrified.

This was the Marine Headquarters, the safest place in the world. How could such a thing happen?

Out of nowhere, the ground of the square formed a deep pit of several dozen meters, making some brave residents tremble and look into the pit.


With the sound of falling bricks, a massive body with a bull’s head stood up in the vast pit.

The crowd was scared and fled in fear simultaneously as the arrival of many high-ranking marine officers with tens of thousands of marine personnel!

A few minutes ago, 10,000 meters above the empty island.

A giant with a bull’s horn looked down.

This man was looking for a burial place!

So, he resolutely jumped down…

“Kaido… Kaido of the Beasts?!”

“Why did the Four Emperors appear here?

[Kaido of the Beasts] was one of the Four Emperors ruling over the “New World.” He was known as the “Strongest Creature.” His power was unfathomable, and it was said in terms of individual battle, no one could beat Kaido.

He liked to fight against the Four Emperors members and the marine. His hobby was suicide.

“Such an appearance; it looks like Kaido.”

Kaido’s mountain-like body stood up. He shook the rocks and dust on his body, lifting the large, rough hand to scratch his long, messy hair.

“Damn it. I’m still alive…”

On the turret, the marine cannon crew was already in position. They legged their shells onto the chambers, and the black and cold muzzles of their guns were mercilessly aimed at the emperor who seemed to be on the throne.



A thousand cannonballs came down on Kaido like a fierce wind, rumbling endlessly with a command from the issuing officer.

After a fierce shelling, the air was filled with the heavy smell of gunpowder and rolling smoke. Kaido didn’t even blink; he was still moving slowly as if he were a mountain.

The so-called “Strongest Creature,” Kaido, his body’s defensive power was extremely perverse.

After falling from 10,000 meters, he was unharmed. This kind of shelling, for Kaido, could only be described as a gentle breeze.

“Don’t let him close to the headquarters building. Hurry up, stop him!”

At this time, many marine officers and soldiers have also arrived.


Captain T Bone (by now had been promoted to Captain), who had just arrived, rushed to the front. He waved his sword in his hand, followed by right-angle-shaped energy that chopped up close to Kaido’s body.

The sword energy came out magnificently, but against Kaido’s body, it was quietly extinguished.

Kaido  looked at him, followed by a fierce shout, “Little creep, move away!”

As he spoke, Kaido waved up his big hand with the force of 10,000 kilos and slapped it on T Bone. In an instant, T Bone had slapped a hundred meters away.

“The cannonball and the sword energy that can cut through the hull can’t hurt Kaido at all…”

“This guy, he’s not human at all!”

The residents, who watched the battle from the far side of the square, let out a series of shouts of surprise.

“For the sake of the marine’s pride, we must not let Kaido set foot in the headquarters building! Follow me and kill him!”

An officer raised his arm, and a thousand soldiers raised their swords to fight Kaido.


At this time, the sound of soldiers’ swords clashing with Kaido’s body frequently came. They surrounded Kaido, but instead of hurting Kaido, their swords broke and shattered all over the place.

“Such annoying ants! Don’t dream of killing me because I’ll be the one who kills you!”

Kaido bravely raised his feet, stomping hard to the ground. The dust and mist rolled up in the ground, accompanied by an overwhelming shock wave that spread out in all directions.

The original siege of the marine forces attacking all around was killed and injured. Some of them were crying and quickly just escaped from the range of Kaido’s attack. However, they were shocked by this terrifying shock wave again.

This was the pinnacle of pirates, the member of the Four Emperors!


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