Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 7


The pirates who rushed over were all electrocuted and fainted.

With their flesh and blood, how could they possibly compete with Leiyin?

The rest of the pirates were dumbfounded. Some of them, such as Mohji and his lion, Richie, hid directly at the back of the crowd.

Wasn’t Leiyin the weakest and most useless on the ship? How did he get such powerful strength?

Who the hell was this guy?

Just as everyone was confused, Leiyin spoke up and said, “Is there anyone who is still not convinced? I am here to offer you my company.”

No one dared to take a step forward after hearing these words. The two strongest men on the ship, Buggy, and Cabaji, had been killed, making the rest of the crews didn’t dare to take risks.

They were actually bullies who were afraid of strong people, so they could only abuse civilians.

However, when they looked at the lightning that bared on Leiyin’s body, this power was not something they could handle.

They were just trying to make a living on the ship, so they didn’t have to give up their lives for such a ridiculous captain.

Not only did they not dare to move forward, but they involuntarily moved backward to make way.

Don’t spit on a sick child because he might be a tiger.

Also, don’t deceive the young and poor.

Why would you want to provoke a sleeping tiger?

Seeing that no one dared to resist, Leiyin gradually made his way toward the ship. He boarded Buggy’s ship, pulled up the sails, and sailed out to the sea, alone.

Everyone still didn’t dare to speak up and just watched Leiyin sail away.

Leiyin had been caught on the ship, and the events that happened on the ship had left him with no attachment to the Buggy Pirates.

Also, it wasn’t that Leiyin didn’t want to kill Buggy Pirates, but simply because he didn’t have many chakras left in him.

The first time he hit Cabaji with chakra attached to his fist, he spent 10 points of chakra.

After using a move [Chidori Nagashi], he spent another 80 points. Now Leiyin’s chakra value had become 10/100.

In other words, if the pirates had swarmed on him, Leiyin would have been dead.

Leiyin’s guts had saved his life by scaring the bullying group of pirates.

He had to become stronger.

Thus, Leiyin began his adventure. He looked at the blue sea and couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement.

He had made up his mind: He wanted to be the strongest and freest man on the sea.

The first thing he did on the ship was to take down this ridiculous clown pirate flag first. Not to mention that he was no longer a member of the Buggy Pirates; he wasn’t even a pirate.

Next, Leiyin pondered about his identity.

Was he a pirate? Marine? Bounty Hunter? Revolutionary Army? Or adventurers?

He made his choice at the first opportunity.

He would be a Bounty Hunter.

At this stage, if he wanted to become stronger, he had to use a large amount of money to draw cards to obtain ninjutsu and increase his chakra value.

With his existing strength, hunting pirates to earn bounty was undoubtedly the best way.

As Leiyin was thinking about this, a prompt came from the system.

[Friendly tip: You could raise your chakra limit through training and create your ninjutsu.]

It was such a simple sentence that made Leiyin suddenly came to his senses.

He smacked his head and thought to himself, ‘Right. Since I have chakra value on my body, I could be considered a ninja in a certain sense. Also, I have chakra; I could practice like a ninja in Naruto.’

Leiyin thought about the explanation of chakra.

In the original Naruto story, chakra came from the physical energy taken from each cell in the human body, then molded with the spiritual energy from the mind’s consciousness and could be increased through studying, meditation, and experience. Also, the chakra that blended with natural energy was used for sage mode.

Right now, Leiyin didn’t even have half a Belly on his body, and he couldn’t draw ninjutsu at all. In that case, practicing on his own was undoubtedly the best way.

Just like when he attached his chakra to his fist to attack Cabaji, which was the easiest way to attack.

The first thing Leiyin thought was the S-rank ninjutsu of Sakumo Hatake, leader of Shinobi Team – White Light Chakra Sabre.

He was the father of Kakashi Hatake, known as the “Konoha’s White Fang,” even the legendary Sannin had to respect him.

The chakra released by Sakumo Hatake [White Light Chakra Sabre], together with his tanto [White Fang], was like lightning rushing through the air, attacking the enemy with almost the speed of [Flying Thunder God]. This technique led Sakumo Hatake to earn the name of “Konoha’s White Fang.”

Why did he think of this move?

Because Leiyin wanted to use it to create his own ninjutsu.

When he found a wood piece, Leiyin gathered his chakra on his right hand’s middle and index fingers and poked at the board.

Then a mark appeared on the board that looked like a knife had cut through it.

This move was just an imitation, and certainly not on a par with Sakumo Hatake’s S-rank [White Light Chakra Sabre].

“Was it still not sharp enough? If I combine it with a tanto, this move should be more effective, right?” Leiyin scratched his head and muttered to himself.

After that, he followed the same steps he had just used and practiced the copycat version of the “White Light Chakra Sabre” over and over again.


A few hours later, Leiyin was sweating like rain.

His physical strength was almost exhausted, and his chakra value had become 2/100, which was close to the bottom.

He immediately looked for food on the ship. He went to the cooler in the ship, where there was still some meat of the sea beasts, fruits, and vegetables left behind. He then cooked and ate them.

In the past, when he was still a low-ranking ship worker, this was something he couldn’t even think about.

He couldn’t even feed himself every day. Now it was different; he was the ship captain and could do as he pleased on the ship.

It was all earned by his strength.

Thus, he ate, slept, and practiced on the ship. After two days, the ship gradually reached an island.

It was an uninhabited island. Leiyin got off the boat and saw that the grass and trees on the island were lush and green, almost like a small forest. There were many islands like this in the One Piece World, and usually, the adventurers would go to each island to rest for a while.

What Leiyin thought was that, after all, there was only a limited amount of space on the ship.

The fresh air here could be an excellent place to practice, and maybe he could encounter something on the island that he hadn’t seen before.

Not wanting to waste any time, Leiyin continued his practice under a large tree.

After two days of imitating [White Light Chakra Sabre], Leiyin estimated that he had reached his current limit for this technique. After all, his chakra was very limited.

Hence, Leiyin decided to practice new ninjutsu…


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