Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 70


After Capone Bege’s surprise attack on the weapons warehouse, the marine sent many soldiers and horses to search for him. So, Capone Bege temporarily hide in the unavailable area to avoid the wind.

However, while hiding, he hadn’t been idle. With the advantage of his manpower, he asked his men to change into civilian clothes and went to various parts of the Sabaody Archipelago to scout the marine’s movement.

They were especially looking for the marine’s weak defense location in preparation to escape from the Sabaody Archipelago.

It turned out that the two people Leiyin met in the tourist specialties area were two of the men sent by Capone Bege to investigate the marine’s movements.


Back to the present.

In a dark corner of the basement, a discordant sound came out. Everyone was first stunned, and then their eyes were gathered in unison.

A person walked out from the corner. This person was none other than Leiyin.


The two pirates just now thought their eyes were blurred. They wiped their eyes and searched hard.

Didn’t he just get stabbed to death? How could it be possible?

It turned out that what they had just “stabbed” was just a shadow clone created by Leiyin. However, what about the blood that they saw? After the shadow clone was stabbed, was it possible for it to bleed out?

Of course, this was the illusion caused by Leiyin with his [Sharingan], and Leiyin’s real body followed the two men.

To catch a big fish, you had to put a long line. Otherwise, if he showed up quickly, how would he know where Capone Bege was?

Capone Bege saw Leiyin with a gloomy face, “Who are you? Why are you in my place?”

“He’s carrying an excellent sword behind him. This man looks like… Ba… Baramak. This guy is Baramak!” One of the pirates recognized him on the spot.

“Baramak? This name. It seems a bit familiar.”

“He’s the Bounty Hunter who cut that bastard Taylor into two pieces two months ago!”

Leiyin named himself [Baramak], who was said to be a famous person from World War I.

The marine led the army to siege Taylor for months and almost couldn’t find him. However, he was caught by Leiyin. So, “Baramak” was quite famous in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Capone Bege smiled at the corner of his mouth, “It seems that you’re a remarkable guy.”

A while ago, Gotti was already transformed. One of his arms was converted into a three-barreled machine gun. People called him [assassin]. He was a member of the Fire Tank Pirates.

“Father, leave this guy to me to take care of,” Gotti said and raised his machine gun. The three muzzles rotated back and forth, fire flashed from the muzzles, and the pigeon egg-sized shells were fired at Leiyin.

“Woo ah, the [assassin] is mad!”

The shells landed on the ground and blew some of the pirates to bits and pieces. They were screaming and wailing.

Capone Bege basically didn’t care much about this. He had always regarded these people’s lives as grass.

Leiyin, who had already appeared on the other side, drew his Sword of Kusanagi and cut Gotti’s throat with a swift movement.

“That… that’s Baramak’s strength.”

“It’s as fast as a monster!”

Gotti was instantly killed in seconds.

Amidst the awe of the crowd, Leiyin inserted his Sword of Kusanagi into its scabbard and said to Capone Bege, “Mr. [Father], since you care so little about the death of your men, I’ll give you a hand.”

With that, Leiyin formed a seal with both hands, and a huge earth dragon rose from the ground, “EARTH RELEASE – EARTH DRAGON BULLET!”

With that, Leiyin waved his index finger. The earth dragon opened its mouth, almost as hard as iron. The mud bomb poured down towards the crowd like a fierce wind.

In a flash, the pirates in the basement were almost all smashed to death and injured, leaving only Capone Bege, who was spared.

Upon seeing this scene, Capone Bege’s face finally changed color. He heard the sound of a charging horn coming from nowhere, and Capone Bege’s eyes turned into a fine form.


The next moment, Capone Bege shouted, and a hundred dozen shells fired towards Leiyin. Leiyin saw the situation, immediately flashed to the side, while the huge earth dragon was immediately blown to pieces.

Did he use the Shiro Shiro no Mi Devil Fruit ability?

Upon seeing this, Capone Bege suddenly smiled, “Kid, I know you have a couple of skills, but I use the human sea tactics. I can beat the hell out of you.”

Capone Bege’s left eye became all translucent, followed by a charge horn sound as if thousands of horse neighing people sounded to the ear.

The people who were just taken out by Leiyin was just a drop in the bucket for Capone Bege.

Because of his Devil Fruit ability, Capone Bege’s body was like a huge castle that could house thousands of troops.

So, in a short time, there were many armies with different weapons around Capone Bege, occupying a basement with a size of almost half a soccer field. They had cavalry, infantry, muskets, and swords.

“If you offend our Father, you won’t have a good time!” A soldier beside Capone Bege shouted.

Leiyin saw the many soldiers and horses in front of him, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a not-so-subtle smile, “Mr. Father, are you sure you want to compare numbers with me?”


Capone Bege smiled at his words and just leered, “Baramak, you should stop bluffing there.”

Leiyin didn’t answer his words but stretched out his left and right hand’s fingers. He crossed them in the shape of a “cross” and lightly shouted, “MULTIPLE SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE!”

The next moment, around Leiyin, there was a thousand “Baramak.”

“What…? What?!”

Capone Bege was amazed when troops no less than the number of people around him appeared in front of him. The number of people on both sides was almost filled the entire huge basement.

With that, Capone Bege shouted to his men, “DON’T BE AFRAID OF HIM. THIS KID IS JUST BLUFFING! KILL HIM FOR ME.”


With a shout, many of Capone Bege’s men rushed up like a tidal wave. Leiyin’s side wasn’t shy; they rushed up with a Kunai in their hand.


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