Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 72


Since then, the name [Baramak] was spread throughout the Sabaody Archipelago, even the Marine Headquarters.

People also went to give him a nickname, called [Magical Hunter]. This also shocked many pirates.

The people even spread a proverb: When the Sabaody Archipelago children heard the name of Baramak, they didn’t dare to cry at night.


Back to the Marine Headquarters.

Leiyin changed into his own appearance and became the Marine Academy trainee.

It wasn’t accurate to say that he was a Chief Petty Officer because now Leiyin was a Lieutenant whose rank was second only to Drake.

Although his strength had surpassed Drake, his rank was still one level lower because Drake was more senior than Leiyin.

As the strongest trainee this year, and the one who could fight with the [Four Emperors ] Kaido for more than two moves, Leiyin’s future was promising.

In less than two weeks, the Marine Academy would have to carry out the nerve-racking battle examination.

This day, after two hours of daily training in the morning, the trainees rested on the training ground.

Leiyin refused to let go of even a little time and did pull-ups on the side to exercise his arm strength. Meanwhile, Hina and her three girlfriends were chatting on the sidelines.

One of her friends said, “Hey, have you heard recently? There is a Bounty Hunter called [Baramak] in Sabaody Archipelago, who got rid of two big pirates for our marine. This is very impressive.”

The other one said, “Now who hasn’t heard of Baramak’s name. I saw his picture in the headquarters information. He was carrying a great sword on his back, and he was quite handsome in person.”

At this time, one of Hina’s friends looked at Leiyin, who was doing pull-ups not far away, and said quietly, “He looks familiar.”

In fact, he was Baramak, the famous Bounty Hunters in the Sabaody Archipelago and the Merine Headquarters.

The headquarters collected his information. Baramak was carrying a great sword on his back in that photo, and Leiyin was always carrying his [Sword of Kusanagi].

People didn’t know that although Baramak and Leiyin looked different, the sword behind his back was the same one, and the person was the same person.

After one of Hina’s friends finished this sentence, the other two involuntarily looked at Hina.

Hina felt a little uncomfortable when her friends looked at her, “Why are you all looking at me? Do I have a pimple on my face?”

One of her friends said, “Someone, obviously interested in someone, but still pretending to look noble.”

“Hey, who says otherwise.” The other one looked at Hina and then at Leiyin, who was doing pull-ups not far away.

Hina smiled and blushed slightly, “Tsk, what are you guys saying again? I can’t understand at all.” Hina said with her eyes glancing at Leiyin, who was not far away.

At this time, Verdan came from nowhere. She walked up to Leiyin and took out a scented handkerchief from her waist, “Hey, look at your head full of stinky sweat. Hurry up and wipe it off.”

Verdan’s tone was hard, but it was a naked solicitude.

Not far away, Hina’s face had become extremely ugly when she saw this scene.

One of her friends said, “See, Leiyin is really a hot potato. If you don’t fight for it, other girls may take it away one day.”

The other one said, “That’s right. You have to do something before you regret it.”

Another one said, “Looking at this, you can see that Verdan is taking the initiative.”

When Hina saw this scene and heard her girlfriends talking nonsense like this, she got angry and stood up at once, “Hmph, I don’t care about him! Hmph!”

After saying that, Hina puffed up and left.

One of her friends said, “Hina, this girl, she’s really a mouthful.”

In contrast, many of the male trainees on the training ground saw this scene and were furious to the point that their teeth hurt.

“That guy, what a virtue.”

“Why are there always pretty girls going to him to throw their arms around.”

“This really pissing me off.”

“It’s hard to beat Leiyin.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t beat him at all…”

Under the gaze of the crowd, not far away, Verdan stretched out her slender hand and handed Leiyin a small pink handkerchief to wipe his sweat.

When Leiyin saw this, he jumped off the bar at once, “Oh, thank you, but you don’t have to.”

After saying that, Leiyin turned around and walked away, leaving Verdan alone in the place.

“That guy, he really doesn’t know how to behave.”

“If Sister Verdan could treat me like that, I’m sure it’d be hard for me to sleep at night.”

This guy was simply a living wood. She didn’t know what he was thinking about all day. Verdan looked at Leiyin’s distant back and secretly put the handkerchief into his pocket.

In the East Village, when Leiyin lived in Farmer’s house, Verdan had secretly paid attention to Leiyin. When Leiyin defeated the [Bad Wolf Pirates] Anderson, Verdan couldn’t help but fell in love with him.

After Leiyin left, Verdan even came to the Marine Headquarters, trying to improve her strength here. It was a long time of waiting until she could meet Leiyin in person.

Although her idea was naive enough to make people want to laugh, the heavens seemed to favor her.

Unexpectedly, in the Marine Headquarters Marine Academy, the two actually became classmates and could see each other day and night.

When she learned that Leiyin was also in the Marine Academy, Verdan was excited for several days.

However, the wood-like Leiyin was thinking about training and improving his strength every day, so he hardly even looked at her.

Even so, Verdan was still hadn’t forgotten her original intention.

She simply couldn’t help herself…

Compared to Verdan, Hina was no better. She wanted to see Leiyin every day and didn’t want to see him with other women.

So, many people in the Marine Academy said, Leiyin was “The training maniac who didn’t know his blessings.”

This was the youth, but it gave the impression that Leiyin didn’t seem to experience it.

Was it because Ain had left?

Regarding this, no one knew.


Two weeks passed quickly, and the Marine Academy ushered in the long-awaited battle examination.

The Head Instructor, Real Admiral Gion, and the swordsmanship instructor, Vice Admiral Momonga, had gathered all the trainees together and told them the actual battle examination rules.

The island where they would be landing was called Animo Island, located in the Calm Belt more than 150 kilometers from the Marine Headquarters in Marineford.

This island was huge, with beasts and monsters roaming on it. This was a good but also dangerous place for strong people to practice. The good thing was that the marine had almost taken control of the Animal Island and covered it with Den Den Mushi.

Many of the beasts on this island had reached the level of “monster.” Moreover, many of these monsters were probably unseen by many people. The marine’s work was meticulous, and according to the strength, monsters were divided into various levels.

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