Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 73


The marine had divided the monster into levels, called [Danger Level].

For example, the Doriki of the monster with Danger Level 1 was equivalent to the Doriki of 10 ordinary marines. Danger Level 2 was equivalent to 20 marines, and the monster with Danger Level 100 was equivalent to 1000 marine.

According to the definition in the original One Piece story, the power of an ordinary marine soldier was about 10 Doriki, which meant that the monster with Danger Level 1 was about 100 Doriki, Lv.2 was about 200 Doriki, and Lv.100 was about 10,000 Doriki.

“We will give you the corresponding score according to the level of the monsters you hunt. The higher the score, the higher the rank advancement. Surveillance Den Den Mushi covers the whole AnimoIsland, so we will keep an eye on each of your every move. Each person has a distress flare. If you think you can’t handle it, you can pull the flare at any time, and the headquarters will send a Marine Headquarters Admiral to rescue you. However, this also means you give up the competition.” Momonga said solemnly.

“Did you understand what I just said?”

“Understood!” The trainees shouted in unison.

“Very well. Next, we’ll set out and head to Animo Island.” Vice Admiral Momonga said.

Just as he was about to leave, Garp came over, “Hey, Momonga, don’t you have an important message that you forgot to give to these kids?”

“An important message?”

Next, Garp turned to the trainees and said, “Kids, at the top of the farthest east of Animo Island, there is a legendary monster named [The Sleeping King Kong], which has the gorilla’s body and the head of a bear. It is a very drowsy guy, and it spends more than 300 days of the year to sleep. According to our investigation, this is the time when it is asleep. Therefore, you shouldn’t mess with it and just go hunting other monsters.”

Gion then continued Garp’s words, “By the way, this Sleeping King Kong has a Danger Level of 300 or more. Even several Admiral of the headquarters won’t be its match. So, it’s not something you can handle.”

As soon as Gion’s words fell, the trainees below began to talk again.

“That means the Sleeping King Kong has 30,000 Doriki?”

“I am definitely not going to mess with that guy.”

“Who will? It’s just going to be a blatant death wish.”

The other trainees didn’t notice that after Smoker heard this description from Garp and Gion, there was a flash of light in his eyes.

“Okay, next, we’re going to head to Animo Island. Kids get pumped up!”


Thus, a large warship set off with many marines and trainees on board.

The warship had to cross the Calm Belt, with so many unknown sea beasts and sea kings, to get to the Animo Island.

During the warship journey, from time to time, they would see some sea beasts shuttling to and from in the nearby water.

Even more exaggerated was the presence of a sea king directly in front of the warship. That sea king had an eye of half the size of the warship.

Its body length was estimated to be five or six hundred meters, making some timid trainees shiver with fear when they saw it.

When Garp saw this, without saying a word, he stepped on with [Geppo] and flew up, smashing his fist on the head of the sea king.

The sea king hissed in pain and sank directly to the bottom of the sea. No one knew whether he was dead or scared away by Garp’s fist.

With Garp around, it gave people a lot of peace of mind.

At this time, Leiyin put his hand on his chin, and was looking at the surface of the sea quietly, didn’t know what to think.

Verdan walked up to him like a small cat and said, “Hey, we’re going to Animo Island. Do you feel nervous?”

Verdan didn’t know what she should say because she didn’t have anything to say.

Leiyin looked at her, “No… I’m okay.”

Verdan said, “I’m a little scared. If we meet some scary monsters, you have to protect me.”

Leiyin just lightly said, “Oh, okay.”

No matter what, Verdan cheekily stood next to Leiyin and looked at the sea with him.

On the other side of the warship, Hina and her three girlfriends were chatting. However, when they saw Leiyin and Verdan together, they felt heartbroken and jealous in their hearts.

One of Hina’s friends saw what Hina was thinking and looked at Leiyin’s side, then said to Hina, “Oops, look at them. They’re already ‘doing it.'”

The one said, “Oh, that Verdan. She’s really quick on the uptake.”

Another one said, “Hina, we have told you many times, if you agree, we can help you to take care of Leiyin.”

Hina’s face was white with anger, “Cut the crap. What are you talking about? I will not like Leiyin, even if I have to be with a pig. Never!”

After saying that, Hina puffed up and went back to the cabin.

One of Hina’s friends said, “This girl, she really choose to suffer.”


The warship continued to travel in the Calm Belt.

Leiyin and Verdan were quietly looking at the sea when a pirate ship came into their eyes in the distance.

The ship was towed by two huge “swimming snakes” and could enter and leave Calm Belt freely.

The flag on the ship was a skull in the middle surrounded by nine snakes. Upon a closer look, the crew on board were all women.

The most eye-catching thing on the ship was a woman standing on the bow. She had dark hair like lacquer, skin like jade with a pair of dark blue eyes that seemed to hook anyone’s soul away.

Her body seemed to be carved by a master craftsman perfectly. The dark purple gown outlined her exquisite and incomparable figure.

That was….

“Everyone, come and see. There’s a pirate ship over there!” A marine shouted.

Almost everyone ran in the direction of the ship, scrambling to look at the pirate ship.

“That ship is so interesting. It was being dragged forward by two big snakes.”

“Wow, there are all women on board.”

“Look, the woman on the bow of the ship….”

“She’s… so beautiful. ….” A male trainee saw it and couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“I dare to say that she’s… the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen since I was born.” Another marine man also said.

Garp also walked up and looked at the moving pirate ship in the distance with a stony face.

Leiyin showed a rare shock. His eyes were fixed on the woman on the bow of the ship.

Leiyin, who was familiar with the anime, knew very well that it was the famous [Kuja Pirates]. They lived in the [Amazon Lily], an empire located in the Island of Women, and all the crew was from Kuja Tribe.

However, the most eye-catching thing wasn’t this single-gender nation, but the woman stood on the ship’s bow.


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