Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 75


When Hina saw that the Iron-Backed Wolf was coming, she stood up and immediately launched the Devil Fruit ability, “Awase Baori!”

She crossed her arms, and with a shout, a black fence immediately appeared around the Iron-Backed Wolf. However, before the black fence was tightly closed, the Iron-Backed wolf leaped and jumped out of the cage Hina had created for it.

‘This Iron-Backed Wolf monster was very agile in its movements.‘ Leiyin secretly thought.

Hina was still unwilling. She saw that her move didn’t work and sent out another move.


As soon as the words fell, several thick black spears as if they were iron emanated from Hina’s body and shot towards the Iron-Backed Wolf. Seeing this, the Iron-Backed Wolf jumped up in a panic and avoided a few spears. Unexpectedly, it was pierced by several other spears and fell to the ground at once, twitching a few times and then did not move.

This Iron-Backed Wolf’s danger level was level 28, which was about 2800 Doriki. However, Hina finished it off with a lot of effort.

Leiyin looked at Hina and smiled, “I didn’t expect, you are quite capable.”

Hina’s head became bigger, her teeth became sharp, and she shouted at Leiyin, “How can you still laugh? I was fighting for my life, and you are watching from the side without helping.”

Leiyin smile unchanged, “I see you were fighting so hard that I was afraid to disturb you.”

Hina continued to say, “I was fighting to save my life; what if the wolf ate me?”

Leiyin replied, “No, I saw that you have the strength to defeat the wolf. Moreover, if I intervene, then isn’t your score gone? Now, you killed the wolf with your strength; the headquarters will give you credit for it.”

Hina smiled, her face suddenly became mild, “Really? So in that case, Leiyin did you do it all for my sake?!”

Leiyin smiled. He was dumbfounded and thought: This woman; she was fickle.

Thus, the two of them marched again. Leiyin walked in front, and Hina jumped to keep up with him.

However, not long after, the two fell into a crisis…

The grass on both sides “rustling,” and there seemed to be many things moving. Leiyin appeared to sense that something was wrong and looked around vigilantly…

The next moment, many uninvited guests jumped out of the grass, surrounding Hina and Leiyin.

These uninvited guests were all Iron-Backed Wolf monsters. The number of wolves that surrounded the two of them was no less than thirty! Most likely, these wolves came to take revenge for their fellow that was killed by Hina just now.

As the saying went: Even a tiger was afraid of a pack of wolves. The combat power of a pack of wolves was extreme.

These wolves let out a “whirring” whisper. Their eyes revealed a terrifying and robust killing aura, looking intently at the man and woman.

Hina was struggling to deal with one, let alone more than thirty? At this moment, she was so scared that she directly hugged Leiyin, “Brother Leiyin, quickly think of away. I don’t want to die.”

Leiyin was not frightened by these wolves but was startled by Hina’s words, “Brother? Aren’t you older than me? Also, will you let go of me?”

(Leiyin was eighteen years old, and Hina was twenty.)

Hina was still clinging to Leiyin and refused to let go, “Whatever, quickly think of a way …..”

Before Hina finished, the wolves had already jumped up from all sides like crazy towards the two. Hina thought she and Leiyin’s was over and let out a desperate scream.

At this time, suddenly, an invisible shock wave seemed to cut up the energy in the void with powerful and incomparable energy spread out in all directions.

Suddenly, the shocking waves hit the ground, and the energy rushed forward, shaking through the sky!

At the same moment, all the Iron-Backed Wolves that pounced over fell to the ground and fainted. Many of them vomited white foam in their mouths.

The sudden force shook Hina to dizziness…

At the warship, inside the video surveillance room. At this moment, almost all the marine’s eyes were focused on Leiyin.

Garp was so shocked that even the Senbei in his hands fell to the ground.

This is…

Is this Haoshoku Haki?

Everyone saw that Leiyin didn’t do anything, while the Iron-Backed Wolves around him all fell. Even Hina was a little unsteady on her feet, ‘Was it Haoshoku Haki?’

“This kid, he always gives a surprise.”

“Leiyin actually qualifies as the one in a million king.”

As Garp saw this scene, he was shocked at first, and then thought in his heart: This kid, in the future, he would be a great figure.


Animo Island.

Leiyin quietly looked around, watching the Iron-Backed Wolves lying on the ground, while Hina gradually woke up.

“Did something happen?” Hina’s slender hand rubbed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she saw the fainted wolves on the ground, and her beautiful eyes widened, “Leiyin, did you do this?

Leiyin smiled, “It wasn’t me. Just now, I was praying inwardly, suddenly from the empty island came a thunder god. He held a golden staff, released a lightning bolt, and struck these wolves unconscious. My prayer was really fulfilled.”

When Hina heard this, she pouted, “Cut the crap, who the hell will believe you? I didn’t expect a human-wood like you to be a good joker. Tell me, how did you do it?”

When Hina finished, three male trainees and three female trainees came running not far away. The three male trainees were Fullbody (the one who always liked Hina, who later became a marine Captain), Brannew (the one who was punched by Leiyin in the restaurant and later became a Marine Lieutenant Commander), and Sharinguru (the one who was defeated by Leiyin in the ranking examination). The three female trainees were Hina’s girlfriends.

Fullbody rushed ahead and waved towards Hina, “Hina! My Goddess! We’ve searched so hard for you!”

Brannew said, “Beautiful Hina, we’re here to protect you.”

These six people rushed over and were filled with shock at the sight of the Iron-Backed Wolves on the ground.

Fullbody, however, ignored this and looked at Leiyin, like seeing some enemy, “Hina, why are you with Leiyin again?”

Hina said, “Who I am with is my freedom, so don’t interfere!”

Her three girlfriends looked at Hina with a strange smile on their faces.

One of her friends said, “Hina, you’ve finally learned to take the initiative, huh?”

The other one said, “Hina, I didn’t expect you to be quite efficient.”

Another one said, “A hundred years of good fortune and a baby soon.”

Hina blushed and shouted, “Hey, what are you guys talking about? There is no such thing!”

The first thing you should do was to take a look at the person you were talking to…

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