Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 76


On the warship, in the surveillance room.

Seeing that nothing serious had happened on the island, the marine officers chatted idly.

A Commodore said, “Have you heard of a legend? Whoever can wake up the [Sleeping King Kong], that person must be rare and powerful in a thousand years, and will be a big figure who can make a great splash in the world.”

At that, Vice Admiral Momonga answered, “Of course. I have also heard, more than twenty years ago, Gol D. Roger had visited this place. That time, it was also the [Sleeping King Kong] sleeping season. Roger didn’t know how he woke it up and defeated it. After that, he became the Pirate King.”

A Real Admiral said, “That means that the legend is still reliable?”

Real Admiral Gion answered, “That’s just a legend after all. Plus, our trainees are still far from having that kind of ability. They definitely won’t mess with that scary guy either.”

The Commodore said, “Haha, that’s true.”

Speaking of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, Garp pondered on the sidelines.

“Hurry up, look! [The Sleeping King Kong] seems to have woken up!” Suddenly, a Real Admiral exclaimed and pointed at the screen.

“What did you say?!!!”

As soon as the Vice Admiral’s words fell, everyone’s eyes gathered in unison to the location on the screen where the [Sleeping King Kong] was located.

“Smoker?! Why is he there?”

“Is Smoker the one who woke up the [Sleeping King Kong]?!”


Two hours ago now, on Animo Island.

All three male trainees threatened to protect Hina. So, upon seeing this, Leiyin shrugged his shoulders, “It seems that you have a companion, then I’ll go ahead.”

After saying that, Leiyin left without looking back. Upon seeing this, Hina’s pretty face was a little angry, “Leiyin! Come back here!”

When Fullbody and Brannew saw this, they went up to dissuade Hina, “Let him go if he wants to go. Don’t worry, Hina; we will protect you.”

Hina answered, “You guys…” Seeing this, Hina was also full of helplessness. Because her three girlfriends were also among them, she was embarrassed to put down her face and chase Leiyin.

Even when she wanted to stay with Leiyin, she didn’t know what that wood guy head was thinking. She would have taken her heart to the moon, but the moon shines in the ditch.

Leiyin walked alone; of course, he wanted to hunt for more powerful monsters. This island was filled with strange and bizarre monsters. So, it didn’t take long for Leiyin to find a big guy.

To be precise, it was a white monster and a beautiful young girl.

Beautiful young girl?

This young girl was Verdan.

When Leiyin saw them, Verdan was having a fierce battle with this monster.

This monster was called [Devil White Dog]. It was about three meters long, with the appearance of a white coyote. Its temperament was extremely ferocious, and it wouldn’t hesitate to attack almost any living thing it saw. Its size wasn’t much bigger than the [Iron-Backed Wolf], but its attack power and speed was many levels higher than the [Iron-Backed Wolf]. Its danger level was level 120!

The reason why this battle was “fierce” was because it was almost a one-sided battle. The [Devil White Dog] claws were sharper than sharp knives, hanging more than a dozen blood trails on Verdan’s body, hitting Verdan with only an attack and no ability to fight back. Although the damage was not light, this stubborn girl was still bloody fighting.

Leiyin, who couldn’t stand it, pulled out the Sword of Kusanagi behind his back and wrapped the lightning chakra around it, “KUSANAGI – CHIDORI KATANA!”

The Sword of Kusanagi bared, Leiyin flew up and instantly pierced the Devil White Dog.

Leiyin put the Sword of Kusanagi back into its scabbard. Verdan could no longer support herself and directly fell to the ground, but Leiyin went forward and caught her. Verdan’s face had turned pale, and the wounds from the claws were still bleeding.

The first thing he did was tear his uniform into strips of cloth and give a simple bandage to Verdan’s wounds to stop the bleeding. Then, he injected his mild chakra properties into Verdan’s body, allowing Verdan to recover some vitality.

Verdan laid in Leiyin’s arms, her eyes lost, “Leiyin, I had a feeling you would come to save me.”

“Don’t talk. Seeing that you are injured like this, let me carry you.” Leiyin said and carried her on his back.


Verdan let out a gentle soft hum and hugged Leiyin tightly on her back.


At the foot of the mountain on Animo Island’s east side, a fifteen-meter tall giant beast was tangling with a person.

This fifteen-meter-tall beast was none other than the legendary monster – The Sleeping King Kong!

The person who was tangling with the [Sleeping King Kong] was a person with the Logia Devil Fruit ability of Marine Academy – Smoker.

Could it be that Smoker woke up the Sleeping King Kong? Did he want to be called the rare powerful person? The world’s most powerful man?

When Leiyin looked, the Sleeping King Kong and Smoker were in the middle of a fierce battle.


Smoker shouted, already elementalized body. His entire right arm turned into smoke, and the next moment, the fist came out of the hand.

When the Sleeping King Kong saw the fist coming, it didn’t panic and stretched out its big fluffy palm, which instantly slapped Smoker’s fist into smoke.

After all, this was a creature with a danger level of more than 300, not some cat or dog on the street. So, Smoker didn’t think he could crush it with one blow.

Smoker’s elementalized body launched the second wave of attacks. He condensed his entire smoky right arm into a solid, snake-like shape and lashed out viciously at the Sleeping King Kong.


The solid smoke like a whip lashed out, and the Sleeping King Kong didn’t even dodge. Instead, it just stood up, while the solid [White Snake] changed into a gaseous state again.

“What… Damn it…”

Smoker then looked carefully at the monster in front of him and felt that this guy wasn’t that simple at all.

At this point, it was as if Smoker was at the end of his rope. He gritted his teeth, prepared to fight with his back to the wall, and launched his final attack.


The next moment, his body has been wholly elementalized. All the surroundings were covered by smoke; even the Sleeping King Kong couldn’t see any fingers around. It just felt the smoke around gradually solidified…

This move [White Out] could be said to be Smoker’s existing kill move. In the ranking examination against Leiyin, he had used it. It was to cover the entire arena with smoke and solidify the smoke to block the enemy.

As he watched, the smoke around the Sleeping King Kong became harder and harder…

Did Smoker just trap the Sleeping King Kong?

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