Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 77


Not long after, the smoke around gradually solidified, blocking the monster in it.

When Smoker saw this, he smiled with satisfaction. He subdued this monster with a danger level of more than 300.

In this battle test, he finally surpassed Leiyin.


On the warship, inside the monitoring room.

All the marine officers were shocked to see Smoker and the [Sleeping King Kong] on the screen.

A Commodore said, “No… It is impossible. This [Sleeping King Kong] is said to be above level 300, and its actual level is 510, but how can it be subdued like this?”

“In the actual battle examination more than ten years ago, the [Sleeping King Kong] woke up by chance. Sakazuki, Borsalino, and Kuzan, the current three Admiral, joined forces to subdue it.”

“Then, how can Smoker subdued it easily?”

“It’s not like that at all.” Garp clasped his hands in front of his chest and looked at the screen with a gloomy face.

Hmm?” Many officers made questioning noises.

“See for yourselves…” Garp said.


At this moment, at the foot of the eastern mountain of Animo Island.

Even Leiyin, who was carrying Verdan and watching the battle from the sidelines, thought that the monster was subdued when suddenly came a broken roar.

The [Sleeping King Kong] directly broke free from the shackles of smoke, and his huge fist swung violently over…

And at this time, Smoker was still in the state of the natural element, so he just stood in place and made a simple defensive posture. However, the Sleeping King Kong swung over its fist, directly smashed Smoker out. Smoker fell heavily on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of white foam, and fainted.

When Leiyin looked, the [Sleeping King Kong] huge fist has become dark and oily.

Is that Busoshoku Haki?

Really worthy of the legendary monster.

Sleeping King Kong was originally ferocious by nature. It was not known what caused it to wake up all of a sudden. It was supposed to be sound asleep for the season, but something disturbed its dreams.

After beating Smoker to fainting death, the Sleeping King Kong turned its head towards Leiyin with a murderous aura revealed in its eyes…

“Oh, look at this intention. Are you going to punch me?” Seeing the Sleeping King Kong coming, Leiyin just lightly smiled.

At this time, Veran had already because just lost too much blood and fainted. So, Leiyin gently put her under a tree, while the Sleeping King Kong stepped towards Leiyin.


Inside the warship monitoring room, Garp, who saw this scene stood up a little.

Although he knew Leiyin was strong, he didn’t think the current Leiyin could defeat the 510 level Sleeping King Kong. He tidied up his clothes, and hurriedly said to the other officers, “It seems that I must go there.”

Garp was afraid of Leiyin’s loss, so he scrambled up to the island to rescue Leiyin. Before leaving, he also said, “By the way, can you guys check the previous surveillance video to see what exactly caused the Sleeping King Kong to wake up.”

After saying that, he hurriedly left.


The Sleeping King Kong swung its colossal fist.

This fist was enough for an ordinary human to feel as if a titanic mountain was crushing them. With the force of thousands of kilos, it slammed towards Leiyin, wanting to crush him to death.

Leiyin also gathered the same power in his body, and the chakra in his body flowed rapidly.


The huge fist collided with Leiyin’s insignificant foot. A sound of gold and iron clanged in the void, which scared the birds and beasts around like rats.

Therefore, Leiyin took this blow from the Sleeping King Kong head-on. The diameter of the Sleeping King Kong’s clenched fist alone was more than two meters, so it was hard to imagine how Leiyin had blocked it.


The Sleeping King Kong let out a roar, and the whole Animo Island seemed to tremble.

The next moment, its right hand straightened, turned into the shape of a palm, and then slashed towards Leiyin. While Leiyin was deftly avoiding it, the Sleeping King Kong’s palm cut on the ground at once. The ground struck split into two pieces at once, and the cracks kept advancing, stretching for dozens of meters.

Holy shit, that was a joke.

This power, it was bullshit!

Even Leiyin couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. If that one just hit him head-on, he would definitely be in a bad way.

It seemed that this Sleeping King Kong was really angry.

If you went all out, I would rise to the occasion!

At this time, the marine officers in the warship monitoring room were staring at the screen where Leiyin was, while Vice Admiral Garp was coming over in the dust.

Seeing this, Leiyin formed a seal with both hands, and a jutsu was suddenly blasted out, “EARTH RELEASE – EARTH DRAGON BULLET!”

The next moment, Leiyin waved his index finger, a thousand mud bombs spurted out from the mouth of the earth dragon, while a fierce wind and rain smashed into the monster.

When the Sleeping King Kong saw this, it just roared decisively and let the mud bombs smash on its body. The mud bombs that smashed on it silently die out on it like a gentle wind and rain.

After that, the Sleeping King Kong came flying with big steps. Its two fists smashed on the earth dragon, and in a flash, the earth dragon collapsed.

The power of this Sleeping King Kong was far beyond human imagination.


Leiyin saw that one move failed and sent another move. The “bared” lightning from the earth conducted and hit Sleeping King Kong’s body. The next moment, the Sleeping King Kong body was wrapped in lightning, but, as if it was nothing, the lightning was reduced to nothingness with a roar.

This guy was like Kaido’s version of a monster.

However, this move [Lightning Release – Powerful Breath] was C-rank ninjutsu. If you faced a powerful opponent, the power wouldn’t be that ideal. If you can release the S-rank [Lightning Release – Kirin], the Sleeping King Kong might not be able to resist.

“You are really not easy to deal with,” Leiyin said to himself.

His hand again gathered the cyclone ball. The blue cyclone ball rotated at high speed, driving the surrounding air to follow the “whirring” sound.

At this time, Garp was rushing to the road, anxiously thinking: Kid, I hoped nothing would happen to you.


At the foot of the eastern mountain, more trainees gathered. They watched from afar the duel between Leiyin and the monster, but no one dared to step forward.

“Hey, that’s the [Sleeping King Kong] they were talking about, right?” A female trainee pointed from a distance and said.

“From the looks of it, there’s no mistaking it.”

“Leiyin is actually fighting with that monster!”

“He’s really still the strongest trainee. If it were us, I’m afraid we’d be killed by it….”

The trainees in the distance were talking like chickens, discussing.

Leiyin and the [Sleeping King Kong] fierce battle was in full swing.

Leiyin’s hands gathered the cyclone, and he suddenly sent it toward the monster…

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