Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 78


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As the crowd watched, Leiyin had sent put the chakra in his hand brazenly.


With the force of a mountain overturning the sea, this terrifying cyclone struck the Sleeping King Kong’s body without mercy. The Sleeping King Kong that was hit head-on let out a roar.

If you listen carefully, to be precise, this roar was considered a miserable scream.

Finally, did it cause damage?

The fur on the Sleeping King Kong’s chest was blown off a. As the trainees in the distance watched in awe, it recklessly charged towards Leiyin…

So far, the Sleeping King Kong had become very angry. It bellowed, vowing to tear Leiyin to pieces.

Leiyin also understood that the time had come for him and the monster in front of him to win or lose, or even to decide life and death. He secretly took out dozens of shuriken from the inventory, his left forefinger and middle finger placed within the palm of his right hand to form a seal, and then, with a loud cry.


The next moment, he threw dozens of shuriken into thousands of shuriken. Not only that, the arrow of each shuriken, with the wind chakra attached to increase its sharpness. These shurikens flew towards the Sleeping King Kong like a storm.

At this time, Garp just arrived. He just saw the scene of thousands of shuriken and was amazed. He saw that the Sleeping King Kong simply couldn’t avoid it.

In the last moment of the Sleeping King Kong life, its eyes revealed a look of despair. It was then buried in the sea of swords, and the huge body fell to the ground with a bang, no more sound.

Did the legendary monster just die like this?

Even Garp was a little disbelief.

At this time, Drake carried a huge monster on his shoulders. He just arrived there, saw the Sleeping King Kong lying in a pool of blood, and looked at Leiyin, instantly silent.

Leiyin lightly sighed in place, while Garp looked at his back.

This kid, he was really beyond the imagination of people…


Leiyin silently carrying the still-unawakened Verdan and walked towards the warship.

The actual battle examination was over, and the trainees all returned to the warship.

Leiyin carried Verdan, was about to send her to the infirmary. At this time, Hina ran over, looking like she was asking for help, and pointed her delicate finger at Verdan behind Leiyin and asked, “This… what happened to her?”

Leiyin faintly replied, “She was injured.”

Tina said, “Injured? The why she is still in your back hugging you so tightly? You… what kind of relationship are you guys have?

Leiyin looked at her, “What does it matter to you? Why are you so nosy?” With that, Leiyin walked towards the infirmary on the warship.

Hina was so angry that she stomped her foot, “Leiyin! I’ll remember this!”


At the warship, inside the monitoring room. The marine was still busy when Garp came in and asked, “Did you find what I ask you to do when I left?”

A Lieutenant Commander stood up, “Report Vice Admiral, we retrieved the front surveillance records. When the Sleeping King Kong woke up, there were no other trainees around. We investigated further and found that after Leiyin released [Haoshoku Haki], Sleeping King Kong woke up.”


Garp ran to the screen, “Hurry up, show me!”


The Lieutenant Commander called up the front monitor and saw that everything shook after Leiyin used Haoshoku Haki with [Devil White Dog]. Within half a minute, the Sleeping King Kong woke up, then, the awakened Sleeping King Kong ran to the foot of the mountain, and by chance it encountered Smoker, and what happened after that, people knew about it.

In this way, it was Leiyin who woke up the Sleeping King Kong and then defeated him?

Thus, he might have sensationalized the world? It would be possible …

Garp was afraid to think about it.


Back at the Marine Headquarters, the Marine General Warfare Department made a tally of this actual battle examination.

Hina defeated one Iron-Backed Wolf beast with a danger level was 28.

Brannew defeated the Iron-Backed Wolf beast with a danger level was 28.

Very Good, defeated a Humanoid Mantis with danger level was 35.

Sharinguru defeated a Giant Centipede with a danger level was 47.

Yukimura (now a Captain trainee, known as the “Slayer of a Thousand Men,” later he would become a Rear Admiral), defeated a Lizard Earth Dragon with a danger level of 72.

Smoker defeated a Devil White Dog with a danger level was 120.


Drake defeated the Devil Dog King (the evolutionary of the Devil White Dog), whose danger level was 185!

“One… one hundred and eighty-five?”

“Good… That’s awesome.”

“That’s a monster close to 20,000 Doriki.”

Speaking of Drake, everyone was buzzing with chatter.

“The last one.” The marine man who announced the battle cleared his throat.

“Leiyin, defeated thirty-two Iron-Backed Wolves, whose danger level is 28; defeated one Demon White Dog, whose danger level is 120; defeated… Defeated one Sleeping King Kong, whose danger level is… 510!”

The trainees on the floor smiled, already wholly unable to say anything. They were clear that between them and Leiyin, there was already an unknown difference…


Next, the trainees ushered in the moment of graduation.

The Marine Headquarters stipulates that trainees could choose to graduate after one year of study at the Marine Academy. If they didn’t want to graduate, they could decide to continue to study at the Marine Academy.

The time to choose to graduate each year was after the battle examination. After choosing to graduate, they immediately became a marine officer, and the rank would be the rank upon graduation.

After the actual battle examination, the headquarters would also raise and lower the trainees’ rank according to their performance in Animo Island.

At this time, the high-ranking officers of the marine were personally fixing the rank of the trainees.

Verdan, promoted to the rank of Petty Officer.

Fullbody, promoted to Ensign.

Hina, promoted to Lieutenant.

Brannew, promoted to Lieutenant.

Very Good, promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Sharinguru, promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Yukimura, promoted to Commander.

Smoker, promoted to Captain.

Vice Admiral Kuzan said, “What about Drake?”

“Based on his performance, he should be given the rank of Commodore,” Sengoku said.



Many officers expressed their unanimous agreement.

“Next, it’s Leiyin,” Gion said with the information.

Vice Admiral Momonga said, “This guy is the most outstanding and strongest trainee in the Marine Academy.”

Vice Admiral Dalmatian replied, “According to the military service, isn’t this kid supposed to be Rear Admiral?”

Kuzan patted Garp’s shoulder and said, “Mr. Garp, you should be pleased. This kid you fancy from now on everyone will have to be called Rear Admiral Leiyin.”

Sengoku said, “Well, according to the words of battle and performance, Leiyin should be promoted to Rear Admiral.”




“I disagree!”

A discordant voice came from among the admirals.

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