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Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 79


When everyone cast their eyes in unison, Garp said no, saying that he disagreed. Garp arms clasped in front of his chest, with a serious face that didn’t look like a joke.

The people were stunned, and the most surprised was Sakazuki. He originally didn’t want Leiyin to become a marine admiral as soon as he graduated. For him, it was a desecration of “justice” for Garp’s people to become high-ranking marine officials, yet he didn’t expect Garp to deny it before he spoke.

“Hey, Garp, are you kidding me?” Even Sengoku couldn’t help but ask.

Admiral Kuzan also looked at Garp with a suspicious look.

Gapu was a senior member and had a crucial position in the marine. Therefore, people naturally had to weigh in on what he said.

Kuzan said, “Mr. Garp, can you tell us the reason?”

Garp put his arms down and said with a solemn face, “Leiyin is the guy I brought into the marine. I should have the most say about him because I’m afraid only I know him best. This guy was previously a Bounty Hunter in the East Blue. He killed three pirates, two with 10 million and one with 5 million, and successfully redeemed the bounty in the marine.”

“Then, I invited him to join the marine. I transferred him to Loguetown as an ordinary Petty Officer, but I didn’t expect Leiyin to be young and vigorous and beat up the Commander of Loguetown. However, after my investigation, it was the Commander who was wrong in the first place. I saw no more extended room for Leiyin, so I transferred him to the Marine Headquarters, and you all know what happened afterward.

“The champion of the ranking examination and the actual battle examination… Everyone listens to his resume; how many people have such a smooth life? I’m afraid it’s not a good thing if we keep letting him go on smoothly like this, right?”

Garp’s long speech was all about Leiyin’s story, yet everyone listened to it.

Vice Admiral Tsuru, the Great Staff Officer, put her arms on the table and held her chin in one hand, “Garp, we understand what you mean. You want to give Leiyin a lower rank to sharpen his spirit, right?”

Garp nodded slightly.

Admiral Kuzan said, “Mr. Garp, you really have good intentions.”

So, due to Garp’s objection, the Marine Headquarters re-agreed on Leiyin’s rank.


That night, Verdan went to find Leiyin.

Once she faced Leiyin, Verdan’s face immediately turned red, “Leiyin, that, on Animo Island, thank you so much for saving my life…”

Leiyin said, “Oh, it’s just a simple act. We are a classmate; I can’t be there to watch you get killed.”

Verdan’s big eyes flashed at Leiyin, “But, from what people said, you were the one who carried me back.”

Leiyin thought for a moment, “Oh, don’t misunderstand. I’m just exercising my arm strength.”

Verdan’s originally shy face turned ugly as she thrust her hands on that small, slender waist and gripped it, “Hey! Leiyin! Why can you say a good word to me? You always look unbeatable…”

Unexpectedly, Leiyin “puffed” a laugh out.

Verdan went over and punched him with her fist, “You bastard, what are you laughing at?”

Leiyin said, “This is the normal you. As soon as you came in, you were softly spoken, which is not like you at all.”

Verdan and Hina were two women, one spiteful, the other cold and arrogant. Therefore, when they came to speak softly by chance, Leiyin was uncomfortable.

“What do you mean? Am I only fit to be spiteful?”

Leiyin rubbed his chin and said with a solemn face, “Well, that’s pretty much what it means.”

“I’ll kick you to death!” Verdan lifted her slender foot and kicked up gently. Leiyin dodged away at once, “Leiyin, don’t run, you stop right there!”

The two then chased and played.


The next day, a formal ranking ceremony was held.

When Drake received the Commodore’s uniform, it drew a burst of envy from the trainees.

Next, it was Leiyin’s turn.

“Leiyin was awarded the rank of Captain.”

This statement drew another look of suspicion from the trainees all over the hall. Even Drake gave a slight sideways glance.

“It can’t be. Whether it’s strength or achievement, he should be a Real Admiral.”

“There must be something wrong somewhere, right?”

However, many male trainees had heard such a result and were quite satisfied in their hearts.

Hmph, let him stink there all day long.”

“That’s right. He can’t take up all the good things alone.”

Of course, those who say these things were very jealous of Leiyin.

Leiyin didn’t lack beautiful girls around him to offer their attention all day long. If he were given the high rank of Real Admiral directly, he would have been a great success. It really was going to make them unable to compare their lives to him.

In response, Leiyin was pleased to accept it with a calm face. With his intuition, this time, it must be Garp’s intention again. He actually looked at these relatively bland because he knew that in this world, as long as there was strength, everything else was within reach of the gods and horses floating clouds.

In this way, such as Leiyin, Verdan, Drake, Hina, Very Good, etc., remained in the Marine Headquarters, becoming the marine officers in the Headquarters. Some of them were transferred to the local region, such as Smoker, who was transferred to the Loguetown, replacing the previous one as a Captain.

Among them, the happiest person belonged to Verdan because she and Leiyin were in the Marine Headquarters and could see each other all the time.


A day later, at the Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral’s office.

Sengoku was sorting out the documents on the desk when suddenly the Den Den Mushi next to him rang.

“Is this the Fleet Admiral of the headquarters?”

Sengoku stood up from his chair as soon as he heard the words, and his body was standing straight.

“Yes! I’ll do it right away!” After Sengoku finished, the other end immediately hung up the call.

At this time, Garp just came in from outside. Seeing this appearance of Sengoku, he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong again at the Holy Land?”

Garp knew very well that the people who could command Sengoku under the sky were only the Five Elders and the Commander-in-Chief, Kong, of the Holy Land Mary Geoise.

“The Holy Land received a letter of help from the King of Alabasta,” Sengoku said.


“Yes. Kong said in the letter, the entire territory of Alabasta, except for the capital of the country, Alubarna, doesn’t precipitate water for several years. They have been investigating without finding any useful clues, so they wrote a letter to request help from the Holy Land.”

Garp took a sip of tea, “These Five Elders. They’ve given us something to do again.”

“Let’s not talk about that. Immediately send troops now. Who do you think is suitable?”

Garp thought for a moment and already had a suitable candidate in mind…

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