Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 8


Rasengan is ninjutsu commonly used by Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of Naruto.

It was developed for three years by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s father, inspired by the Tailed Beast Ball.

It was based on the same principle as Tailed Beast Ball, which condensed chakra into small balls to attack the opponent.

Once it hit the opponent, it wouldn’t only cause damage but also cause a temporary chakra disorder to the enemy.

The best thing about this ninjutsu for Leiyin was that it didn’t require a seal to learn.

This ninjutsu’s essence was that it condensed the chakra in hand, causing the chakra to flow and compress in different directions, forming a chakra ball with rotating density.

Later on, it was possible to inject nature transformation, such as wind chakra, to form the [Wind Release – Rasenshuriken], creating a more powerful destructive force. However, this was a story for another time.

Afterward, Leiyin practiced with the same approach Jiraiya taught Naruto in the original Naruto story.

First, he needed to gather the chakra in his hand to form a ball and then made it flow in different directions at high speed.

The result was obvious. Let alone forming Rasengan, Leiyin found it difficult even to form balls of chakra. He couldn’t help but ask the system, and the system gave him a reasonable explanation.

“First, your current ability to control chakra is still feeble. Second, launching a most ordinary Rasengan requires 200 points of chakra, and your current limit is only 100.”

Leiyin suddenly understood that to start this ninjutsu, he first needed to control chakra properly. As for the amount of chakra, it would definitely increase later. 

According to his memory of the original story, there were roughly two ways to control chakra well.

The first was to gather chakra on the feet and climb trees, and the second was to gather chakra on the feet and walk on water.

Since there was sea everywhere, Leiyin didn’t hesitate to choose the second training method.

He then chose a place close to the island, where the sea’s surface was just below his knees. He gathered his chakra on the surface of his feet and carefully stepped on it.

As a result, as soon as Leiyin’s foot stepped on it, he instantly stepped on the sea’s bottom. Fortunately, the sea wasn’t too deep, and only his calf pants were wet. 

However, this was only the beginning, and he continued to practice over and over again.

After about an hour, Leiyin was able to walk on the surface of the sea, wobbling.

This kind of practice was already speedy for an ordinary person, and Leiyin knew it couldn’t be done overnight.

Besides, after this kind of practice, he didn’t have many chakras left.

So, he went back to the ship again to take out the food from the cooler to eat and then took a nap to replenish his energy. 


As soon as he woke up, Leiyin felt refreshed and energized, with a full amount of chakra restored.

So, he headed to the shallow sea again.

However, in the middle of the forest, a large creature blocked his way.

It was a lion more than six meters long, with two tails and two incisors twenty centimeters long under its lips, which were as sharp as knives.

At that moment, the lion was eyeing Leiyin, looking as if it was about to attack at any moment. The lion’s eyes were much sharper than Mohji’s lion, Richie.

Its strength was estimated to be several times stronger than that of Richie.

Leiyin later learned that this lion’s name was the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion. It was fierce and cruel and wouldn’t hesitate to hunt and attack living creatures as soon as they saw them.

Not to mention other living creatures; if it were hungry, it would even eat its own kind. 

Looking at the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion’s appearance, it probably hadn’t eaten anything for several days.

By the time it saw Leiyin, it had saliva dripping from the corner of its mouth, and its eyes were red.

Facing such a vicious and ferocious creature, with its hideous and terrifying cannibalistic eyes, if it were an ordinary person, they would have been scared out of their wits and wouldn’t have dared to move.

However, Leiyin, on the other hand, was scratching his head, “It sure is the One Piece World. I have never seen such a rare and exotic beast before.”

Hearing Leiyin’s words, the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion felt that he was provoking it. It was already in a bad temper, and this aroused its anger even more.

Immediately, there was a roar from the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion, causing a fierce wind to whistle and pounce on Leiyin.

Leiyin dodged the attack, then released his chakra. His body flashed brightly with lightning.


With lightning shining all over his body, Leiyin jumped on the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion.

The lightning suddenly jerked the lion, and in a short time, black marks appeared on its body. Its huge body suddenly fell to the ground amidst howls of pain.

This was an utterly single-handed victory. The lion that had fallen to the ground was no longer alive.

At this time, the lion’s charred corpse still had the smell of flesh, which was caused by the high-temperature attack produced by Leiyin.

Seeing this big creature that he had spiked, Leiyin couldn’t help but scratch his head, “It just so happens that I don’t have any food onboard. So, what about I make it as my dinner. But I have no idea if it’s going to taste good. However, if it smells good, it should be good…” 

By now, it was getting late, so Leiyin carried the lion to his boat.

He cooked the meat, which was already half-cooked. He ate it eagerly, “Mmm, it tastes delicious…”

He sat alone at the table with a knife and fork, chewing on meat pieces to amuse himself.

In his previous life, in addition to his love of anime, Leiyin was also a good and experienced eater. As long as he could eat something delicious, he was able to enjoy himself. 

After eating and drinking to his heart’s content, Leiyin went to bed.


The next day, when the sky was just starting to turn white, Leiyin woke up.

For some reason, he felt that his physical strength had increased dramatically as if he had a thousand pounds of energy all over his body. 

At this time, the system came to indicate that his chakra limit had reached 300. Now, his chakra value was 300/300.

Huh? How did this happen?

[System explanation: The lion you ate yesterday was a spiritual animal. In the One Piece World, the number of Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion was scarce. If you ate its flesh, it would cause cell activation, strengthening your immune system and increasing your physical strength. This was manifested in the form of a dramatic increase in chakra volume in the current Naruto system…] […Not only that but with the experience you accumulated from your training these days, your chakra had also increased.]

So that was it.

While lamenting his good luck, Leiyin couldn’t help but felt a surge of excitement.

This way, I was getting closer to become a “strong man.”

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