Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 80


King Alabasta’s full name was Nefertari Cobra.

The Nefertari Clan was one of the twenty royal families that founded the World Government eight hundred years ago. They didn’t follow to stay in the Holy Land but ruled the kingdom of Alabasta and guarded the ancient weapon “Pluton.”

Technically speaking, King Cobra and Princess Vivi were also the royal families. So, the Holy Land of Mary Geoise would never sit back and ignore Cobra’s request for help.

“Leiyin is young and strong. He just becomes a marine Captain, so why not let him go to sharpen it?” Garp said.

Sengoku replied, “Well, your thought is the same as mine. First, Leiyin’s strength is the strongest among the trainees, which is more reassuring. Second, his rank is not high, so it is easier for him to disguise himself. If we rashly send an Admiral Officer, it will definitely make those miscreants more alert.”

Garp paused slightly, “Do you mean to say that the reason why it doesn’t rain in many parts of Alabasta is that someone is causing it?”

Sengoku replied, “I was just guessing. Don’t forget, one of the [Seven Warlords of the Sea], Crocodile, is there. We don’t have proof of this, so we don’t dare to jump to conclusions.”

Sengoku was called “the Buddha,” so when he thought about the matter, Crocodile most likely the suspect.

“Crocodile?” Garp thought about it.

“So when do you want Leiyin to go?” Garp continued to ask.

Sengoku said, “The Holy Land wants us to go as soon as possible. We will leave tomorrow. However, according to the old rules, we must give Leiyin a Lieutenant.”

Garp said, “Right, I forgot about that.”

“Then you will decide his Lieutenant, too.”

Garp smiled heartily and said a name to Sengoku. Sengoku listened to it and also thought it was just right.

So, on the same day, Leiyin received the order to go to Alabasta to investigate the incident of “no rain.” Other than that, there was no problem. However, when he heard the name of his Lieutenant, Leiyin was directly confused on the spot.


In another place, a female Lieutenant also received the order. Although she didn’t look surprised on the surface, her heart was secretly happy.

At this time, two of her three girlfriends had become Master Chief Petty Officer, and one had become a Warrant Officer.

The one who became Leiyin’s Lieutenant this time was none other than Hina, the Headquarters’ current Lieutenant.

Since they had all graduated from the Marine Academy, they should now be called four female officers, sitting together and chatting.

One of Hina’s friends was gloomy, “Hina, what do you feel in your heart about going on your first mission this time?”

Hina put on a careless look, “What feelings should I have? I want to complete the mission properly.”

The other friend’s tone was the same as the one talk earlier, “I see that your mind is not on the mission at all.”

Hina replied, “I’ve just graduated, and I’m thrilled that the marine has appointed me, but the only thing I’m not happy about is my partner.”

Her other friend said, “Your mouth doesn’t match the heart.”

Hum, I’ll ignore you guys…”

Hina felt that she truly had three detrimental friends.


The next day, the headquarters allocated Leiyin a medium-sized warship and more than 500 troops. They officially appointed Leiyin as the main Captain and Tina as the Vice Captain.

In the eastern port of Marineford, the soldiers on the mission had already boarded the warship.

Leiyin and Hina both stood in front of Garp in unison. Garp patted Leiyin’s shoulder, “Kid, this is your first mission; I hope you don’t fail to live up to the expectations of the marine.”

Leiyin said, “Oh, old man, I will do my best.”

With that, Garp turned his head to Hina, “Hina, you have to assist Leiyin well and strive for outstanding performance.”

“Yes, Mr. Vice Admiral.”

After exchanging a few pleasantries, the two landed on the warship and set sail.

Verdan saw Leiyin and Hina standing together in a distant corner, and her heart was like being cut by a knife.

As the saying went, some people were happy, and some were sad. At this time, the most excited person was Hina.

After leaving the Marine Headquarters, she was considered to lead around 500 people on this warship. If this mission were completed, she would be directly promoted to become a marine Commander.

Most importantly, she could spend time with this wood-like guy.

At this time, Hina’s dress already looked like the one seen in the anime. She was in a pink uniform, draped in a white “justice” cloak, which couldn’t hide her hot body. Her presence added a lot of color to the originally dull and boring warship. As she walked in the warship, many male Marines couldn’t take their eyes off of her.


At this time, the warship had already traveled to the sea close to the Calm Belt.

While the warship was traveling towards Alabasta, Leiyin stepped on the seawater in front of the warship while training and running to keep up with the warship’s speed.

Many marines looked at Leiyin on the sea in front of them from the ship’s bow, and there was a sound of discussion.

“It seems that this officer of ours is very unusual.”

Leiyin’s current ninja rank was still stagnating at the “Jonin (Elementary),” and he obviously felt that it was always a bottleneck to reach the “Jonin (Intermediate)” to practice the Sage Mode, so he didn’t dare to weary at all.

Hina, who was on the ship, also looked at Leiyin in front of her and thought to herself, “How far does this fool have to go before he’s done with his training?

At this time, suddenly in the back of the ship splashed a huge splash, and a huge monster emerged from behind.

This monster was a huge centipede, with a length of more than 50 meters. Its body was completely standing up, and its countless feet made some people feel very uncomfortable when they saw it.

This was a sea king that often appeared in the Calm Belt, the Sea Centipede. According to the marine’s definition of it, the Sea Centipede’s danger level was 230!

Once upon a time, many warships, merchant ships, and pirate ships were buried at such creatures’ hands.

The marines behind the warship were horrified to see this big guy. They took out their muskets and fired towards the Sea Centipede in a panic. When the bullets hit the Sea Centipede’s body, they made a “clanking” sound, but they couldn’t hurt it at all.

At this time, Hina rushed from the front, facing the sea king.

She pulled her black gloves and crossed her arms to unleash the ability of [Ori Ori no Mi], “BLACK SPEAR FORMATION!”

Suddenly, a dozen thick weapons as hard as steel in pitch black shot toward the Sea Centipede. These thick javelins, some shot, directly cut off a few feet of the Sea Centipede, some shot at its body, hitting only some traces, some missed and directly into the sea.

“Did it… worke?”

The next moment, the injured Sea Centipede became furious.

When Hina saw this, she was at her rope and was scared out of her wits…

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