Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 81


“Hurry up, go get Captain Leiyin!”

“Yes… yes!”

While the crowd was at their wits’ end, Leiyin, who was training on the sea in front of the warship, had already discovered the situation behind him. He stepped on the [Geppo] and flew towards the side.


At this time, the Sea Centipede seemed to be mad.

It opened its teeth and claws as if it was going crazy and slapped the warship with its hard body.

Upon seeing it, how could Leiyin allow it to go wild? With a blue cyclone in his hand, he spun out at high speed, “WIND RELEASE – RASENGAN HAND SWORD!”

This blow was like a synonym for destruction. In a flash, it blew the Sea Centipede’s body to pieces, with a single insect foot and a broken body floating down to the surface of the sea.

“Awesome… so powerful!”

“Worthy of being Captain.”

After this short battle, the marines on the ship all cast envious glances at Leiyin, and the soldiers were all in admiration.

Hina looked at Leiyin, That guy, I’ve let him get away with it again.


At this time, at Alabasta, Rain Dinners Casino, inside the secret hall.

There was a middle-aged man with a long scar on his face. He draped in a gray and black cloak, holding a cigar with a gloomy face, “Do you mean that old man, Cobra, has gone to ask for help from the Holy Land?”

A charming woman with blue eyes, sitting opposite him, said, “Yes, the Holy Land has received Cobra’s request for help. They immediately ordered the Marine Headquarters to send someone to investigate the matter.”

“Who did the marine they send?” The middle-aged man took a puff of his cigar and asked.

“In this case, it is still unclear. According to the information gathered by our Officer Agents, it seems to be two young officers.”

The middle-aged man took a deep puff of his cigar with a solemn face, “According to the time to calculate; they will arrive in a few days. Miss All Sunday, you immediately summoned senior agents to gather at the central port city, Nanohana. Get the detailed information of the probe, and if they aren’t strong, immediately let the senior agents kill them all!”

“Okay, I’ll go do it.” The woman said and left.

Looking at the woman’s charming back, the middle-aged man secretly thought,

Miss All Sunday is such a useful woman…


The warship commanded by Leiyin, still in the Grand Line, marching toward Alabasta.

The distance between Marineford and Alabasta was several days away, and by the third day, they found an island.

Leiyin’s first impression of this island was that it looked familiar. So he went to ask the ship’s navigator, and the navigator told him that the island was called Jaya.

As soon as he heard the mariner’s words, Leiyin suddenly realized.

No wonder he felt familiar. This Jaya Island was once shaped like a skull and much larger than it is now, probably around 10,000 meters. However, over half of it was launched into the White-White Sea 400 years ago by the Knock Up Stream, only the part that makes up the skull’s mouth remains.

According to the original One Piece story, from the Alabasta Arc, Luffy’s group arrived at Jaya Island. In other words, Leiyin and others were already very close to Alabaster.

Speaking of Jaya Island, Leiyin first thought of Mock Town.

Mock Town was a port town of Jaya. It was inhabited mostly by pirates, despite its appearance, which like a resort. In other words, Mock Town was considered an impossible island because it was an island made up entirely of pirates, and the island was filled with decadence and violence.

Thinking of this, the corner of Leiyin’s mouth hooked up an inconspicuous smile.

“Bring me a set of civilian clothes. Order the warship not to come near Jaya Island; I’ll go and be right there.” Leiyin ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

Hina slowly walked over, “Captain, I will go with you to Mock Town.”

“You take command and stay here. I’ll be back after I run some errands.”

Although Hina was usually cold and arrogant, she was obedient to the orders of her superiors. When Leiyin became her superior, she was naturally obedient to him.


Leiyin changed into civilian clothes. He stepped on the [Geppo] and ascended to the Mock Town.

The reason why Leiyin didn’t let his warship near the port of Mock Town was to avoid being discovered by the pirates there, thus alerting the snake.

Just after boarding Mock Town, he saw the bustling street. Almost all of which were pirates and rebellious people were holding muskets and swords.

There was a sturdy, powerful man who beat a pirate to death.

The big man was looking proud, “Unbeatable guy, haven’t you been exercising properly? Now you know that I’m the most powerful person! Wow, hahaha…”

A skinny monkey-like man came over and said to the big man with a sheaf of beer, “Hey! You’re in big trouble. This kid you killed is one of Roshio’s men.”


The skinny monkey-like man continued, “Last time, there was a man who won at cards against Roshio, and he was hung up and killed on the spot.”

The big man replied, “Who is Roshio?”

The skinny monkey-like man said, “If you don’t know Roshio, how dare you spill the wild in the Mock Town?”

Roshio’s nickname was [Executioner]. He had a bounty of 42 million belly and was known for his violence, cruelty, and brutality.

“Four… forty-two million belly…”

When the big man heard this, he was already in a cold sweat, feeling that he was already in big trouble.

Leiyin, who had just arrived on the island, had a panoramic view upon watching the scene. He looked at the big man who had been stunned and frozen in place and couldn’t help but feel amused while turning around and walking towards the inside of the Town.


Mock Town, inside a small pub.

The [Executioner] Roshio, whom the skinny monkey-like man said just now, was playing cards and gambling with another person.

The person who gambled with Roshio had short blonde hair and a long scar over his left eye.

They were playing a game of poker.

According to the rules of the game, the blond man was the first to open the cards. There were five cards spread on the table with three “aces.”

At this time, Roshio’s initially gloomy face looks even more grievous, “This time, if you lose, you will have nothing. So, what will you bet on next?”

The five cards in Roshio’s hand were gradually spread out. The surrounding pirates and mobs’ hearts seemed to be raised to their throats.

Among the five cards, there were three “3s”!

“Ahaha, I’m really sorry,” Roshio proudly stood up and gathered all the money on the opposite side. “In this case, the money is all mine! Although you are only a little short…”

Suddenly, the blond man pulled out a sharp dagger from his waist and plunged it directly into the back of Roshio’s hand. The dagger pressed Roshio’s hand to the table, splashing out blood, and spilling the belly on the table…

Who was the blond man?

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