Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 85


The senior agents were relieved to hear that the who came were “two kids, a Captain, and a Lieutenant.”

“I thought they had sent some powerful people.”

“What a joke.”

Everyone’s mouth was full of disdain.

“Although this is the case, we should not take it lightly. If the headquarters can give such a task to this kid, then this kid may have something overpowering.”

“Or it could be that the Holy Land is coping with an errand and just giving Cobra a face?”

“In any case, we simply can not figure out the marine’s intentions. Therefore, we must not slack off.”

Mr. 1 said, “Boss, what do you need us to do then?”

Mr.0 answered, “Each of you, send your ‘billion seniors’ and ‘million seniors.’ Pay close attention to the movements of this marine and report to me immediately. If they find any clues or anything else, assassinate them directly.

“We understand!”


Inside the command room of the warship.

Leiyin concentrated on the map of Alabasta, while Hina stood beside him, deliberately standing very close.

“If we follow the normal route, we should land at the port city [Nanohana], then pass through several cities and enter Alubarna by land. Hina, what do you think?”

“I am simply confused. However, I think no matter what, we have to meet King Cobra first.” Hina said with a cigarette roll in her mouth.

Leiyin smiled lightly, “I just want to ask a question. What is the use after we meet Kobra?”

Hina said, “It’s better to at least ask about the situation first.”

Leiyin answered, “Even the king was confused before, so he asked for help from the Holy Land.”

Hina said, “So what do you think?”

Leiyin replied, “Go around [Nanohana], head east to the port, and go straight to [Rainbase]!”

Tina threw her cigarette on the ground and said, “Rainbase? Why are we going there?”

Leiyin said, “You do not care about this, anyway. I will definitely uncover the one who started it.”

The reason why Leiyin dared to say so because he had seen in the anime, he was familiar with the anime and knew that the incident of the no-rain in Alabasta was the work of the “Desert King” Sir Crocodile, which was intended to frame the king and usurp the throne.

Crocodile did not idle on this.

He kept an eye on the movement of warships, and the matter of Leiyin coming straight to the Rainbase was naturally grasped by his hawks and minions.


In Alabasa Rainbase, Rain Dinners’ secret hall.

Crocodile said with a gloomy face, “It seems that they may already know something. This little kid is not easy.”

Miss All Sunday’s beautiful eyes flashed as she said, “It is strange to say. We have never met this Captain kid before, and they have not even landed in Alabasta, so why would they detect our business?”

Crocodile said, “That’s just our guess. However, there must be a reason why they came all the way back here. So, in that case, we have to take precautions.”

Miss All Sunday said, “What are you going to do next?”

Crocodile took a hard puff of his cigar and said, “Continue to keep a close eye on that marine kid, and order all senior agents to assemble at the Rainbase.”

“I understand.”


During the warship’s journey, Leiyin suddenly noticed three ships following behind. The middle one had the word “BW” written on it.

Leiyin immediately understood.

According to his memory of the original story, BW was the secret criminal organization’s logo, Baroque Works.

Without thinking, he knew that Crocodile authorized these three ships. They were sent to spy on Leiyin and his men.

How could the spying be so blatant?

However, Baroque Works was a secret organization. Not to mention whether people knew about this organization, even if they did, they would not know that this organization and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, “Desert King” Sir Crocodile, had any connection. Those who knew were probably already assassinated by the agents.

This idea was entirely right.

However, they didn’t know that they were facing Leiyin, who had insight into everything.

Leiyin saw the three Baroque Works ships in the rear and revealed a heartfelt smile.

It was true, It took no effort to step through the iron shoes.

The next moment, Leiyin was ready to order and capture some [billion seniors] on the ship to interrogate them to get evidence, and then trouble [Desert King] Crocodile.

By then, Crocodile was unable to defend himself.

However, at this time, an unexpected situation happened.

Suddenly, the three ships opposite drove over a canoe.

On the canoe sat a man.

Is that?

Hina picked up the binoculars and saw that the person in the canoe had black hair, a normal complexion, and freckles on both cheeks. On his left arm was tattooed with the word “ASCE,” of which the letter S was vertical.

“That’s…” Hina’s pretty face couldn’t suppress the look of surprise. As she pointed to the man in the canoe, she could hardly speak…

“[Fire Fist] Ace!”

“Wow, how come a pirate with a high bounty appears here?”


The person on the canoe was the famous [Fire Fist] Ace. He was born on the Baterilla Island in the South Blue and now had a bounty of 260 million belly (later increased to 550 million)!

At this time, he hadn’t joined the Whitebeard Pirates; even the Spade Pirates were not established. Ace, with his mighty strength, went to sea alone and became a pirate.

“At this time, Luffy, that stupid kid should still stay in the Foosha Village in East Blue, shouting [I want to become a pirate king] all day long.” Leiyin secretly thought.

“Two hundred… two hundred and sixty million… sixty million?!”

At this time, the people on the three BW ships all stirred up. As soon as they heard the bounty of 260 million, their eyes turned into the shape of belly.

BW was initially a criminal organization. They relied on kidnapping, robbery, blackmail, and other unlawful means to get some income.

Of course, capturing pirates in exchange for bounty was also one of their sources of revenue.

The 260 million pirates, if they caught him, the status in Baroque Works must be incomparable.

“[Fire Fist] Ace! You behave yourself and give up!”

The BW people were so eager to get the credit that they fired several cannonballs at Ace’s ship.


On the warship, Hina had already been anxious.

Facing a pirate with a huge bounty, as a Marine Lieutenant, she naturally didn’t want to sit on the sidelines. She tugged on Leiyin’s arm, anxiously said, “Hey, should we do something about it.”

Leiyin didn’t panic, “No need to rush, just wait for a while. There is a time for us to do something. Now, you can watch a show for free.”

Hina’s beautiful eyes looked at Leiyin, “Watching the show?”

Leiyin said, “Yes. This scene is short, but it must be spectacular. Well… Let’s call it [Fireboat].”

Hina looked at Leiyin like a kitten.

Although she couldn’t understand what he was saying, it felt imposing.

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