Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 87


At the warship, in prison on the basement.

Ace’s hands were handcuffed with the Seastone Cuffs.

He was actually defeated by a young Captain, who was unknown. After that, he might have to spend the rest of his life in Impel Down.

On the other hand, Leiyin ordered the BW’s men to be arrested for getting a confession that the mastermind behind the Baroque Works was Crocodile.

Perhaps he could also ask about the “Dance Powder” thing. With that, Leiyin could go directly to Crocodile.

An Ensign said, “Report, Captain. After our interrogation, among the 128 people, there are 25 called a billion seniors, and 102 are a million seniors. The million seniors know minimal information, and many of the billion seniors have ‘surrendered’ to their superiors.”

Leiyin said, “There are 127 million seniors and billion seniors combined; what about one more?”

The Ensign said, “After our grim interrogation, this person’s code name is Mr. 11, Frontier Agent of Baroque Works. Regarding their president, further interrogation is still in progress.”

After hearing such a detailed report from the Ensign, Leiyin smiled in satisfaction, “Did you use torture?”

The Ensign scratched his head in embarrassment, “If we don’t use torture, there’s no way those guys can honestly ‘give‘ an explanation. Not only with torture but also with some psychological tactics.”

Leiyin went forward and patted the Ensign’s shoulder, “You did a good job. If it were me, it would be impossible to ask so much in such a short time.”

This was not a compliment but heartfelt praise.

Ordinary people simply couldn’t have interrogated so many people in a short time and get such detailed information. It seemed that the Ensign in front of him was an incomparable talent.

“Ensign, what is your name?”

“Report, Captain; my name is Clavin.”

Clavin was tall and thin, but his eyes were shining.

“Clavin, very good. I’ll remember you. I will definitely report your performance this time to the headquarters.”

“Thank you for your elevation, Captain.”

Lei Yin said, “Okay, bring me up those billion seniors and that Mr. 11.”

Clavin replied, “Yes! What about those million seniors?”

“Dismissed them on the spot …”

Because of Leiyin’s order, not long after, these people were brought up.

Those billion seniors, who had already been interrogated by Clavin just now, had ‘surrendered‘ their immediate superiors, which were senior agents Mr. 1 to Mr. 5.

“It’s really a tight organization.”

After the statement was recorded, Leiyin ordered to lock these people in prison on the warship’s baseman and guard them closely; not to let anyone go.

After these billion seniors were brought down, only Mr. 11 was left.


At this time, Mr. 11 was like a frightened dog, surrounded by the marine with muskets aimed at him, while Leiyin sat among them.

Clavin said, “Answer honestly! Or we will not spare you!”

Mr. 11 was silent as he was tied up there.

Leiyin couldn’t help but said as he pulled out the Sword of Kusanagi behind him and putting it directly on Mr. 11’s neck, “If you don’t say something, the Sword of Kusanagi in my hand will not spare you.”

The Sword of Kusanagi was tightened to his neck, making some blood oozed from the neck.

Mr. 11 was not a tough guy. Upon seeing Leiyin was about to cut his head off, he immediately got scared and wimped out, “Master marine, I… will talk….”

Leiyin put the sword against his shoulder and said, “Well, then. Next, I ask, and you answer me. If you dare to speak half-heartedly, I will not let you die easily.”


“What is the purpose of your coming here?”

“To spy on you.”

“At the behest of whom? Who is the person directly leading you?”

“Mr. 1.”


“His name is Daz Bonez, a superhuman with Supa Supa no Mi Devil Fruit ability. He was originally a Bounty Hunter in the West Blue and later joined the BW. He is the highest Officer Agent and the strongest senior agent.”

Upon hearing the words, Clavin, standing next to Leiyin, questioned, “Why didn’t you say when we asked you earlier?!”

Mr. 11 was scared, “I….”

They didn’t know that Leiyin possessed the Haoshoku Haki Domination and was born with a powerful aura, coupled with the series of intimidation just now, Mr. 11 obediently ‘surrendered‘ this information.

Leiyin said, “The last question, who is your president?”

Mr. 11 hesitated but still said, “His name is Crocodile with the code name Mr. 0. He is the Seven Warlords of the Sea.”

“Seven… Seven Warlords of the Sea?!”

Hina, Clavin, and other marine forces couldn’t help but let out a gasp of amazement upon hearing these three words.

Leiyin knew earlier that this was the answer he wanted. With that, Leiyin added, “You said that the president of Baroque Works is the Seven Warlords of the Sea Crocodile, are you sure?”

People under the roof had to bow down. When Mr. 11 saw the situation, he could only ‘give‘ the truth, “Yes, I’m sure it’s him.”

“Very well, everything you say will become evidence in court. I will bring you back to the Marine Headquarters to be an important witness.” Leiyin lightly said.

Mr. 11 trembled and said, “So, will you kill me?”

Leiyin said, “It depends on your behavior.”

The opponents this time were legitimate pirates, the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Now, Leiyin hadn’t had the evidence that Crocodile used Dance Powder to make other areas rainless, so he could only collect some other proof of his wrongdoing to catch him first. After that, he could logically complete the task given by the headquarters.

With that, Leiyin took a key and walked down alone to the prison at the basemen of the warship.


At this time, Ace’s hands were cuffed with Seastone Cuffs, and he was sitting in the corner, wondering what was going on.

Leiyin slowly walked to the front of the prison, “Fire Fist Ace. Let’s talk about your feelings at this time.”

Ace disdainfully glanced at Leiyin, “Lost is lost. Whether I will be killed or not is up to you, you do not need to insult me here.”

Leiyin smiled and let out a rare cheerful laugh, “That battle with you was a good fight. I defeated you as a ‘nature’ to restrain. Otherwise, it is not known who will die.”

Ace stood up, “What the hell do you mean?”

Leiyin said, “Garp is your grandfather, right?”

Ace was shocked at the words, “You know that old man?”

Leiyin said, “To tell you the truth, it is because of him, I joined the marine.”

“Is that so? The old man’s ‘character‘ really hasn’t changed at all….”

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