Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 88


With that said, Leiyin threw the key of the Seastone Cuffs to Ace.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I simply want to fight with you. Do you really want me to send you to [Impel Down]?” Leiyin smiled.

Ace said, “Are you doing this for the old man’s sake?”

“That’s just one of the reasons,” Leiyin said.

“Okay, I understand.”

Ace didn’t talk nonsense and directly opened the handcuffs with the key. He then touched his wrist with his hand, “Marine, what’s your name?”

“My name is Leiyin.”

“Leiyin, count me, Ace, owes you a favor.”

“I’ll see you later. I always feel like I’ll meet you again.” Leiyin said, then gave Ace a flatboat, and secretly sent him out.

Next time if we meet again, are you going to be a member of Whitebeard Pirates?


Alabasta, Rainbase.

Miss All Sunday reported the information to Crocodile.

Crocodile smiled. His face had become iron blue, “Do you mean Ace took out our ship, and then everyone on board was captured by that marine kid?!”

Miss All Sunday, “That’s right, President.”

“How dreadful. He must not have come for a tour and interrogated some information from those spineless guys. It seems that we have to do something about it.”

Miss All Sunday said, “Then what do you plan to do next?”

Crocodile took a hard puff of his cigar and asked, “Where are those marines?”

“If you look at it, they are coming towards this side of the Rainbase.”

“There is a way out of heaven, but there is no way out of hell for him to break in. Call all senior agents to come to the Rainbase immediately and make sure to kill them all!” Crocodile said with a gloomy face.

After Mr. 11 was captured by Leiyin, the Baroque Works did not stop tracking the warship. Because they knew Leiyin and his whole group’s whereabouts,  they chose to track the warship secretly.

After this series of events, the warship finally arrived at the city’s port on the edge of the Rainbase.

Leiyin said to the soldiers, “You guys make sure to keep an eye on the Baroque Works on the ship. I will personally go and meet their boss.”

“I will go with you,” Hina said.

“No need. Baroque Works’s President is not trivial. You just keep an eye on the prisoners while staying on the warship. Also, if they come to attack the warship, you must be the first to call me.”

After saying that, Leiyin walked off the ship.

The battle between Baroque Works and Leiyin finally reached the hot stage.

At this time, according to Crocodile’s instructions, the senior agents had already ambushed at the fortress of the Rainbase, which was the necessary way to enter the Rainbase.


As soon as Leiyin arrived, the senior agents who had been ambushed for a long time surrounded Leiyin.

Except for Mr. 4 and those female agents, the other four senior agents (Mr. 1, Mr. 2, Mr. 3, Mr. 5) surrounded Leiyin.

Mr. 5 was full of gloomy looks as he said, “How dare you came here alone?”

Mr. 5 was the Baroque Works officer agent, a superhuman with Bomu Bomu no Mi Devil Fruit ability.

Mr. 2, Bentham of the Wild dance as if he was very exuberant, “Yes, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Mr. 2, whose real name was Bon Kurei, the official agent of Baroque Works, a superhuman with Mane Mane no Mi Devil Fruit ability with a bounty of 32 million belly was a man demon, which good at Okama Kenpo.

Mr. 3 said, “Since you came here alone, be prepared to die!”

Mr. 3, whose real name was Galdino, the official agent of Baroque Works, was a superhuman with Doru Doru no Mi Devil Fruit ability, with a 45 million belly bounty.

Mr. 1 said, “Don’t even talk nonsense there. Let’s hurry up and do it!”

Mr. 1’s real name was Daz Bonez, the highest-ranked male Officer Agent of Baroque Works. He was a Supa Supa no Mi Devil Fruit ability, with a bounty of 55 million belly.


After Mr. 1 said the words, his arm turned into a high-speed rotating blade.


Mr. 2, who was spinning in a circle, also attacked with his hand like a steel sword.


Mr. 3 sent out a shot of candles.


Unwilling to be outdone, Mr. 5 snapped his nose with his pinky finger and ejected a small cloud of unidentified objects.

The four senior agents of the Baroque Works each showed their skills. All of them were using their abilities to attack Leiyin’s body.

Mr. 2 used Grand Fouette to split Leiyin’s head, Mr. 1’s hand pierced Leiyin’s heart, Mr. 3 used Candle Lock to lock Leiyin’s arms and legs, and finally, Mr. 5 used the [Nose Fancy Cannon] to blow up Leiyin’s body.

Was Lei Yin just hanging?

“Ahahaha, I thought that a powerful person had come, but it turned out to be this scum.” Mr. 3 laughed.

Mr. 5 had a gloomy face as he said, “Really, Mr. 0 doesn’t know what to think. He needs the four of us to join forces to deal with this kind of scum.”

Mr. 2 started dancing ballet again, “Ow! If it’s okay, I will go home and spin around…”

At that moment, a voice came out of the void, startling the four agents.

“I say you guys are too arrogant, aren’t you?”


“Did that kid from earlier still alive?”

The four of them all turned towards “Leiyin’s voice” that had just been stabbed through the heart and had disappeared into a mist in place.

“What… the hell?


Several agents said in shock.

It turned out that just now, that was only Leiyin’s [Shadow Clone]. His real body had teleported to the sky above the four people with [Flying Thunder God Slash].


At this time, Leiyin formed a seal and then folded his hands together; Ninjutsu suddenly came out.


In the four people’s frightened eyes, a great wave of water had hit them.

This [Water Colliding Wave] was Leiyin’s newly acquired A-rank Ninjutsu.

Its water power wasn’t as great as [Water Dragon Bullet Technique], but it was almost as powerful as [Water Gun], which was powerful enough to destroy steel. The only drawback was that it required a large amount of chakra.

When the water wave hit the four agents, they all fell to the ground. Even the equivalent of [copper head and iron arms] Mr. 1 was beaten to death, while Mr. 3 and Mr. 5 were knocked unconscious.

However, Mr. 2 was unharmed.


It was not that Mr. 2’s body was tougher than Mr. 1’s, but Leiyin did it on purpose.

Not because Leiyin liked Bentham, nor he and Mr.2 had any friendship. Instead, he didn’t want to kill him or beat him to death.

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