Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 89


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Rainbase was the dream city of the Alabasta Kingdom, the home base of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the president of the Baroque Works, the “Desert King” Sir Crocodile.

It was also the city where the kingdom’s largest casino, “Rain Dinners,” was located. Moreover, Leiyin even knew very well that this “Rain Dinners” casino was illegal.

After killing three senior agents, Leiyin went straight to the Rain Dinners Casino after some simple disguise.

Leiyin walked outside the hall of Rain Dinners to have a look.

“Rain Dinners” was huge, more extensive than he thought. The hall dome of the building was topped with a Bananawani statue; the statue was carved vividly.

Needless to say, the person Leiyin had been looking for was inside.

When he arrived at the door, he heard the clamor of noise. The hall was vast, and there were hundreds of gambling tables with all kinds of different gambling games, including poker, dice, roulette, etc.

Every gambling table was almost overcrowded, and the lottery officials were shouting words like “buy and leave, and win big with small.”

Leiyin was looking around, calculating the next plan, when suddenly a sexy, beautiful, and hot rabbit girl came up, with a sweet voice, “Gentleman, may I ask what you want to play?”

Leiyin glanced at the rabbit girl, “So, what do you have here?”

“Table cards, pokies, dice, etc., depending on what you want to play. This hall is the normal venue, as long as you have 100 belly you can come and play. However, we also have a VIP room, in which you must bring at least 1 million belly to play with the rich and famous.” The rabbit girl explained in detail.

Leiyin thought for a moment, “Take me to the VIP room.”

The rabbit girl sniffed, and a pair of beautiful eyes flashed inconspicuously, “Then, please bring the cash of 1 million belly.”

Leiyin didn’t say a word. He waved his hand in the void, and a stack of hundred 10,000 belly appeared in his hand.

“That will do, right?”

After seeing this, the rabbit girl had a small expression of surprise on her pretty face.

Leiyin said, “No need to be surprised. I have a [Storage Fruit] ability.”

Leiyin opened her mouth and told a lie.

What was this all about?

It turned out that Leiyin’s [Naruto System] had the function of storing money, and he could withdraw it as he wished according to his normal usage.

Previously, he had caught the bounty pirates and added with the “seized” money, in addition to extracting ninjutsu, there was still more than 60 million belly. So, 1 million belly was not a problem for him.

“Oh, sir, please wait for me; I’ll find someone to arrange it for you.” The rabbit girl said, turned around, and walked towards the inner hall of the casino.

Leiyin said, “Thank you.”

Shortly after, a sexy beautiful woman with blue eyes walked out, making Leiyin couldn’t help but glance at her twice.

“This is…” Leiyin recognized her at a glance.

The rabbit girl stood next to the blue-eyed beauty and said, “Let me introduce her. This is the owner of our casino, Miss All Sunday.”

All Sunday said elegantly, “Sir, please follow me.”

There’s no All Sunday.

She’s Nico Robin.

Nico Robin was the sole survivor of the destroyed West Blue, Ohara Island, who could read and decipher Poneglyphs, with a bounty of 77 million belly.

With that, Robin brought Leiyin into the VIP room.


In the VIP room, there was an elegant round table surrounded by seven people.

These seven people wore pearls and glitter, making them looked rich and powerful. It so happened that there was one last empty seat, and Leiyin sat down.

When the eight people sat down, a rich man with a big head looked at Leiyin and said, “This gentleman looks very young. I didn’t expect him to be so accomplished (rich) at such a young age.”

In response, Leiyin just lightly smiled and did not say anything. Later, Leiyin learned that the fat, brainy-looking man, called Fante.

For some reason, when the rabbit girl saw that fat Fante, she looked uncomfortable. Although she wore minimum clothes, she deliberately covered her things very tightly.

Robin said, “Everyone places your bets first. The bottom bet is 1 million belly.”

The eight people put the neatly folded belly on the gambling table.

The game being played was still “stud“, with cards being called one after another.

“I bet 1 million!”

“I bet 2 million!”


Leiyin took a look at his cards, and the highest was only “J,” so he also tossed his cards aside.

The first hand was finally raised to 5 million, and the fat-rich man won all the players’ money at the table with two “aces“.

“What a bummer!” One of the tall, thin tycoons said in frustration.


The game went on and, Leiyin’s assets of more than 60 million had been lost to more than 10 million.

The other eight tycoons had lost almost everything, including an old rich woman who had lost more than 400 million.

The person who won was the fat-rich man Fante; he had won a total of nearly 800 million belly. The strange thing was that Fante seemed to be able to read the cards. Every time he lost, he only lost 1 million belly, and when he won, it was everyone’s money.

Fante was very proud of his winnings, and when the rabbit girl dealt him the cards, Fante even pinched her thigh.

He gave her a very lustful look and said meaningfully, “Little girl, your body and face are getting more and more attractive. Look, I have so much money, how about I give you 2 million, and you can come with me tonight?”

The rabbit girl was full of disgust and dodged away at once.

Robin’s beautiful eyes couldn’t help but wrinkle a little.

It turned out that one of the eight people gambling at the table was a gambling trustee who knew a thousand tricks. He was sent by the Baroque Works to specialize in winning money from the rich and famous.

The people of Baroque Works thought that it would be enough to send a person that could deal with these ordinary rich people who only have money.

However, they didn’t expect to meet their match this time.

Who the hell was this Fatty Fante?

When the rabbit girl came to Leiyin’s side to deal cards, even Leiyin could not help but smell her body fragrance. He had to say that the rabbit girl’s looks and body were also considered a “beauty“.

The rabbit girl’s right hand dealt the cards, but her left hand wandered on Leiyin’s back.


If he felt it carefully, the rabbit girl was actually writing on Leiyin’s back with her delicate fingers.

This was a signal from the rabbit girl to Leiyin.

What was the signal?

The rabbit girl wrote six words. She wrote it quickly twice and then dealt with the next person.

Except for telling Leiyin, the rabbit girl didn’t act on any other player.

After the rabbit girl left, he carefully recalled the traces of his back just now, and finally remembered it!!!

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