Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 9


Seeing his strength grew, Leiyin couldn’t help but have a little more hope for the future.

According to the system, when his ninja rank reached Chunin (Middle Ninja), he could draw his Kekkei Genkai and go to the sage region to practice and activate the Sage Mode.

What would his Kekkei Genkai be?

Was it going to be Kimimaro’s Shikotsumyaku? Or Byakugan of the Hyuga Clan? Or Ranmaru’s red-eye? Uchiha’s Sharingan…

Also, where was the place to practice his Sage Mode? Was it going to be Mount Myoboku? Or Shikkotsu Forest? Or Ryuchi Cave?

None of this was known. However, thinking about these things in the future made Leiyin’s blood boil.

But then he realized he hadn’t even mastered the Rasengan. Let alone the Kekkei Genkai or the Sage Mode.

That’s still far beyond him.

Thinking about it dragged Leiyin back to reality from his illusion.

It’s better to practice well first.


Leiyin once again walked towards the shallow sea, gathered his chakra on his feet, and stepped on it without hesitation…

The result…

It was a success!

Due to the experience gained from practicing chakra control over the past two days and the cell activation caused by eating the Two-Tailed Saber-Toothed Lion, Leiyin’s feet now stand proudly above the sea!

Leiyin cautiously walked on the surface of the sea. Except for the faint ripples, he found that it was no different from walking on the ground.

Leiyin was so happy that he ran out of the sea a few miles away.

When he steadily returned to land again, it showed that he could control his chakra relatively well.

To walk freely on the sea was simply an unattainable dream in this world for most people with Devil Fruit abilities.

The fact that Leiyin could do this was enough to show that he already had the pride of the world.

Marine Headquarters, Holy Land Mary Geois, Grand Line, New World…

Three Sweet Commanders, Four Emperors, Five Elder, Seven Warlords of the Sea…

This world, here I come…

Let’s set the sail!


After three days at sea, Leiyin saw three islands in the distance.

Whether it was the marine or the pirates, everyone on the ship would take a short rest once they reached an island.

It was to replenish the food and fresh water resources that were gradually becoming scarce on their ship.

He should take a short rest on this island. Just as he thought about this, suddenly, a whirlpool nearly eight meters in diameter appeared in the sea in front of Leiyin. After which, a sea beast came out of the whirlpool.

There was a huge lizard head with a black and white pattern on its body. It had neat and sharp teeth in its mouth and a row of fins on its back. Its body was about twelve or thirteen meters long.

Based on Leiyin’s memory of One Piece, this would have been a Sea Monster.

However, based on its size, it should be Sea King. 

If it had been an adult, it would have been many times larger and would have knocked over Leiyin’s ship.

Shouldn’t Sea Kings be in the Calm Belt? How did it end up here?

Most of the Sea King’s nests were located in the Calm Belt around the Grand Line. However, there were still some in other seas, but relatively few of them.

As the saying goes: There were unexpected events in the sky, and people had their misfortunes.

In less than a week, both good and bad things happened to Leiyin. First, he ate the lion’s meat on a nameless island, which activated his body’s cells. Then, he ran into Sea King in the calm waters of the East Blue.

With such a chance, he could have bought a lottery ticket.

Leiyin’s mind was in such a state of confusion when this giant creature came upon him with its blood-spewing mouth open.

When he saw this creature’s mouth open, he retreated to the stern of the boat. The creature then bit half of the ship’s hull down, including the bow.

Leiyin’s ship was cut in two.

The power of the Sea King wasn’t as strong as expected. However, its huge size was just too much for an ordinary person to handle.

It was like seeing a tiger, which would make an ordinary person tremble with fear, while those with real power would just laugh it off.

So, when he first encountered the Sea King, Leiyin didn’t take it seriously at all. He didn’t think that this creature would open his mouth and bite his ship.

“You damned bastard, how dare you to make my ship look like this!”

Under his rage, Leiyin’s lightning began to grimace, “LIGHTNING RELEASE – CHIDORI NAGASHI!”

The lightning was covering Leiyin’s entire body, and unceremoniously hit the creature’s body.

As soon as the creature’s body touched him, it suddenly twitched and jerked. In addition, the seawater around it was scorched black in a short time. 

Under this strong lightning attack, the charred Sea King gradually sank into the sea.

Leiyin’s situation was not very good. The half section of the ship’s hull that was exposed to the sea gradually sank, and it looked like it would sink into the sea as well.

However, Leiyin’s feet were firmly planted on the sea.

His practice was not in vain.

Without a ship, Leiyin stood on the sea’s surface and ran towards the direction of the island. 


After running for several miles, he finally arrived at one of the three islands he had just seen on the ship.

As soon as he got on the island, Leiyin asked around to determine whether there was a bounty of pirates nearby. 

Leiyin was now considered a Bounty Hunter. In his current condition, he needed a large amount of money to improve his strength. Therefore, Leiyin’s move was undoubtedly regarded as – insane.

Who in their right mind would ask for a bounty of a pirate? People couldn’t even hide from them; it wasn’t like he was out of his mind and had nothing to do.

No matter what kind of world, civilians were the majority.

There might be fight scenes between superhuman like what people saw in anime, but those were only a few. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be some arrogant people with a bounty of millions of Belly or those with a little bit of power to boast that they were “powerful people.” 

In this world, most of the pirates were known to be extremely vicious. The pirates, like Luffy, if given a precise definition, should be called adventurers.

Therefore, when people talked about pirates, they spoke about humiliation and were afraid to mention them.

Yet, Leiyin was looking for pirates with great bounty.

In the eyes of ordinary people, wasn’t that insane?

Especially when he asked a young girl that gave him a dark expression, she had her hands on her small waist and said, “Where did you come from? Without looking at your ability, you actually come up here and ask about the existence of pirates?”

The young girl’s voice was clear and pleasant to the ear, but the words she spoke were harsh and bitter.

After hearing this, Leiyin helplessly shook his head and ignored the woman. However, Leiyin was still shameless enough to ask around, and his hard work paid off.

He found out that there were pirates in this area, with a bounty that added up to 15 million Belly.

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