Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 91


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No wonder the rabbit girl initially covered her body; the original fat Fante had the [Penetrating] ability.

In other words, people were naked in front of him even if they were wearing clothes.

It really made people feel uncomfortable.


The fat-rich woman shouted hysterically.

Robin crossed her arms in front of her chest and let out a chant, “Two Fleur!”

As soon as the words fell, two hands appeared on Fante’s back, and those two hands grabbed Fante’s hand and directly launched a tackle.

After seeing this, the crowd was appalled again.

“This…what kind of ability is this?”

“It looks so bizarre.”

“Unexpectedly, she also has a Devil Fruit ability….”

With the ability to read Poneglyphy, Nico Robin was the only survivor of the destroyed West Blue Ohara Island with 79 million belly. She was a superhuman with [Hana Hana no Mi] Devil Fruit ability.

The weird hand that grew on Fante’s back was Robin’s Hana Hana no Mi ability.

“What a surprising ability.” Fante marveled.

His hands grabbed the two hands that sprouted from his back and squeezed them hard. The two hands turned into a burst of peach blossoms and dissipated.

Robin was stunned for a moment, seeing that her move failed. So, she made another movie, “Six Fleur!”

The number of hands became more. These hands grabbed Fante’s limbs and neck. Robin was trying to control Fante’s arms and legs to break Fante’s neck directly.

However, Fante shouted, and his body tense. He forced outward, making all the hands that grew on his body turned into peach blossoms and dissipated.

This guy was not an ordinary person.

Not only, Robin, even Leiyin was also a little surprised that Robin could not do anything to him.

At this time, Fante looked at the crowd with a gloomy face, “You said I’m an ordinary people, you will not understand what the [Lineage Factor] means.”

So that was the case.

Fante was originally the Vinsmoke Family’s servant.

The Vinsmoke Family used to rule the entire North Blue by force and now had stable contact with the World Government and Marine.

The Germa 66 Warmongers was formed because the genius scientist, Vegapunk, discovered the “Life Design” Lineage Factor, which transformed the human body’s genes so that their army’s body far exceeded the average human physique.

According to what they just did, Fante was a transformed one. In other words, he was stronger than ordinary people.

With that, Fante flew at a speed almost invisible to the human eye and threw a violent elbow at Robin.

She couldn’t dodge and couldn’t resist, and was knocked to the ground at once.

Then, he smiled grimly and said, “Sorry guys, I’ll take all of your money!”

After that, Fante killed these rich people one by one in their horrified eyes like crushing ants.

When the rabbit girl saw the situation, she immediately ran behind Leiyin, like a small rabbit trembling with fear, “Sir, please save me.”

Leiyin smiled lightly, “How do you know that I will be able to beat this fatty?”

The rabbit girl’s beautiful eyes flickered as she looked at him, “Because I feel that you are not an ordinary person.”

Sometimes, women’s intuition was keen.

In the beginning, after Fante just showed his amazing strength, those rich people were scared, and one by one went under the table.

Some ran directly to the gate, but they were also killed by Fante quickly and sharply.

Leiyin was the only one among them who watched calmly as Fante killed everyone.

Finally, Fante, who had almost covered in blood (from all those rich people), walked up to Leiyin, “Give me that chick, and I’ll spare your life.”

After hearing this, the rabbit girl was even more scared and directly hugged Leiyin’s arm.

“This place is vivacious!”

At this time, the door of the hall’s inner room opened, and a middle-aged man with a scar on his face and a cigar in his mouth came out.

Crocodile finally showed up.

As the casino’s real owner, he couldn’t sit idly by when he heard such a big noise outside.

The first thing he saw was Nicole Robin, who had fallen to the ground, “What’s wrong, my All Sunday vice president?”

Robin covered her chest and pointed at Fante, “This guy has powerful physical skills. He killed everyone here.”

Crocodile turned his head to Fante, “You have a lot of guts to come to my place and spill the beans.”

At this point, Fante’s face was a bit stunned, “You… who are you again?”

It turned out that people only knew that the Rainbase Rain Dinner’s bright boss was Nico Robin and did not know the existence of Crocodile.

“You don’t need to know.” Crocodile’s face has become iron blue. At this time, he lit up the golden hook of his left hand, revealing the hideous claws and teeth.

Crocodile’s left arm had all been sanded down, and that golden hook came hurtling in.

“This… what kind of ability is this? Is this a Logia type?”

Although Fante was surprised, he still easily dodged the blow of Crocodile.

Desert King” Sir Crocodile was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

He had Suna Suna no Mi Logia Devil Fruit, which could manipulate sand freely and turn his body into sand. He was the president of the Baroque Works criminal organization with code name Mr. 0.

“It seems that I still underestimated you.” Crocodile’s face was gloomy as he looked at Fante.

Fante avoided the attack and was not willing to show weakness. His fat body was agile like a monkey when he moved toward Crocodile to give him a surprise attack.

At this time, suddenly, the incoming Fante slowed down, and his body slowly became dry and aging.

What was going on?

Upon close inspection, at the back of Fante’s neck, Crocodile’s right hand had sanded down at some point and grabbed him from behind, slowly absorbing the moisture in his body.


Crocodile suddenly laughed as the big head, Fante, gradually turned into a dreadful dry corpse, withered and died, no longer breathing.

This was the Suna Suna no Mi Devil Fruit ability of the Seven Warlords of the Sea!

Leiyin watched from the sidelines and did nothing.

The rabbit girl behind hugged Leiyin like a small rabbit. She peeked out a little to look at the situation. She didn’t even realize that she became intimate with Leiyin, probably because she was too scared.

Crocodile withdrew his ability and turned his head to Leiyin’s side, “Hey! Alice, what are you doing with that kid?”

It turned out that the rabbit girl’s name was Alice, and only after hearing this from Crocodile did Alice let go of her hand for a moment and looked at Leiyin with a flushed face.

Crocodile said, “Did you and this kid know each other?”

Alice replied, “No, it’s the first time we met…”

Crocodile said, “Kid, who are you again?”

“Mr. Crocodile, I’ve waited for you to come,” Leiyin said, showing a meaningful smile.

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