Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 93


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Facing Leiyin, whose face had become very ugly, Crocodile just looked over and smiled, “What’s wrong, kid? Don’t you want to avenge this damn chick?”

“I wanted to let you toss and turn for a while, but it seems that there is no need for that,” Leiyin said indifferently.

“It’s already come to this, and you’re still talking tough. You are so young to become a marine Captain. You have some ability, but you do not know that your opponent is not in the same class as you. What an arrogant kid.” Crocodile said disdainfully to Leiyin.

Leiyin returned, “In my opinion, the one who is arrogant is you!”

With that, Leiyin gathered a blue chakra ball in his hand.

Perhaps realizing that this was the last blow, Crocodile put his arms together. Both of his arms turned into sand simultaneously, then turned into four large sand blades, and quickly stabbed towards Leiyin, “DESERT LA SPADA!”

At the same time, the chakra in Leiyin’s hand also came out.


The [Rasengan Hand Sword] met the [Desert la Spada].

As if synonymous with destruction, the cyclone directly knocked Crocodile’s [Desert la Spada] into a pile of sand.

Finally, the aftermath of the cyclone rippled through Crocodile, knocking him to the ground with his mouth spitting blood and eyes rolling over.

In the year XX, the Seven Warlords of the Sea Crocodile was defeated by marine Captain, Leiyin.

With that, Leiyin would have all the money on the gambling table just now in his pocket.

When Fante killed the other six rich people and fighting with Robin just now, Leiyin had secretly deposited a large part of the money into the system.

When Crocodile came out to fight with the fierce battle, the scene became a mess, but there was still a large scattering of belly, which Leiyin collected them up.

There was no time to count. So, Leiyin put all of them into the system.

He then picked up Alice and ran towards the hospital at an incredible speed.


“Sorry, the venom in this young lady has seeped into the heart; the poison is too deep.”

“Please, by all means, think of something.”

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do.”

Alice’s body gradually became cold and hard.

Her lips turned purple, and finally, there was no breath.

Leiyin picked her up sadly and found a piece of precious land.

He dug a pit and buried her, “If you were alive now and willing to marry me, I would have married you…”

Leiyin looked at the graveyard he had just built and thought darkly.

Although Alice and Leiyin hadn’t met for a long time, from the beginning, Alice was helping Leiyin. Moreover, Leiyin had the same feeling toward her at first sight.

So, Alice’s death made Leiyin feel sad.

However, sadness was sadness; the day still had to go on.

After staying for a while, he turned around and went in the direction of the Rainbase again.


At this time, Hina had arrived with troops.

Besides capturing Mr. 1, Mr. 3, and Mr. 5 in the Rainbase fortress, Crocodile, who was knocked unconscious, was also caught by Hina.

Seeing the Baroque Works was gone, Clavin, with his innovative interrogation methods, made the men not only confessed about the Alabasta no-rainfall incident, which was their use of Dance Powder but also gave up almost all of their other crimes.

When Clavin and Hina were interrogating them, Leiyin returned to the Captain’s room alone to count the number of belly.

He was shocked to find out that the money was 1 billion belly.

1.27 billion belly to be exact!

Since coming to this world, this was the first time Leiyin saw so much money, which more than 1 billion in cash.

What was the concept of 1 billion?

It was equivalent to the Three Admiral and Three Sweet Commanders’ bounty under the Four Emperors a few years later.

Next, it was the moment to witness the miracle then.

[The system: Confirm the extraction of S-rank Ninjutsu?]

Leiyin clicked the “OK” button.

In a short time, three red cards (yellow for B-rank and below, orange for A-rank, and red for S-rank) with the word “Shinobu” written on the back were presented in front of Leiyin’s eyes.

Leiyin clicked on the rightmost one.

[Lightning Release – Kirin (S-rank): Sasuke Uchiha’s most robust Lightning Release technique. This technique had strong attack power, wide range, and low chakra consumption.

However, it had to be accompanied by natural weather, and the speed and flow of lightning had to be seen with the Sharingan.]

As a result of obtaining the first S-rank Ninjutsu, Leiyin’s personal information was updated.

[Gender: Male

Age: 18 years old

Ninja Rank: Jonin (Elementary)

Kekkei Genkai or Human Strenght: Sharingan (currently Mangekyo Sharingan, in progress)

Ninjutsu: Lightning Release – Chidori Nagashi (A-rank), Sword of Kusanagi – Chidori Katana (B-rank), White Blade (D-rank as determined by the self-invented jutsu system), Rasengan (A-rank), Big Ball Rasengan (A-rank), Fire Release – Great Fireball (C-rank), Water Release – Wild Water Wave  (C-rank), Lightning Release – Powerful Breath (C-rank), Flying Thunder God Slash (B-rank), Lion Combo (C-rank), Wind Release – Great Breakthrough (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Dragon Bullet (B-rank), Earth Release – Earth-Style Wal (C-rank), Earth Release – Earth Spear (B-rank), Water Release – Water Dragon Bullet Technique (B-rank), Water Release – Water Formation Wall (B-rank), Multiple Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Six Basic E-rank Ninjutsu, Sword of Kusanagi – Leopard Sword Wave, Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (A-rank), Water Release – Water Colliding Wave (A-rank), Lightning Release – Chidori (A-rank), Lightning Release – Kirin (S-rank).

Inventory (tools, weapons): Scroll of Seal x 2, Kunai x 10000, Sword of Kusanagi, Shuriken x 10000

Contracted Beast: Cat Tiger Beast

Sage Mode: Unenabled

Chakra Amount:  129,900 / 156,000 (battle consumtion)

Money (new column): 270 million belly]

After seeing his latest personal information, Leiyin was a bit skeptical about life. Until now, he hadn’t reached the level of “Jonin (Intermediate)”.

If “Jonin (Intermediate)” was a bottleneck, how hard could it be to break through it?

Then again, even though it was hard to break through, he would reach it one day as long as he worked hard.

He had been longing for the Sage Mode, and he was so thirsty for strength.


At this time, the night was profound.

After a series of these things, Leiyin was also a little tired. He took the lead, and after shattering the Baroque Works, he left all the aftermath to his men.

Hina and Clavin were also doing a great job.

They interrogated the members of the Baroque Works in detail and got out a lot of information.

Even the seemingly unbeatable Crocodile explained some things as if he was a dog in distress.

After getting the confession, Hina and Clavin put a group of people from Baroque Works into the basement prison.

Then, that night, Hina was excited to come to Leiyin.

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