Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 94


When Hina came to Leiyin, she deliberately dressed herself up a bit.

She changed out of her marine Lieutenant’s uniform and put on her clothes, looking like a fresh and uncomplicated young girl with a little mature and charming charm.

When some male marines saw Hina’s attire, they couldn’t help but be distracted.

Just like that, Hina walked straight into the Captain’s room where Leiyin was.


“Captain, you look so comfortable.”

Hina flirted with Leiyin, who was looking at the sea by the window.

Leiyin twisted around, “What do you want from me at this late hour?”

Hina sat down casually, “Can’t I come to you if there’s nothing?”

Hina dragged her chin with her hand and looked at Leiyin with a seductive expression, “Hey, I can tell that you’re quite something. Even I didn’t expect you to do such a good job on this mission. The soldiers below are saying that you will definitely become an Admiral this time.”

“Oh, okay. Yours and Clavin’s credit is not small. This time, I will definitely talk to the headquarters about this.” Leiyin said.

“Let’s not talk about that first.” Hina then said, “Today, I want to invite you to dinner.”

“Okay.” Leiyin smiled, “we all rejoice after taking credit this time.”

“No,” Hina’s expression became slightly squirmy. “I mean, I want to talk to you alone….”


“Well, er…because of you, I’m going to become an officer of the headquarters. So, can you give me a chance to thank you?” Hina pretended to be righteous and said.

“This… Well… Okay.”

Upon hearing Leiyin’s promise, Hina immediately smiled. She went up and grabbed Leiyin’s arm, and together they walked towards the Vice Captain’s room.


Some of the marines saw Leiyin and Hina walking together and sharing the same room; they all had bad thoughts.

“Look, guys, it’s the Lieutenant and the Captain…”

“I’ve seen it for a long time; the two of them are not in a normal relationship.”

“Hey, tonight, it’s destined to be another soulful night…”

“I also want to be Captain Leiyin…”

“Where is life without dog abuse…”

When the marines whined, Leiyin and Hina had already entered the Vice Captain’s room.


When Leiyin had just entered, he saw the table with all kinds of sea king and sea beast meat, along with colorful looking vegetables and fruits and other delicacies, and also several bottles of fine red wine.


It turned out that Hina had already prepared it.

“Okay, sit down, let’s get started.”


Thus, the two sat opposite each other.

Hina opened the wine and poured it for each of them.

After three rounds of wine and tasty food, where the two drank three bottles of red wine separately, Hina had already been a little drunk, while Leiyin was still sitting there like a normal person.

As Hina was drunk, she looked at Leiyin with a somewhat confused look, “Hey, it’s already this time, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Leiyin put a small piece of meat in his mouth, “What is there to say? Well… By the way…”

“What?” Hina looked at him with slightly more spirit in her eyes.

“That said, you’re quite a big eater. If you don’t count the vegetables and meat you ate, you’ve eaten almost a pound of steak.” Leiyin said.

Hina smiled and muttered a small mouth, “Nonsense. How can I eat that much? You damned wood, don’t come to frame me…”

Leiyin was speechless for a while and continued to eat the meat on the dinner plate.

Girls, as long as you said they were a big eater or fat, they would jump like thunder.


With that, Hina put her hands on the table, then looked at Leiyin, and said, “What do you think of me?” Hina looked at Leiyin with dazzling eyes.

“What do you mean? Well, you’re pretty good.”

Hina continued, “Well, what about Verdan compared to Hina?”

Leiyin stopped the movement of his mouth, “Verdan? Why are you mentioning her.”

“I just want you to say it.”

Leiyin was helpless, “She is also excellent. You both are good.”

The words sounded perfunctory.

However, Hina still pursued, “You tell me honestly, do you like Verdan?”

Leiyin’s heart was shocked at the words, “No… No.”

Hina looked straight at him with a slightly frightening expression, “Really?”


At this point, Hina walked over from her seat and walked directly across to Leiyin.

She put her slender hand on his shoulder, welcoming Leiyin with the smell of wine and body odor, “By now, don’t you understand my mind? Wooden…”

Leiyin was shocked by Hina’s sudden movement. He got goosebumps, and the fork in his hand fell to the ground.

At this time, Hina’s appearance was beautiful with her hot body, flushed face like an apple. Her eyes were lost, enough to make his heart flutter.

“Don’t leave tonight, stay with me…” Hina looked at Leiyin and said in a somewhat begging tone.

“Hina, you’re drunk…”

Leiyin carried Hina up and put her on the bed.


The next day, during the day, the warship led by Leiyin was still several days away from the Marine Headquarters Marineford.

However, Leiyin had already reported to the headquarters in detail the matters investigated in Alabasta.


At Marine Headquarters, inside the Fleet Admiral office. Garp on the sofa was sipping tea, while his old friend Sengoku was reading a document carefully.

“Well done!” Sengoku suddenly put down the document and yawning praise.

Garp said, “What’s wrong?”

Sengoku face couldn’t suppress the joy, “Leiyin, this kid, has found out the cause of Alabasta ‘no-rain‘ incident.”

Garp put down the cup of tea in his hand and ask, “Who is it?”

Sengoku continued, “The Seven Warlords of the Sea”, “Desert King” Sir Crocodile. He used [Dance Powder] to make the whole country of Alabasta, except for the capital city [Alubarna], do not get rain, so that the people gradually discontent with King Cobra. There are even some places organized revolutionary forces to overthrow Cobra.”

Karp said, “Crocodile guy is really scheming. He uses such a sinister trick to put the king at the end of the world.”

Sengoku said, “Not only that, that Crocodile guy also organized a criminal organization called [Baroque Works], which members, almost all have the Devil Fruit ability and were bounty criminals. They go around robbing, destroying, and blackmailing to get money by any means, and many people know nothing about it. For example, the “The Killer” Daz Bonez, was in the Baroque Works with code name Mr. 1.”

Garp said, “What about them now?”

Sengoku answered, “They have all been captured alive by that boy Leiyin.”

Garp said, “Is that so? That kid always brings surprises…”

Sengoku said, “This time back, I will reward him properly.”

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