Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 97


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Led by two Admiral, Kuzan and Borsalino, the troops to support the Impel Down set off in great numbers. Leiyin was also in the team as a member of the commander.

Impel Down was located in the middle of the Calm Belt and part of the Tarai Curren. It was the World Government’s maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals and pirates. Impel Down, Marine Headquarters, and Enies Lobby was in a triangular shape. There was a huge Tarai Current between the three, with a huge gate called the “Gates of Justice,” which could open or close. If the “Gates of Justice” wasn’t open, the average ship could only go around the whirlpool.

The security and defense of Impel Down were extremely tight. The prisoners were all big criminals, known as “Bronze Wall and Iron Wall.” There were all kinds of Jailer Beasts and Impel Down Staff who were monitoring the whole prison. There were also many large Sea Kings species at the bottom of the sea outside the prison. It was difficult for ordinary characters to come in, and it would be a dream for the prisoners who wanted to go out.

The “Gates of Justice” slowly opened, along with a vortex. Kuzan and Borsalino led the marine into the Impel Down.

When the marine arrived there, it was already a mess.


On Level 1, an elegant woman, wearing reddish-brown glasses and a hat slung over her right eye, with long blonde hair, followed by several guards, was anxiously awaiting the arrival of reinforcements. This woman was the Head Jailer of the Impel Down, Domino. When the marine from the headquarters arrived, she rushed up to report the situation to the Admiral.

“Report to the two Admirals. Now the situation is horrible. Kaido has run to the Level 2 of the prison and is coming up. We can’t resist at all, and the Head Jailer, Mr. Shiryu, has also been seriously injured by Kaido.”

Kuzan asked, “Where is Chief Warden Magellan?”

Domino said, “The Chief Warden is on Level 6 suppressing the prisoners there and has the situation under control for now.”

Kuzan asked, “Is he still on Level 6?”

Domino replied, “Yes. Kaido released [Byrnndi World]. Mr. Chief Warden fought with him for a long time before subduing him.”

Borsalino said with a lewd expression, “Yo, Magellan is really reliable.”

“Now is not the time to talk about this. We need to stop Kaido immediately. He’s running to Level 2 now, right?” Kuzan confirmed again.

Domino replied, “Hmm.

Impel Down Chief Warden, Magellan’s strength was mighty. In the original One Piece story, many years later, Blackbeard rushed into the Impel Down and released many powerful criminals with bounties on Level 6, such as [Heavy Drinker] Vasco Shot, [Crescent Moon Hunte] Catarina Devon (the most vicious female criminal in history), [Colossal Battleship] Sanjuan Wolf, etc. These were the world’s most famous criminals, each with a bounty of no less than 500 million belly!

However, these mighty unbeatable criminals, plus Blackbeard’s former pirate crews, were nearly destroyed by Magellan alone!

It should be noted that the group was nearly destroyed just by the power of Magellan alone, not only crushed or tied!

The question was, who was Blackbeard?

In the later original story, Blackbeard was the man who defeated Ace and was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The most important thing was that, after the Marineford Arc, he became a veritable Four Emperors!

If you asked, was there anyone in the world who could destroy the Four Emperors?

Leiyin thought that there was no one in addition to Magellan, at least from the entire anime he had seen to the present; there was no one who could do that.

Later, in the original One Piece story, despite the help of the marine’s three Admiral, Whitebeard was still dead at the Blackbeard’s hands. Later on, Blackbeard also defeated the Revolutionary Army Supreme Commander, Monkey D. Dragon.

Regardless of what happened in the original One Piece story, those events would happen many years later. However, with the existence of Leiyin, it might change; he might change the history…

Having said that, it was just for everyone to know how powerful the Blackbeard was. They were even stronger than Whitebeard. The strength of Blackbeard was greater than the entire Revolutionary Army, including Monkey D. Dragon, yet Magellan’s strength was greater than Blackbeard.

Who was the strongest person in the One Piece World?

Was it the Whitebeard? Wrong!

Was it Strongest Creature, Kaido of the Beasts? Wrong!

Was it the Pirates King, Gol D. Roger? Wrong!

In Leiyin’s view, there were three strongest people in One Piece.

Magellan! Magellan and Magellan!

People who could beat you, head-on, were stronger than you, so Magellan was indeed the strongest in this analysis.

After all this, it was only to explain that Kaido’s escape brought great destruction to the Impel Down. The prisoners in Level 6 [Eternal Hell] was really extraordinary. Each one was the world’s number one and most famous criminal, so Magellan was almost the only one who could quell the riot in Level 6 with his power.

Just when Kuzan and Borsalino were going to lead the army down to the Level 3 to suppress Kaido, many prisoners suddenly emerged out of Level 1, where they were staying. They were fighting with the Blue Gorilla and the guards desperately.

Blue Gorilla, known as the “Sea Kings Haunter”, alias Blugori was the Impel Down guard. Its size was about double that of an ordinary adult, wearing a light blue coat, with a large double-sided battle-axe as its weapon. Its other task was to collect the prison’s food sources (hunting Sea Kings).

In the future, the Blue Gorilla would also have many collisions with Leiyin.

As the original story stated, almost none of the prisoners on the Level 1 were opponents of the Blue Gorilla. Many weak prisoners were killed by losing their armor and crying out.

‘What happened? Wasn’t Kaido in Level 2? Why did the prisoners of Level 1 also release?’

However, seeing these weak prisoners, not to mention the Admiral, even the Captain didn’t put them in their eyes. The two Admirals ignored them and rushed towards Level 2 with their troops.


A thunderous roar once again stopped the crowd as a middle-aged man with a big back rushed up to Level 1. More than twenty Blue Gorillas fell to the ground with a single swing in response to the sound, all beaten unconscious.

The Head Jailer Domino jumped in shock and hurriedly fled to the army, while the two Admirals, Kuzan and Borsalino, were quietly watching the big-backed man play hard to get.

When the big back man saw Kuzan and Borsalino, his delighted face was suddenly heavy again.

The big backman named Jeff. He was a prisoner of Level 5, the Freezing Hell. When Kaido came up from Level 6 and passed by his cell door, Kaido let him out. His speed is faster than Kaido’s, which explains why Kaido had only reached Level 2 when the prisoner of Level 1 was released.

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