Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 98


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After being defeated in the New World by one of the Four Emperors [Big Mom] Charlotte Linlin, Jeff returned to the Grand Land and was captured by two Vice Admirals, Momonga and Onigumo. Jeff was put in the Level 5 of the Underwater Prison, Impel Down. He possessed the power of the Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit and had a bounty of 375 million belly. 

When he saw Kuzan and Borsalino, his heart immediately went cold.

“I thought I could escape from here today, but I did not expect to meet the Admirals. Is it really the end of my breath?” Jeff muttered in some despair.

However, not only two Admirals came, but there were also two Vice Admirals, Bastille, and Mozambia, four Real Admirals along with several Commodores, Lieutenants, and Captains, more than 3,000 troops.

Something unexpected happened to Jeff when Kuzan spoke up, “We don’t have that much time left. Vice Admirals, Bastille and Mozambia, we’ll leave this guy to you. We must go to the Level 2 to stop Kaido now.”


With that said, the two Admirals immediately swept past Jeff and headed straight for Level 2.

The two Admirals didn’t even look at Jeff because their task was to stop Kaido, and they couldn’t care less about such idle people. It might be that Kuzan and Borsalino believed that their subordinates could easily subdue Jeff. 

Jeff didn’t know if he should be happy or frustrated. Happy that the Admiral couldn’t care less about him and depressed that the Admirals didn’t want to pay attention.

However, these were not important. At this time, the most important thing for him was to escape.

Vice Admiral Mozambia drew his sword at his waist and pointed it at Jeff, “Jeff, you’d better give up, and we’ll consider being merciful to you, or else you’ll go to hell again and never see the light of day!”

Unexpectedly, after hearing Mozambia’s words, Jeff had a mocking expression on his face, “Are you trying to fool a kid? Only an idiot would believe your words.”

At that, Leiyin came out from behind Mozambia with chakra brewing in his body. He was about to face Jeff, but he was stopped by Bastille with his hand when he went over. 

Vice Admiral Bastille of the Marine Headquarters, known as the [Shark Cutter], was wearing a cow horn mask with many air holes. He was tall, carrying a large sword on his right shoulder, looking very imposing.

“Stand down; he is not something you can handle as a Commodore.” Bastille didn’t even turn his head when he gave Leiyin the order. 

Upon seeing this, Leiyin stepped back.

Bastille swung his large sword at Jeff and said, “Pirate, I advise you to go back to prison and continue to be in jail; otherwise, I will not let you remain in one piece.”

Jeff’ huh’ a smile and said, “Are you marines always such big talkers? If the Admiral had said that to me, I would have to weigh it, but for you, hmph…” 

“You’re looking for death!”

Bastille, who was directly being underestimated, held his sword with both hands and rushed forward angrily, making a violent sweep towards Jeff. He brought a harsh air-breaking sound in the void as if he was going to cut the nearly 400 million bounty pirate in front of him into two pieces with one blow. 

Unfortunately, Jeff’s movements were very agile. His feet gently dodged Bastille’s chopping blow, and then his hands turned into the claws of a lion, scratching directly at Bastille.

‘It turned out that this guy had Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion, ability.’ Leiyin thought to himself. 


There was an ear-piercing sound of cutting clothes, revealing four bone-deep blood marks on Bastille’s right arm. 

WAAAAH! YOU DAMNED BASTARD, I’LL KILL YOU!” Bastille covered his right arm in pain, shouted somewhat hysterically, and slashed at Jeff again. 

Unexpectedly, this time, Jeff didn’t hide or escape, letting the big knife slash him. Jeff’s lion claw became dark and shiny as he grabbed Bastille’s large sword. His razor-like claws held the sword tightly, making it burst like glass. 

Before Bastille could react, Jeff quickly kicked him. The kick was causing Bastille to fly more than ten meters away, hitting the ground several times before stopping.

“Lieutenant General Bastille!”

Watching Bastille was easily defeated, Mozambia led the soldier to surround Jeff.

The so-called military rank did not represent the strength. Although they were Vice Admiral, not everyone was as strong as Garp or Momonga.

‘Just like the Captain, was Captain Morgan and Captain Smoker had the same strength?’ 

Bastille pretended to be a man but was hit in the face, while Leiyin was standing in place with a calm face, and Mozambia was leading the soldier with a sword, looking at Jeff like a great enemy.


Suddenly, Jeff laughed out loud and then said with a wicked smile, “What a sad marine. I’m very sorry; I’m going to leave here.”

After saying that, Jeff’s two arms suddenly turned into two wings and flew up into the air.


‘This guy, doesn’t he have Neko Neko no Mi Devil Fruit ability?’

‘How could he have wings?’

The marine was amazed. They could only see Jeff leave with a helpless face. Jeff was swiftly waving his wings in the air. An insidious wind was blowing towards the marine from under his wings. 


The wind blew into the marine. It was as sharp as a knife, and wherever it passed, a stream of blood popped up, followed by a scream of misery.

In no more than a few minutes, the marine of nearly two thousand men was killed. The others were throwing away their armor and scattered in pieces.

“I… I remembered! This guy was Jeff, who possessed the mythical creature [Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Griffin] Devil Fruit!” 

“Wh… What?!”

“Are you kidding?!” 

“Yes, I remembered too.”

The marine was chickening and ducking out. Some who remembered his name couldn’t help but yell out loud.

Jeff was caught five years ago. Although he was somewhat famous in the sea at that time, he had disappeared after being caught for five years. Of course, with more than 300 million bounties, he was incomparable with Gol D. Roger, Shiki the Golden Lion, Whitebeard, and other famous people.

Although he wasn’t as famous as these peak figures, after all, he was a superhuman with Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit ability. He was definitely not an idle person. With the strength, he just showed his capability to trounce the Vice-Admiral.

On the contrary, Vice Admiral Mozambia, who was newly promoted from the Real Admiral, did not have much strength. He belonged to the category of “intelligent officer,” and his strength was not as good as the bus’s bottom.

However, in front of absolute strength, what was the use of “intelligent”?

“If the Admiral were here, it would not be like this,” Mozambia said with hatred.

After almost destroying the entire marine, Jeff flew high into the sky…

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