Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 99


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“Byebye, little marine. This time I have regained my freedom, haha…” Jeff laughed triumphantly and flew off into the air…

“Do I give you permission to leave?”

Just as Jeff was about to fly off into the distance, a figure blocked him in the air.

It was Leiyin who came with the Geppo!

Looking at Leiyin, Jeff was stunned for a moment, then said, “I can’t believe there’s still a slightly decent kid like you among these useless marines.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, either be good and get back to jail or defeat me; then you can go.” Leiyin kept stepping on the air and said indifferently.

“Interesting little kid. However, it is good that I’ve finally escaped, so how could I go back with you?” Said Jeff; he once again waved his wings, and another gust of fierce wind came.

Facing the blistering wind, Leiyin was undaunted. His hands suddenly formed a seal, and ninjutsu erupted again, “WIND RELEASE – GREAT BREAKTHROUGH!”

Leiyin’s Great Breakthrough and Jeff’s Hurricane blatantly collided together, forming a powerful cyclone overhead, cancelling in both directions.

“Who’s fighting with that pirate up there?” A marine asked.

“It’s Leiyin. Commodore Leiyin!”

“Knock him down!”

“Crush him! Commodore Leiyin!”

The marine watching the battle below once again boiled up.

Looking at the extraordinary strength of Leiyin, Jeff finally got serious. Jeff’s feet turned into two lion’s paws, stabbing at Leiyin like a storm. When Leiyin saw this, he pulled out the Sword of Kusanagi to defend himself.


Jeff wrapped Busoshoku Haki on both feet; the razor-sharp claws and Sword of Kusanagi collided together. The sound of the sword and iron clashing was heard overhead.

Jeff’s speed was incredibly fast, and both claws kept hitting Leiyin’s vital parts, while Leiyin’s speed was also incredibly fast, resisting his attacks again and again…


On Level 2, Wild Beast Hell.

Beast Guards, the chicken beast, Basilisk; Beast Guards, the man-eating animals, Manticore; Beast Guards, Sphinx, all were knocked down.

There was no need to ask; it was all done by Kaido.

At this time, Kuzan and Borsalino had reached Level 2.

Kaido and the two Admirals met head-on.

This was the world’s top battle of the member of the Four Emperors and Marine Admiral.

Without too much nonsense, they started to fight!


Borsalino was the first to attack, gathered light waves in his hands, and suddenly sent it out.


There was a huge roar, and Kaido’s huge body was shaken back several steps.

However, this was Kaido; if it were an ordinary person, that person would have been blown to pieces by this terrifying light.

Upon seeing this, Kuzan did not give Kaido any chance to catch his breath and his right hand-gathered strong cold energy.


A pheasant ice bomb came out from his right arm, turning even the water vapour into ice slag wherever it passed, accompanied by a powerful impact, coming straight at Kaido.

Of course, Kaido would not let the attack come straight at him. He wrapped Busoshoku Haki around his right hand and slammed his fist into the [Ice Block: Pheasant Beak’s mouth], smashing it into a dot of ice and scattering it in all directions.


Kuzan saw his move failed and released another move. It was a long-distance release of icy air projectile, which came towards Kaido once again…


Borsalino gathered the light in his hand, forming a lightsaber. Its aura was like the obsidian sun, and it slashed at Kaido head-on…


On Level 1.

Leiyin was holding Jeff so that he could not get away. At this time, the two hurled in the air and tangled.

“Damn stinky kid. Hurry up and make way for me!” Jeff shouted in annoyance.

“If you have the ability, go ahead and run,” Leiyin said lightly.

Damn it! I will tear you into powder!”

With that, Jeff’s physical stature changed again. His head changed into an eagle, and his entire body all turned into a lion. His two lion’s claws stretched out from underneath his wings.

This was the Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit [Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Griffin] full bestial form!

Jeff opened his eagle beak and let out a bird’s shrill whistle while desperately stirring his wings. A hurricane more powerful than the original blew toward Leiyin without mercy.

When he saw this, Leiyin did not dodge. Instead, he used his chakra to make a blue shield in front of his body, weakening the hurricane while taking out dozens of shuriken from the inventory. He put his hands together and placed the index and middle fingers of his right hand inside the palm of his left hand, attaching the chakra of the lighting attribute to the shuriken blade.


After a loud shout, Leiyin threw the shuriken in his hand, all together towards Jeff. The ten shurikens became a hundred, a hundred became a thousand, and a thousand became a million. A shower of shurikens suddenly appeared in the air on Level 1 of the Impel Down. No matter how Jeff could not react. Even if he could react, he could not avoid it. In a flash, his body was pierced with a thousand holes and fell from the air.

When he fell to the ground, the ground was immediately dyed bright red with blood. Leiyin then stepped on the [Geppo] and also landed from the sky.

“Commodore Leiyin…”

“You’re so strong.”

“That guy, is he… dead?”

The marine soldiers below walked up cautiously with their weapons to see the devastated Jeff, not knowing if he was dead or passed out.

Leiyin walked over and said, “You will immediately take him into custody. He is not dead.”

The soldier answered, “Yes, Commodore!”

The Tori Tori no Mi Devil Fruit had a powerful recovery and endurance. The rare ancient and mystical beast species were even more powerful than ordinary animals. Although Jeff appeared to be badly wounded, his recovery was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Leiyin captured the 337 million bounty pirate again with a single effort.



Less than five minutes after Leiyin and Jeff finished fighting, the floor of Level 1 suddenly broke out of a large hole, followed by three people from the floor below.

They were Kuzan, Borsalino, and Kaido.

They fought from the Level 2 of the Wild Beast Hell to the Level 1 of the Crimson Hell. Due to the three people’s overpowering attack, they directly made a big hole in the ceiling of Level 2, which was also the floor of Level 1, and the two Admirals came up directly after Kaido.

“You two were such annoying guys. Since you can’t kill me, you’ll die in my hands!”

Kaido shouted boldly, shaking through the clouds. His two rough and incomparable hands slammed on the ground with the Haoshoku Haki, scattering in all directions. The pressure swept through the place, making the marine and Domino, leading the guards, including the Blue Gorilla, the Jailer Beasts, fell to the ground with almost all eyes rolled over.

At this point, Kuzan and Borsalino were standing firmly on Level 1.

Those three people, including Kaido, were not affected by the Haoshoku Haki…

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