Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 12


After messing around, he returned to WeChat and found Zhong Yingxue’s WeChat.

[Username: Listen to snow]

The profile picture was a cute cartoon little snowman.

Jiangnan sent her the photo.

In the end, she replied in seconds.

“Good Xiao Nan, why are you still using your phone at such a late hour? Go to bed early! ( ´◔ ‸◔`)”

Mm… dear sister, you’re the real hammer!

It was already past one in the middle of the night.

He then sent the photo to Xia Yao.

[Username: Wolf extinction]

It was husky with an evil smile.


“Sister Xia Yao, are you serious? Wolf extinction?”

She was a few times more ruthless.

He didn’t even notice when she sent him a message during dinner.

He sent her the picture, but she didn’t reply. She was probably asleep.

Jiangnan also started to sleep since he needed to wake up early the following day…

But when he wakes up and checks his phone. The class group Weibo exploded!

Class group:

“@NanShen! Who are those two beauties? How did you hook them?”

“A night market smashing brick can also hit on a girl?”

“The silver-haired girl is too handsome! Even me a girl are tempted!”

“Your Weibo has exploded!”

“You don’t know them? Songjiang Martial Spirit High School, Fire Mage God! Zhong Yingxue!”

“The other one is the Silver Wolf Xia Yao. She is a powerful fighter. She is famous throughout the city, okay?”

“Here comes the question… How did Jiangnan know them?”

Nan Shen: “They are just borrowing my phone to take pictures…”

The fiery atmosphere suddenly became cold.

[From Zhou Bing’s Resentment Points +134! ] [From Han Yuanyuan’s Resentment Points + 422! ] [From… ]

Haha, so open-minded!

Jiangnan liked this bunch of cute classmates too much!

He opened his Weibo again and received 99 + messages

Looking closely, someone inexplicably did more than 10,000.

All of them were private letters!

“Little brother Jiangnan, will you go to the night market tonight? I want to see you chop bricks!”

“Bald man?… It’s quite beautiful!”

“Let go of those two beautiful girls; let me do it!”

“This leg! It’s really white… this head! It’s really big…”

“In the wind and rain, Jiang City night market is waiting for you!”

“Isn’t this Songjiang’s Martial Spirit High School Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao?”

Jiangnan took a quick look and really admired this group of silly netizens!

There are also some who were disgusting.

There was a person called Luo.

“You dare to touch my woman? You’re dead!”

Jiangnan snapped back.

“If I touch her, I will die… then I have already died ten thousand times!”

Hey hey? It’s so showy!

[From Luo Zhixiang’s resentment value + 999!

[From Luo Zhixiang’s resentment value + 1000! ]

The resentment value crazily refreshed!

This was the first time he saw a thousand points!

In a luxurious villa, Luo Zhixiang, who was wearing pajamas, crushed his phone!

His face was cold!

“Investigate who this person is. Don’t let Xiao Xue know!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Jiangnan was in a good mood. The temper of that Luo Zhixiang was too big.

It was almost enough to draw ten times in a row in such a short time!

At the side, Zhou Yuqing quietly walked beside Jiangnan.

From time to time, she would peek at him, and her face would turn slightly red!

When they walked to the small alley, many old men gathered around to watch the show, not knowing what was happening.

Jiangnan went over to take a look.

Damn it!

Baldy Wang Qiang and the others were still standing with their hands behind their heads.

They had big dark circles under their eyes, and their legs were trembling. They hadn’t slept the entire night.

It was not that they didn’t want to leave!

They were really frightened by Jiangnan!

When they saw Jiangnan, they said in unison, “Hello, Brother Nan!”

“Hello, Brother Nan!”

The gazes of the group of people landed on Jiangnan…

Was this baldy the big brother?

Zhou Yuqing looked at Jiangnan, her eyes already filled with stars!

“Scram, scram, scram! What a disgrace to be here in the morning!”

Jiangnan said in a bad mood.

Don’t you want a face?

Baldy Wang Qiang and the others felt like they had been granted amnesty and quickly slipped away.

“Brother Qiang! Are we just going to let this go?”

“How is that possible! But looking at that kid’s skills, I’m afraid he is a Martial Spirit Warrior. Wait for me to find someone to beat him up!”

“Okay, Brother Qiang!”

All the way to the classroom, because Jiangnan was ranked first on the list yesterday, no one spoke coldly!

However, no one was optimistic about him.

So what if he awakens the strength attribute? His talent was still trash, and he would fall sooner or later!

They also didn’t see an E-grade talent reaching Gold rank or even Siver rank!

There were dark circles under Li Muyan’s eyes. Obviously, she had not slept well for the past two days.

In the cultural class in the morning, Jiangnan listens to it well…

His academic performance was very good, and he was the first in the class every time!

The tuition fees were all painstakingly earned by him, so there was no reason not to listen.

Even Martial Spirit Warrior had to study, right?

But Jiangnan rarely thinks like that…

In the afternoon, Jiangnan eats two big bowls of stewed potatoes with beans in the cafeteria!

He doesn’t know what’s happening, but the taste was strange. It doesn’t taste like this usually.

In the end, something really happened during the afternoon classes!

In the middle of class, Li Xiang, who was sitting in the front row, was pale and holding his stomach!

Just as he was about to raise his hand to speak, he fell to the ground, twitching and spitting white foam!

“What the hell is going on?”

“Spitting foam?”

“It can’t be food poisoning, right? The beans I ate at noon taste a bit strange!”

“I ate it at noon too! I heard from my mother that when beans are not cooked well, they are poisonous!”

Even the teacher panicked and quickly called Li Xiang’s classmates.

“Quick! Carry him to the infirmary!”

At this moment, Jiangnan’s eyes lit up!

This was an opportunity! This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

At that time, he stood up and shouted, “Don’t touch him!”

This shout stunned the whole class.

What was the situation?

“Jiangnan, don’t try anything funny. Human lives are not something to play with!”

Li Muyan finally found an opportunity, “If it were because of what happened yesterday, you would be too petty!”

A gust of cold wind blew, but Jiangnan did not care about this. He immediately retorted, “Is it useful for you to carry him to the infirmary?”

“This is food poisoning! He may die at any time!”

“It’ll be too late when the ambulance arrives! Why don’t you let me try?”

Jiangnan’s righteous expression made his classmates and teachers dumbfounded.

Teacher, “Jiangnan! You know how to treat illnesses?”

Jiangnan, “There is a piece of farmland in the backyard of my hometown. The soybeans planted in it have the effect of detoxification!”

“It is very effective!”

Hearing this, his classmates and teachers were suspicious. Indeed, since the earth’s spiritual energy was revived, there would be plant mutations and special effects.

But can soybeans detoxify? Was it reliable?

“What are we waiting for? It might be already too late later!”

Looking at Li Xiang, who was twitching on the ground and foaming at the mouth, the teacher gritted his teeth and said, “Let’s try it! If it doesn’t work, just bring him to the infirmary and call the ambulance!”

Jiangnan did not delay and immediately opened the alternate dimension, pretending to take out the soybeans from it.

In reality, it was the Small Detoxification Soybeans that he had taken out from the system!

He took a catty and picked out a grain to feed Li Xiang.

Jiangnan was certain that the soybeans could cure poison!

After all, he had already confirmed it with the Vigorous Potion.

But the side effects were…

Who knows what the side effects of the Small Detoxification Soybeans were!

Li Xiang!

I can only trouble you!

We were all classmates; you have to understand my painstaking efforts!

I am helping you to cure your poison!

It’s for your own good!

Cough cough…

I really don’t have any other thoughts!

Not even a bit…

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