Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 13


The student’s gazes focused on Li Xiang, who had eaten the “Detoxification small soybeans”.

They could not help but be suspicious.

That so-called soybean could really cure poison?

Moreover, was Jiangnan really so kind?

After all, that happened yesterday, the two of them were not on the right path!

Li Xiang’s face, which was alternating between green and white, became extremely rosy in just a few breaths of time.

His face was full of confusion!

What was going on? Did he had just spat saliva in front of the whole class?

The teacher asked with concern, “Li Xiang, how are you feeling? Is there anything wrong with your body?”

Li Xiang wiped the foam off the corner of his mouth.

“I just felt dizzy, and my stomach hurt! Now… I’m better!”

Not only was he better, but he also felt refreshed!

Now he could carry a bag of rice on several floors without panting!

He even wanted to eat spicy hot pot!

This time, everyone looked at Jiangnan in a different light!

It really worked!

Weren’t these soybeans too awesome?

The effect was also immediate!

“Are you really fine?”

“Yes, I feel very good! What happened just now?”

The teacher sighed with emotion, “Thanks to student Jiangnan, he saved you with soybeans! Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!”

“Yeah, if not for Nan Shen just now, Brother Xiang would probably be lying in the hospital right now!”

Li Muyan had an awkward expression on his face. Who knew that these soybeans were really useful?

Li Xiang was a little embarrassed.

Who would have thought that he would be the one to save him and repay the enmity with kindness…

“Thank… thank you!”

Jiangnan had a guilty look on his face!

“Ah… haha, it’s fine! We’re all classmates!”

Damn it?

What’s the situation?

What about the side effects? Why does Li Xiang seem to be fine?

Could it be that the side effects were also divided into people?

“Oh my god! My stomach also hurts a little!”

“The beans I ate at noon are definitely poisonous!”

“What did the school say? I ate a lot of beans at noon!”

“I am starting to hurt too… What should I do? I don’t want to vomit!”

The student in the class wailed!

The teacher saw that something was wrong and hurriedly said, “Jiangnan, your soybeans…”

Jiangnan said with a generous face, “Teacher, just take them! They are all my classmates! How can I watch them die!”

“If your stomach hurts, take a one to cure the poison! If it doesn’t hurt anymore, still take another to prevent it!”

The teacher said, “Then the teacher will thank you on behalf of all the teachers and students in the school!”

“You really are Nan Shen!” 

(TL note: Nanshen, literally meaning “male god,” is the male equivalent of, and the sequel to nüshen, or goddess. Both nanshen and Nüshen are the fantastically flawless examples of their respective gender, possessing both physical beauty and faultless character.)

“We see true feelings in the face of adversity!”

“I won’t say anything else. I owe you once!”

The students were all grateful, and the way they looked at Jiangnan had changed.

If these soybeans were sold, they could be exchanged for quite a bit of money, right? Jiangnan’s family was in such a difficult situation, but he was even willing to give it up…

As a result, the teacher distributed the soybeans, and each of them ate one. Some still felt that it was not enough and ate three to five!

At this time, the teacher received a call from the principal, and his face changed.

“Not only our class but the other classes, the entire school has been poisoned! It has been confirmed that it is the cause of the bean!”

“Jiangnan, look…”

Jiangnan said righteously, “Send! Send them one by one! They are all my schoolmates. How can I watch them suffer?”

The teacher was touched by his words, “I’ll go now. There are not many students as virtuous as you now! The students must follow Jiangnan as an example!”

Under the admiring gazes of the students, the teacher carried a catty of soybeans and went out.

The principal was panicking. The situation of food poisoning in the school was a huge matter.

If the news accidentally got out, he would not be able to be the principal anymore.

Who knew that the teacher said that the soybeans contributed by Jiangnan could detoxify the poison, and the effect was excellent!

There were already students who had eaten soybeans and recovered. At that time, they were moved to tears!

“Good student. Later on, I will give Jiangnan great merit. This month, I will give him another spiritual bead!”

After a period of distribution.

As a result, all the teachers and students in the school ate soybean. Sure enough, the discomfort all dissipated, and they felt refreshed.

He had survived this crisis!

The principal was sweating profusely as he sat in his office. He let out a long sigh of relief!

“Phew… I finally managed to suppress it! I still have to thank this kid Jiangnan properly!”

In the classroom, the mathematics class continued!

Jiangnan frowned.

As a consolation prize, Detoxification Small Soybeans was indeed very useful!

The effect was immediate!

But what about the side effects?

Could it be that there would be side effects when he was the only one who ate it?

Was this system really that bad?

That wasn’t right! That Zheng Wei becomes bald after drinking Vigorous Potion.

But Li Xiang was fine, and Jiangnan thought it was a separate thing!

Now, all the teachers and students in the school have eaten the Detoxification Small Soybeans…

He can always see the effect by casting it in a wide net.

But it was calm and peaceful…

Jiangnan felt that he was worrying too much. Maybe there were no side effects? Wasn’t this just right? It was a good thing!

However, right at this moment, Jiangnan’s eyes widened. What was Li Xiang planning to do?

Li Xiang’s expression changed.


His stomach growled. At first, he could still endure it, but the more he tried to suppress it, the more he couldn’t.

He looked around and found that no one was paying attention to him, so he gently lifted his buttocks.


The sound was very soft, so no one heard it.

But the back row exploded.

They whispered to each other.

“F*ck, why is it so smelly? Did you fart?”

“Get lost! I didn’t release it! It’s too damn smelly!”

“A biological weapon!”

Li Xiang pretended to be serious. He could not let others see that it was him.

Calm down!

Calm down!

Be steady!

No matter how violent they were, I will not move like a mountain!

This fart!

I did not release it!

But all of a sudden, the momentum of this “Qi” was so turbulent!



The suppression force that he put was unable to be suppressed!

After giving up, the Sonic Cannon released to its heart’s content was surging!

The stool trembled slightly!

The class instantly became deathly quiet, and even the chalk that the teacher wrote on the blackboard broke!

The gazes of the students instantly focused on Li Xiang!

Such a sound!

It was comparable to thunder! If you can’t hear it, only the deaf can’t hear it.

A unique smell spread throughout the class in an instant.

It was a sweet and sour taste, like a stinky sock that had not been washed and had been marinated in a pickle jar for a year.


So Smelly.

When Jiangnan smelled it, he almost vomited! Damn, was this guy ate meat buns with pickled cabbage this morning?

This smell was simply amazing!

“It is not the new year yet! Who fired the cannon?”


“This… This Brother Xiang is under a lot of pressure!”

“Li Xiang! It’s so f*cking loud!”

“It’s definitely 3 MPa!” (TL notes: Around 43.5 decibels. Loud enough to interrupt a normal conversation.)

“Brother Xiang, are you alright? It’s really been hard on you!”

Li Xiang sat upright, his hands firmly pressing down on his thighs, his entire body trembling and his face as red as a monkey’s butt.

The two girls sitting next to Li Xiang had already begun to roll their eyes and retched…

Jiangnan covered his nose, feeling weak in his heart!

Could the side effect of this Detoxification Small Soybeans be…

Could it be…

Fuck! I didn’t give this to you!

This was what the Teacher told you to eat!

It has nothing to do with me!

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