Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 2


“You are courting death!” Wang Lin’s expression was ferocious.

His girlfriend was still there; how could he make a fool of himself?

As a strength-type awakened, Wang Lin cultivated bronze rank long ago!

Was he still unable to deal with a small black iron rank like Jiangnan?

Thus, he endured the pain and threw another punch.


This punch was firmly caught in Jiangnan’s hand, and he squeezed it hard.

“Ah! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

Wang Lin screamed, his face twisted in pain.

He began to doubt life!

I am a strength-type awakened being! How could I be crushed in terms of strength!

Was this kid also a strength-type awakened being?

So strong? Wasn’t he a space-type?

[From Wang Lin’s resentment value + 888!]

The system prompt sounded in Jiangnan’s mind.

Jiangnan’s eyes immediately lit up.

After fusing with the system, he roughly understood the basic function.

Lucky Wheel was drawn with resentment points!

Each draw required 10,000 points!

Ten consecutive draws meant 100,000 points!

Just now, he didn’t know how to obtain this amount of resentment points.

Now, it seemed very simple! It was enough to make people feel resentment towards him!

What kind of perverted hobby was this system?

At this moment, Jiangnan looked at Wang Lin with a strange gaze.

It was as if he was looking at a big golden egg-laying hen.

He grabbed Wang Lin’s fist and pushed him to the ground. Jiangnan sat on him.

A left punch.



[From Wang Lin’s resentment value + 666]

A punch on the right.



[From Wang Lin’s resentment value + 686.]

Jiangnan’s punches were like rain. Bang! Bang! The sound was endless. Looking at the constantly refreshing resentment value, his heart was already crazy with joy!

It was like eating delicious food and couldn’t stop at all!

After fighting for a while, he wasn’t satisfied. He picked up the small stool and smashed it at Wang Lin’s face.

[From Wang Lin’s resentment value + 999! ]

Hey hey hey? Using a small stool seems to be effective than using a fist?

After a while, many people gathered around to watch the show, and many people used their mobile phones to record it.

“This bald man is too fierce! He’s young; he won’t get into trouble, right?”

“Isn’t this a bit too much? Look at the person who he beat up. His face is swollen…”

“Too much? I saw it just now. That girl even tore up this little brother’s stall and said that we are stinky street vendors! Who else would we beat if not him?”

“We have to beat him up! We set up street stalls to respond to the country’s call!”

Li Muyan stood in place with a face full of panic and did not know what to do.

Wang Lin had the strength of a 3-star Bronze rank, and he was also a strength-type awakened one.

How could he be beaten to such a state by a little black iron rank like Jiangnan?

Was he injected with chicken blood?

Usually, Jiangnan was quite an honest person…

“Don’t hit me! If you hit me again, I’ll call the police!”

[From Li Muyan’s resentment value + 888.]

The small stool in Jiangnan’s hand paused and looked at Wang Lin, who had been smashed into a pig head.

His swollen face was filled with tears. Was he actually beaten to tears?

“It’s fine if we don’t fight anymore. You have already ruined my wares. How am I going to sell them? You must buy it!”

Wang Lin’s mentality had collapsed. He had actually been thoroughly abused by a high school student…

“How much is it?” he asked weakly.

“Ten yuan each!”

“What? Isn’t it ten yuan for four? Why don’t you go rob then?”

Jiangnan curled his lips, “What do you think I’m doing?”

Wang Lin, “…”

[From Wang Lin’s resentment value + 666]

There was a total of two hundred pieces of it, and over two thousand yuan was obtained!

Wang Lin didn’t want to buy it either, but if he didn’t buy, he wouldn’t be able to leave today…

Li Muyan quickly helped up Wang Lin, who had been beaten into a pig head, and said resentfully, “You will be kicked out of the monthly test tomorrow!”

“From tomorrow onwards, don’t even think about staying in the Martial Spirit Class!”

Jiangnan did not hear what she said at all. He even waved his hand…

“Good, take care. Come back next time!”

[From Wang Lin’s resentment value + 999!]


Did you want to beat me again?

More and more people were watching, and the money had also been earned. Jiangnan did not dare to stay any longer.

He hurriedly wrapped up the cloth and threw it on the back seat of the bicycle. He held the small stool under his armpit.

Jiangnan was riding his Phoenix 28 bicycle.

He was in a good mood and hummed a little tune.

“Riding on my beloved bicycle~I will never be stuck in traffic~.”

The chain hit the wheel cover with a “click” as if it was accompanying him.

Tomorrow was the monthly test of Jiang City First High School martial spirit class. But Jiangnan was labeled trash because of his talent.

Ever since he woke up his space ability and became a one-in-a-million spiritual warrior, but he had only been promoted to a pitiful three-star black iron rank in his third year of middle school.

The other students were already at the peak of black iron rank, and some of them had even advanced to bronze.

If he doesn’t break through to 5-star black iron rank in the monthly test this time, he will be kicked back to the regular class.

Since the school distributed no more spiritual beads to cultivate, his strength could only stop here…

Twenty years ago, many Spirit Ruins Gates appeared worldwide, and the spirit energy that gushed out from them made Earth enter the era of spiritual energy recovery.

At the same time, many spirit beasts also rushed out to attack human society.

Humans could also awaken their abilities because of the recovery of spiritual energy!

After experiencing the initial turmoil and paying a terrible price, they could exchange for today’s peaceful and prosperous era.

However, those who awakened their abilities were bound to impact human society, so all kinds of policies aimed at the Martial Spirit Warrior were gradually perfected!

The establishment of the Martial Spirit University in all the major provinces and cities in the country; and the division of the spirit martial classes in school was one of the policies.

Jiangnan was fortunate enough to become an Awakened. Moreover, it was the rarest space-type ability.

However, it also gave him the most trashy talent.

That was why he started a street stall!

Initially, Jiangnan thought that he would be kicked out. It was good to be a normal person.

Even if he were an orphan, it wouldn’t be a problem to support himself using his hands and feet.

However, this “Strongest Stall System” that he had obtained by chance caused Jiangnan’s mind to become active.

“I hope that the Spirit Cleansing Fruit is beneficial!”

As Jiangnan thought about it, he felt a cooling sensation on his head…

He had forgotten that he was bald!

That dog fart Vigorous Potion was too much of a scam.

“System, what is their only effect in your introduction? You don’t want to introduce the side effects?”

“You aren’t such a liar, are you?”

[Don’t care about these details! ]

“What about the Spirit Cleansing Fruit?” Jiangnan asked.

According to the system’s character, the Spirit Cleansing Fruit wouldn’t have any side effects, right?

Why are you thinking so much? Just go home and try it!

After riding for more than half an hour, he arrived at a small alley in the suburbs of Jiang City.

There was a barbecue stall at the entrance of the alley. The business was booming, and there were many diners. Jiangnan’s stomach was growling.

The auntie holding the plate greeted, “Xiao Nan, did you just close the stall? Are you hungry? Come, Auntie Zhou will cook noodles for you!”

Jiangnan smiled and said, “There’s no need, Auntie Zhou. I’ve already eaten outside. I’ll give you the rent for this month. I’m sorry for dragging it out for so many days!”

Auntie Zhou took the rent. “Aiya, it’s not easy for you to be alone. You even have to set up a street stall while studying…”

“Why did you shave your head?”

Jiangnan, “…”

“Hehe, don’t you think it’s cooler in summer…”

“Alright, you’re quite energetic!”

After exchanging a few more words of courtesy, Jiangnan rushed home. He wanted to see if that Spirit Cleansing Fruit was beneficial!

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