Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 33


 If he were to leave here alive, Alexander was going crazy!

Can’t you see that I’m waiting to die here?

Who told you to be filled with sympathy…

There will be good fortune after surviving a great disaster?

He only knew that he would definitely live a worse life than death.

Jiangnan felt Alexander’s struggle and laughed coldly!

He was injured to such an extent, yet he was still calmly waiting for death?

It would be strange if he were an ordinary person!

Then, he thought back to the scene he had seen earlier.

The identity of this person was already obvious.

Do you want to die? Yours Truly won’t let you die!

“Let me die! I’m begging you!” Alexander was about to cry!

Jiangnan, “No! Life is precious…”

“If you let me die, I will give you money!”

“How much?”

Alexander, …..

Just now, you said life was precious and could not be measured by money!

And now he asked for the price?

[From Alexander Tchaikovsky’s Resentment Value + 666!]

“I have…”

Jiangnan threw him to the ground and began to feel his body!

“Ow! Be gentler!”

“Ah! Don’t touch my arm!”

“Oh! It hurts! It hurts!”

“It’s in my left pocket!”

Jiangnan took out a pistol, three passports, a mobile phone, two hundred and fifty yuan…

He couldn’t help but curl his lips, “Your life is quite cheap! Only 250?”

“What’s the password for your phone? Is there any money in WeChat? What about Alipay?”

“I think your belt is also pretty good…”

Alexander glared at him, “I…”

Jiangnan raised his hand and slapped his mouth. Half of his teeth were gone!

Alexander, “???”

“I saved you out of kindness, and you still scold me?”

[From Alexander’s Resentment Value + 1000! ]

Jiangnan grinned, picked up his belt, and teleported away, throwing him to the ground.

Seeing Jiangnan pull out a foreign young man covered in blood, everyone was stunned.

Jiangnan said to the brother armed policeman, “This man is called Alexander. Is he the person you want?”

The armed policeman stared at him. Wasn’t this the man on the hunt list!

A group of people came up at that time, and the gun muzzle was directed on Alexander’s head!

Alexander said like a mad dog, “Shoot! Shoot!”

Jiangnan squatted down and slapped him again, then his eye rolled and fainted.

The sudden, crisp sound shocked many people.


So fierce?

They all stared at Jiangnan in shock.

Jiangnan grinned and said, “This guy is looking for death. Don’t kill him! I think he has some important information!”

The armed police brother smiled bitterly. You almost slapped him to death!

“Russia’s Gold Rank Martial Spirit Warrior! This kid has done a lot of things. It’s all thanks to you that we capture him! Good job!”

Jiangnan stood up with a guilty face!

What the f*ck?

Gold rank?

Then earlier…

Thinking back, Jiangnan gulped.

How fierce would that woman who jumped down from the sixth floor be?

When the armed police took Alexander into the car!

Jiangnan got up, and the rescued people came to thank him, then a little girl gave him flowers.

Jiangnan was embarrassed and scratched his head, looking a little shy!

The firefighters in the distance gave Jiangnan a thumbs-up, and the onlookers also gave warm applause!

As soon as he turned around, Hu Shuo surrounded him with cameras.

Because he was too excited, the microphone almost pushed into Jiangnan’s mouth!

Jiangnan, …..

Hu Shuo had an apologetic look on his face and said, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Just now, you rushed in without hesitation to save someone. May I ask what you are thinking? Are you afraid?”

Jiangnan was stunned and asked, “Live broadcast?”

“Live broadcast!” Hu Shuo said with a smile.

“Everyone can see it?”

“Yes! the news channel is being played in real-time!”

He saw Jiangnan wipe his face!

He cleared his throat!

He said seriously,

“Jiangnan night market, headbands and underpants. It is all cheap! Ten yuan for two!”

“There are also Farmer’s Three…”

Hu Shuo was stunned!

What was going on?

This was an interview!

Why was there an advertisement?

Do you have to be so dedicated?

Wasn’t it too much down-to-earth?

“Cut it quickly! Hurry!”

[From Hu Shuo’s Resentment Value + 888!] [From Xia Yao’s Resentment Value + 666] [ From Zhong Yingxue’s Resentment Value +333]

The list of resentment was refreshed crazily at this moment!

Jiangnan was getting crazy!

He advertised and earned resentment points at the same time!

Both fame and wealth!

The crowd burst into laughter!

In front of the TV, Tang Qianya, who was watching TV in the living room, observed Jiangnan’s interview.

A mouthful of cola was sprayed all over her brother…

Hu Shuo smiled bitterly, “Name! You can tell me your name, right?”

Jiangnan said, “My name is Jiang Haoren!”

Hu Shuo, “???”

Do you have to be so superficial?

When he wanted to ask again, Jiangnan had already teleported away!

Xia Yao pounced over and hugged Jiangnan with a face full of smiles in the crowd!

“You were so handsome just now! You even saved Xiaoyu! Great! I’ll give you a big reward later!”

Jiangnan said with a serious face, “What do you mean?”

Xia Yao rubbed Jiangnan’s face, “You are so handsome!”

Zhong Yingxue was also pinching and touching, making Jiangnan itch.

“Xiaonan! Are you injured? I was so worried just now!”

Looking at Zhong Yingxue’s worried look, Jiangnan felt warm in his heart!

He smiled and said, “Sister Xue, I’m fine!”

Seeing that Jiangnan was still alive and kicking, Zhong Yingxue finally relaxed!

Yu Qingqing, who had a black face and a bun on her head, came over and said excitedly, “Thank you for saving me just now!”

Jiangnan, “Hey! This Black Sister speaks Chinese pretty well!”

Yu Qingqing, “???”

She regretted not washing her face just now!

[From Yu Qingqing’s resentment value +333!]

Xia Yao laughed until tears came out of her eyes. She wiped Qingqing’s face with her hand, “She is Xiao Yu! Our classmate!”

Jiangnan’s expression became serious, “Little sister! Do you want to add me on WeChat?”

Yu Qingqing’s face turned red

Hitting… Was he hitting on me?

“Okay… okay!”


How could Jiangnan let go of such a good friend list opportunity?

That would be impossible!

“By the way, Sister Xue, do you know who are those people wearing black jackets were?”

Zhong Yingxue said, “It should be the special combat force of China, the Night Legion!”

Jiangnan was stunned, “Night Legion?”

This was the first time he had heard of it!

Xia Yao said with great familiarity, “Not only do we have the Night Legion, but we also have the Dragon Abyss Legion, and they work together!”

“Also, they are all made up of Martial Spirit Warrior! The Night Legion protects the land! The Dragon Abyss Legion raise our country’s prestige!”

“They are all secret troops. Remember to keep it a secret, okay?”

Jiangnan curled his lips, “You already said it was a secret. How do you know?”

Zhong Yingxue snickered, “Xiaoyao’s brother is a member of the Dragon Abyss.”

Jiangnan, ( ⊙∀⊙).

Therefore, Jiangnan was even more determined to hug her tight!

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