Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 37


As Jiangnan was taken away!

The class completely exploded!

“Those three military vehicles came just to catch Nan Shen?”

“That’s the Night Legion Army! Their momentum is too scary. They must have seen blood!”

“Why did you arrest Nan Shen? They even prepare a black hood and handcuffs.”

“Didn’t Nan Shen catch a Russian yesterday? He isn’t going to help solve the case, is he?”

The students in the class were in a heated discussion!

They were all young people, so they were naturally extremely curious about the mysterious forces of the country!

Even the students of the other classes were curiously looking out the window!

They watched helplessly as Jiangnan was stuffed into the military car and stepped on the accelerator to take him away!

Li Xiang sneered, “All of you stop!”

“Jiangnan is done for! The handcuffs restrict Martial Spirit Warrior’s ability!”

“Saving people in the mall? Ha! Those things don’t have any connection with those Russians!”

Liu Quanwu, “Even if it is. Why did they catch him?”

“I don’t care why they took Nan Shen away! He really risked his lives to enter the raging fire last night and carried more than sixty people on his backs!”

“That’s living life! No matter what Nan Shen did, that what important to me!”

This time, the class became quiet!

Li Xiang, Liu Quanwu, and the other two could not say anything no matter how sour they were

Jiangnan, who was sitting in the military car, was extremely honest!

Because he could feel it even if he couldn’t see!

The tall woman called Bobcat was sitting next to him…

He moved his wrist slightly.

Eh? Handcuffs that can restrict abilities?


Wasn’t this same as One Piece Seastone handcuffs?

It restricts me from using teleportation!

They didn’t pull me to do some strange human experiments, right?

I’m still 216 months and 21 days old child!

Could you not be so heartless?

“Sister Bobcat! I want to pee!”

Jiangnan slightly clamped his legs together and twisted his buttocks uneasily.

No one spoke…

“Sister Bobcat! I think…”

Bobcat, “Hold it in!”

Jiangnan, “………”

Another half an hour passed.

“Sister Bobcat, I want to take a big one!”

The corners of Bobcat’s eyes twitched, but she still did not speak!

“Sister Bobcat, I…”

She did not say anything but stuffed something into Jiangnan’s hand.

Jiangnan feels it!

Holy shit!

A bottle?

To be precise, a plastic water bottle.

Were you serious?

Hey, hey, hey!

I am a big one!

How… how was he going to aim?

So you guys weren’t planning to stop the car?

So ruthless!

Bobcat raised her eyebrows, “What? Do you need me to help you?”

Help… help me?


Jiangnan suddenly thought of some strange scenes!

Then, he couldn’t help but shiver.

“No… no need!”

The man driving the car in front of them had a hard time holding back his laughter!

They drove for two whole hours.

Only then did they take off Jiangnan black hood!

The dazzling light made him a little uncomfortable.

At the moment, Jiangnan was locked on the table.

There was no one in the room!

This was a separate compartment, surrounded by thick concrete walls!

The air was very humid; it should be an underground base or something.

Jiangnan had been locked up here for more than an hour!


“Stop hitting! Ouch!”

There would be dull thuds coming from the cubicle next to him from time to time.

There was also the wailing of someone!

[From Alexander Tchaikovsky’s Resentment Value +1000!]

He looked at his resentment points that kept refreshing.

Jiangnan shivered!

I said this howl was a bit familiar!

So it was Alexander!

No wonder you were looking for death yesterday…

A beating was waiting for him here!

If someone beat you up, why would you blame me?

I was really kind to save you!

Mom, this person was really strange!

But Jiangnan couldn’t sit still anymore.

Looking at his hands that were handcuffs!

Jiangnan chuckled and flipped his palm!

It revealed the little copper wire that he had just pulled out from the military car.

He slid it into the keyhole!

[Triggerskill! Lockpicking: LV0!] [Adding skill points: 100!] [Skill leveled up! Lockpicking(Proficient): Level 0!]

How could a pair of broken handcuffs be so hard to deal with?


The handcuffs were unlocked, and Jiangnan crept out!

He tried not to make any sound.

He did not dare to teleport. Who knew what was going on in this underground base?

He sneaked to the door!

Jiangnan opened the door and wanted to run!

But he seemed to have bumped into something.


So soft (*¯ㅿ¯*;)!

It was so elastic!


He rubbed it again!

It was a bit fragrant?

But when he looked up, Jiangnan found that Bobcat was looking down at him!

With a cold face, she was like a mountain blocking the door.

Did he bump her in the chest?

It was very embarrassing!

Bobcat had just stood at the door and was about to grab the door handle!

In the end, the door handle moved on its own!

Jiangnan’s sneaky head popped out, and he slammed into her chest.

She looked at the unlocked handcuffs on the table.

Then a strong interest appeared in Bobcat’s eyes.

Jiangnan said weakly, “I want to see… what kind of food is in the canteen at noon!”

[From Luo Tianhong’s resentment value + 614!]

Luo Tianhong?

Hey, hey, hey, that sounds good!

Then, he looked at Bobcat, who had a cold expression on her face.

Then Jiangnan obediently entered the room!

Bobcat sat on a chair and placed her feet on the table!

Behind her stood a man and a woman from the Night Legion Army.

Bobcat raised her chin at Jiangnan!

“Take it off!”

Jiangnan, “???”

This… What does this mean?

You bring me here just to humiliate me?

Do you bully people like this?

I, Jiangnan, am a good man!

How can I tolerate such humiliation?

But Jiangnan saw the blood on Bobcat’s fist that had yet to dry up…

Take it off!

Just take it off!

Jiangnan quickly took off his shirt and pant leaving his underpants!

It revealed his strong and well-defined muscles!

The female soldier couldn’t help but secretly swallow her saliva.

With his handsome face and eight abdominal muscles, it really lethal!

Jiangnan crossed his arm in front of his chest and stood there pitifully.

Bobcat, “Continue!”

Jiangnan, ……

There was only one left!


If you continue, there will really be no more!

Jiangnan had a face full of grief and indignation, not even leaving me a piece of cloth?

“The two of them…”

Bobcat gave him a look!

They knew what he meant, so the male Night Legion Army came out of the room!

Then the female Night Legion Army closed the door!

She did not go out!

What a joke!

Such a handsome little brother was standing naked in front of her; how could she miss it?

Jiangnan, “???”

He turned his head and looked at Bobcat in grief and indignation!

In the end, Bobcat didn’t say anything…

Good! Good! Good!

I’m going all out today!

If you guys weren’t afraid, why should I be afraid?

Then, he cleanly took off his underpants!

Bobcat looked at the naked Jiangnan, and her body leaned forward slightly. She was somewhat surprised!

On the other hand, the female Night Legion Army kept peeking, and her faces were filled with excitement!

What shocked Bobcat was not the muscles on Jiangnan’s body!


There was no hair down there!

“You… old?”

Jiangnan said confidently, “20!”

Bobcat was stunned, “Didn’t the information say that you were 18 years old? Was it fake?”

Jiangnan suddenly understood, “Ah… So you are asking about age!”

Bobcat blushed and said fiercely, “What do you think it is?”

Can it be any more cheeky?

What kind of magical brain circuit was this?

[From Luo Tianhong’s resentment value + 666!]

Sure enough!

The boy must protect himself when he goes out!

It had only been two days!

The beautiful blonde girl, Bobcat, and the female Night Legion Army!

They all discovered his little secrets!

Alas! As expected, a person can’t be too handsome!

It was easy to get retribution!

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