Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 38


Bobcat got up and slowly walked towards Jiangnan!

Jiangnan was so nervous!

She wouldn’t be angry and come over to beat me up, right?

Jiangnan couldn’t withstand that fist!

He definitely had to run!

Bobcat circled around Jiangnan twice.

Her eyes kept sweeping over him.

Jiangnan’s little heart was about to jump out!

Although I am a little handsome, do you need to look at me so directly?

Bobcat reached out and touched Jiangnan’s chest.

There was still a needle mark that did not yet heal.

She then pinched his earlobe.

There was a small bite mark on it.

Her eyes flickered.

She said to the female Night Legion Army, “Take him to draw a tube of blood and then send him back!”

Jiangnan, “???”

No way?

You guys spent so much effort to bring me here.

Just to let me strip naked for you guys to see?

Where’s the lunch?

Where’s the little medal?

You know my little secret!

You have to take responsibility!

Don’t let my whoring for free!

Jiangnan put on his clothes with a bitter face. After they finished drawing the blood, he was stuffed into the car again.

This time, Bobcat did not personally send him off!

The one who sent him was the female Night Legion Army.

Jiangnan, who was in the car, looked aggrieved!

It was mainly because he had not eaten yet…

“Big sister, what’s your name? Are you tired from working at Night Legion Army? Are there five insurances and one housing fund?”

[From An Ning’s Resentment Value + 666!]

Five insurances and one housing fund?

Were you serious…

An Ning helplessly looked at Jiangnan. This was the first time she had encountered such a dishonest person in all these years.

But she remembered the exciting scene just now!

Her face turned red.

“Add… add WeChat?”

Jiangnan’s eyes lit up.

Was there a chance?

“Add! Why not? I like girls like you the most! I feel especially safe beside you!”

Back at the military base.

Bobcat held the blood test report that belonged to Jiangnan, and a rare smile appeared on her face.

The male Night Legion Army beside her asked doubtfully, “You’re letting him go just like that?”

“The Burning Blood Reagent has clearly been injected into his body and successfully fused!”

“That woman will definitely come back to look for Jiangnan! If we let him go, he might be in danger!”

Bobcat said, “Danger? He’s smart!”

“Wanting to take him away under our noses is tantamount to idiotic dreams! “

“If they want to take him away, they can only do it on a large scale…”

The male Night Legion Army’s eyes lit up, “Captain, do you want to set up a long line to catch the big fish?”

Bobcat narrowed her eyes and said, “Fishing is secondary. What I really want is the bait!”

“Encrypted Jiangnan’s information, and it is forbidden to read it below the Senior Officer Rank! “

As she spoke, she threw the tablet in her hand to him.

He swept through the information and couldn’t help but take in a cold breath!

Name: Jiangnan

Age: 18

Ability: Space Element! Power Element? (Unable to confirm) Has outstanding physical fitness!

Talent: SSS+ (Has never appeared in history before, cannot be clearly defined)

Cultivation: Black Iron 10 Star!

Successfully fused with the Burning Blood Reagent! Reason unknown!

This time, he finally understood why Bobcat valued Jiangnan so much!

This talent was simply abnormal!

The school was currently in the middle of the afternoon classes!

Jiangnan got out of the military car!

An Ning smiled and waved goodbye to him!

The whole school noticed this scene…

Everyone was shocked!

“It can’t be! I didn’t see wrong, right? Night Legion Army personally sent back Nan Shen? His condition is still so good?”

“He was taken away earlier. How could he come back safe and sound?”

“Could he really have gone to assist in the investigation?”

“Awesome! That is Night Legion Army!”

“We are doing radio gymnastics here. Nan Shen is going to Night Legion Army for a stroll? Comparisons are so infuriating!”

Back in class, Li Xiang and Liu Quanwu’s faces were extremely ugly!

In the morning, he even said that he was done for, but in the end, not only did Jiangnan come back in the afternoon, he was even personally sent back!

His face was slapped with a loud bang.

Jiangnan, on the other hand, had a face full of melancholy!

Just now in the car, he had attacked with sweet words!

But he failed to get any helpful information from An Ning!

As expected of someone who had received professional training!

Fortunately, he got her number!

At this moment, a group of people surrounded Jiangnan’s table.

They asked one after another, “Nan Shen! What did they ask you to do? Is it to help solve the case?”

“Where is their base? Is it on Zhuque Mountain Forest Park?”

Jiangnan said with a serious face, “They told me to go and try the canteen dishes!”

Students, “???”


Do you have to be so superficial!

[From Wang Yiping’s resentment value + 666!] [From Zhou Hongfeng’s resentment value + 888!] [From… ]

“Nan Shen, don’t hide. Just say a little! We won’t tell anyone!”

“Don’t make things difficult for him. Maybe he signed a non-disclosure agreement!”

Jiangnan shrugged, “They told me to go over and take off my clothes. After admiring my perfect figure, they sent me back!”

A classmate said, “Nan Shen, what is there to see for a big man like you?”

“Take off your clothes?”

A female classmate blushed and said, “I… I really want to see it!”

Jiangnan rolled his eyes!

You see!

I am telling the truth!

Why didn’t anyone believe it?

The problem was that even Jiangnan himself didn’t believe it!

What was Night Legion Army up to?

Did they arrest him just to see his little secret?

Li Xiang said in a strange tone, “Heh! You guys better not ask. It doesn’t mean necessarily that something has happened!”

Jiangnan smiled and said, “There are some things that I really can not say!”

“However, they received a notice saying that someone from the armed police force leaked the secret and affected the operation. They are investigating this matter thoroughly!”

When Li Xiang heard this, his face turned pale!

Even if he did not believe what Jiangnan said!

But… what if?

At this time, Li Xiang panicked!

Not long after, he went out to make a phone call.

The students naturally did not dare to ask too much.

The fire rescue and the matter of the Night Legion Army made Jiangnan’s image even more mysterious in their eyes!

At night, after school, Jiangnan was on his way home.

His phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and took a look.

It was a video call from “Wolf Extinction”!

He accepted it!

A breathtakingly beautiful face appeared on the screen!

She was like a fairy who had descended from the nine heavens!

She was so beautiful and flawless that no one would have the slightest bit of wicked thoughts.

If it is not Zhong Yingxue, who else could it be?

“Little brother? Xiaoyao has been bothering me for the whole day. She also wants to eat candy…”

Xia Yao rushed over and stroked Zhong Yingxue’s face with her little hand.

“Look! How beautiful is it?”

“Xiaonan! I! Want! To! Eat! Candy!”

“I’m telling you, your sister is in my hands! If you don’t give it to me, you will regret it!”

Zhong Yingxue was also curious, “Xiao Nan! Where did you get your white rabbit milk candy? I… Why do I feel that I became a little more beautiful after eating it?”

Xia Yao said fiercely, “Just a little bit more beautiful? It’s a bit more than a hundred million!”

“But I don’t care! I want to become beautiful too!”

Jiang Nan pouted, “Hmmph, I won’t give, I won’t give. ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶.”

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