Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 39


Xia Yao revealed her cute little tiger teeth, “Aiya! I’m so angry!”

As she spoke, she threw Zhong Yingxue onto the bed, and Zhong Yingxue’s cries of alarm came from the phone!

There was also Xia Yao’s mischievous laughter!

“You can scream! No one will come to save you even if you scream until your throat is broken!”

The screen on the phone was shaking for a while and then the two girls started to bicker.

“Xiao Yao! Stop rubbing! Stop… stop!”

“Hehe! No! I won’t! Ho… Ho… ho… ho…”

Jiangnan was speechless.

In order to avoid his sister being harmed, he could only compromise.

“I will give you the candy to eat!”

Xia Yao immediately became spirited!

“It’s a deal?”

Jiangnan raised his eyebrows, “Are you still going to say that I have a beautiful face?”

Xia Yao shook her head like a rattle drum, “I won’t say anymore! Xiao Nan is the most handsome!”

“Sister Xia Yao likes you the most. The kind that wants to die after not seeing you for a day!”

“Are you still going to lock my throat?”

“No! How can I bear to do that? I will massage your shoulders and legs and give you melon seeds!”

Xia Yao was so well-behaved that she even deliberately revealed two furry wolf ears.

Even if Jiangnan’s heart was as firm as a rock!

Even if it was not true, he could not bear the scene in front of him!

I like it.

“Well… I’ll get you another one when I get back!”

“Yeah! Xiao Nan is the best!”

Then she hung up the video call.

Jiangnan’s face froze!



Jiangnan, who had pushed open the door and entered the room, was wondering if he should give him two ten-times draws to try his luck.

As a result…

He saw a beautiful blonde girl in a white short-sleeved shirt standing in his room.

Not to mention her bare feet, her lower body was also bare?

Her big white legs were simply eye-catching!

Moreover, the half-sleeve she was wearing was his! There was a Pikachu printed on it, but this one was much fatter!

The most important thing was that!

At this moment, Katrina was holding a huge cabbage and was eating it!

Both Jiangnan and Katrina were stunned.

Her mouth was full of cabbage…

There was an awkward atmosphere in the air.

Jiangnan scratched his head, “Ah… Aiya! I went to the wrong room! It’s so strange today!”

He closed the door and was about to leave.

Katrina glared at him and threw the cabbage at Jiangnan!

Jiangnan turned around and teleported away!


Why was this blonde beauty in his house?

Where was the Night Legion Army?

Didn’t they want to catch her?

Come and catch her! She was at my house!

“If you run away or call the police! I will kill all your neighbors!”

Jiangnan’s face froze!

He stopped at the door and looked back.

Katrina was leaning against the door and looking at him with a smile.

Jiangnan, “Big sister! What are you trying to do? You didn’t suffer a loss yesterday and saw me naked, so why are you sticking to me?”

Katrina recalled yesterday and was furious again. However, she still said, “I already told you yesterday! No matter if you live or die, you are mine!”

“You can’t escape!”

“Now! Return! Immediately!”

Katrina’s eyes gradually turned dangerous!

Her pupils gradually turned into snake pupils!

Jiangnan felt pitiful.

This beautiful girl must be at least a Gold Rank, right? How could his small arm resist her big white legs?

Jiangnan could only obediently enter the house!

His eyes were constantly darting around!

He saw Katrina sitting on the bed; her posture was a little strange!

Beside the bed, there was also the leather jacket that she had just taken off, the white panty and the bra…

She pointed at the clothes by the bed and said, “Wash it for me. I want to wear it tomorrow!”

Jiangnan, “???”


On what basis!

It was okay if you wanted to eat my family’s cabbage!

I still have to wash your clothes?

Speaking of which…

Were you wearing only half a sleeve?

Katrina pointed her finger at the edge of the bed.

Purple mist filled the air!

The iron pipe at the edge of the bed was corroded into a small hole…

Jiangnan turned around and went to get the basin and laundry detergent.

“Big sister! Do you want to add some Bizhen? It smells good!” (TL note: Bizhen is a laundry detergent brand.)

Katrina tilted her head and said, “What is Bizhen?”

Jiangnan, “……”

Jiangnan, who was sitting on a small stool, began to wash her clothes with a face full of grievance!


Come on, you Night Legion Army!

I can’t hold on much longer!

I’m under a lot of pressure.

Katrina sat on the bed and looked at Jiangnan’s back, feeling a little conflicted.

There were still two more days before her organization could send someone to pick her up!

Although the Burning Blood Reagent was gone, it was the same as bringing Jiangnan out.

If she had not been cornered last night, she would not have made such a move.

However, under the Night Legion Army’s inescapable net, it was impossible to take Jiangnan away with her own strength!

The only way was to bring the news out and then organize an operation to take Jiangnan away!

The problem was, how could she survive in Jiang City for two days!

She knew no one here, so she could only come to look for Jiangnan. After all, she only knew him!

Moreover, the reagent was still in his body!

She has to watch him!

As she thought about it, she became hungry again!

So she picked up the cabbage she found in the kitchen and prepared to continue to eat!

Jiangnan quickly washed her cloth and immediately said, “You’re a big girl! How can you eat this at night?”

“I’ll cook for you!”

He ignored Katrina and rushed to the kitchen to cook!

Katrina looked suspicious. Why was this guy suddenly so diligent?

She then looked at Jiangnan, who was cooking skillfully in the kitchen.

She smelled the fragrance coming from the kitchen.

Katrina was suddenly a little touched!

This little brother was not too annoying.

Soon, a table of sumptuous dishes was served!

A plate of scrambled eggs with chives!

A plate of stir-fried meat with bean sprouts!

A pot of rice!

It could be said that it was colorful and smelled good!

Katrina smelled the aroma, and her stomach was growling.

Jiangnan was full of expectation, “Try it! It is not bad!”

Katrina licked her tongue and started to eat.

Jiangnan was nervous as she picked up a few pieces of eggs and meat.

“Eat some leek! It’s delicious!”

Katrina ignored him and only ate eggs and meat!

“Bean sprouts are also very delicious. Do you want to taste it?”

Katrina glared at Jiangnan but remained silent.

Jiangnan was anxious!

How could this girl be picky about food?

“You can’t be picky! You have to think about your health!”

Katrina rolled her eyes at Jiangnan, “Why don’t you eat?”

Jiangnan scratched his head and chuckled, “Me? I’ve eaten outside!”


I don’t dare to eat it!

The chives in the scrambled egg were the Reiki Leek!

Bean sprouts used in the stir-fried meat with bean sprouts were from Detoxification Small Soybeans!

He put a lot of stuff in it.

This Two plates of vegetables will be knocked you down for sure!

Then he will find Night Legion Army and report it!


The plan was perfect!

But Jiangnan never thought that this beautiful blonde girl was actually picky about food!

Did the vegetables provoke you?

As a result, Katrina did not eat the chives or bean sprouts the whole time. She only ate the eggs, meat, and the bowl of rice…

At night, Jiangnan was lying on the bed with a tangled face!

Katrina was lying on the side!

Not only did she snatch the blanket away, but she also did not even leave a pillow behind…

This night!

It was so cold!

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