Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 41


Today, Jiang Nan could be said to be extremely honest!

He was seriously listening to the lecture and doing the questions!

Playing tricks in class?

How was that possible!

As the representative of the good students of the new era and the students’ role model!

There was only one thing in his heart!

That was learning!

Then, Jiang Nan tilted his head.

Katrina, who was standing under the shade of a tree, was staring at the old man who was selling ice cream at the gate in a daze!


Should he borrow a phone to call Night Legion Army?

Katrina seemed to notice Jiang Nan’s gaze and glared at him!

Jiang Nan, “Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ”

Well… study! Study!

After school in the evening, the students saw Katrina waiting for Jiang Nan at the school gate for a whole day!

Oh my god!

Wasn’t her love too much, right?

What kind of immortal love was this?

Jiang Nan walked over and handed her a bottle of iced Coke and ice cream!

Katrina looked at Jiang Nan suspiciously and took it.

A mouthful of cola, a mouthful of ice cream, and the corner of her mouth were stained with white cream. She ate happily!

Jiang Nan chuckled!

He then took out his bicycle from the alternate dimension.

“Let’s go!”

Katrina was stunned, “Where are we going?”

“To set up a stall!

“You are not allowed to go. I have been waiting for you for the whole day! Come home with me!”

Jiang Nan said confidently, “How can that be? If I don’t set up a stall, I will have no money to spend!”

“How can I buy delicious food without money? Your identity is sensitive. You can’t steal, can you?”

Katrina looked at the iced Coke and ice cream in her hands and hesitated.

“Then… I’ll follow you!”

On the bicycle, Katrina sat sideways in the back seat. She held Jiang Nan by the waist with one hand and licked the ice cream.

Jiang Nan smirked!

Motherf * cker, watch how I deal with you!

When I reach the stall, I will have the final say!

Jiang Nan had been waiting for this the entire day!

Jiang City night market.

The stall was laid out, and he sat on the small stool!

Vigorous Potion, Detoxification Small Soybeans, and Reiki Leek went out one after another!

Katrina was stunned!

People sold bracelets, clothes, antiques, pancakes, fruits, and the like!

What were you selling?

Mineral water, chives, soybeans?

Could you really sell them?

But what happened next shocked her worldview!

Ten thousand per bottle of mineral water?

It was so expensive that it made one’s hair stand on end!

However, they were selling like crazy!

The eyes of the people who rushed up to buy it were red, and they almost couldn’t help but just grab them!

“Haha, Nan Shen! I’ve been waiting for you!”

“I watched the live stream of the mall rescue the day before yesterday! Awesome! Too awesome! Haha!”

“Brother Nan Shen! Add me on WeChat!”

“Is there still Vigorous Potion? Give me five bottles!”

“Where did you find this beauty again? She has blonde hair and blue eyes! I really like to do business with you! It’s good for the eyes! Haha!”

As soon as Jiang Nan opened the stall, he became the most popular existence in the entire Jiang City night market!

Katrina was dumbfounded!

In such a short time, he had sold almost one million!

This… When did money become so easy to earn?

She did dirty work every day and almost died countless times!

But he earns more than her in setting up a stall?

Was Jiang Nan really just an ordinary high school student?

“Eh? Nan Shen! What are these leeks and soybeans for? New goods?”

Everyone also noticed the leek and the soybeans and became interested!

If Farmer’s Three Punches was so fierce, then these leeks and soybeans…

Jiang Nan cleared his throat and said,

“The real Reiki Leek!”

“A man can’t stand it when a woman eats it!”

“A woman can’t stand it when a man eats it!”

“If both men and women eat it, the bed can’t stand it!”

“Invigorate the kidney and impotence! It let you regain your confidence!”

“A thousand per stick! One hundred thousand per bundle!”

When these words came out, everyone had a suspicious look on their faces!

Was it reliable?

Can it be more potent than other medicine?

“Nan Shen’s products are definitely of the highest quality!”

“Do you want to improve your family status?”

“Do you want to stop experiencing the embarrassment of failing to hand your homework to your wife?”

“Reiki Leek, you deserve to have it!”

Jiang Nan’s tongue was like a spring, and that little advertisement was like a bomber crazily attacking!

They were all tempted!

“F*ck! Give me a bundle! Whether or not I can take off at night depends on you!”

“Can it fix your kidney? Give me one!”

As soon as they heard that it could nourish the kidney, it immediately sold out. In addition, he had Vigorous Potion’s reputation in front of him!

When Jiang Nan received the money, his hands were soft!

“Look at this again!”

“Detoxification Small Soybeans! You deserve to have!”

“It can cure fierce poison! Expelling poison to nourish your face will make you energetic for the whole day!”

“Only one hundred per piece! If you can’t buy it, you will suffer a loss, let alone buy it!”

When everyone heard this! It was not expensive. How about we buy and try it?

Jiang Nan was crazily selling his goods and was grinning from ear to ear!

However, he suddenly felt a chill on his back, as if a poisonous snake was staring at him.

He turned around and saw Katrina staring at him as if she would kill someone.

Only then did she understand!

This Reiki Leek and Detoxification Small Soybeans, weren’t they all the side dishes that she ate yesterday?

No wonder Jiang Nan didn’t eat!

He even kept asking her to eat vegetables!

She thought of the circles that she couldn’t control last night…

Jiang Nan said that she was sleepwalking

Katrina even wanted to kill him!

However, Jiang Nan raised his eyebrows and glared back!

He was not afraid at all!

Who told you to threaten me first?

Even if you knew what I was doing, what could you do?

Now that he was on the stall cloth!

He can’t compromise anymore.

He will show how bold and tyrannical he was!


It didn’t exist!

Just watch how I deal with you in a bit!

With so many people around, Katrina resisted the urge to teach Jiang Nan a lesson until the night market was over!

Katrina was furious!

“Don’t you want to explain what happened yesterday?”

Jiang Nan was full of righteousness and faced her!

“What! I’m the one who did it! If you don’t accept it, hit me!”

Katrina was furious, and her soft and boneless arm grabbed Jiang Nan’s neck!

It was extremely fast!

However, Jiang Nan teleported behind her!

It was still that familiar move!

Invincible Great Choke Hold!

How could she not guard against it? When she was about to use her beast-transformation ability!

However, she was shocked!

How could she not use it?

Before she could react to the shock, she had already been locked down by Jiang Nan and could not move!

He looked at the shock and anger on Katrina’s pretty face!

Jiang Nan was proud!

Was this the pleasure of conquering?

“Let me wash your panty! Humph!”

“Let your conscience restrain my breathing! Humph!”

Katrina struggled unwillingly. How could her ability fail?

Jiang Nan was black iron rank. Why did he suddenly seem like a different person?

Jiang Nan took out his phone from her and dialed Night Legion Army’s number!

“Hello! Is this Sister Bobcat?”

“I have subdued that blonde beauty!”

“I’m at Jiang City’s night market! Hurry up and send someone to capture her!”

Inside the military base!

Bobcat was sitting in her office with her legs on the desk!

There was a tablet in his hand, and on the tablet was a picture from the satellite!

It was the scene where Jiang Nan had locked Katerina’s throat while making a phone call.

After letting Jiang Nan go, Night Legion Army sent people to monitor his movements!

An Ning stood behind Bobcat, looking at Jiang Nan in shock in the video.

The poisonous snake that so many people failed to catch was taken care of by Jiang Nan?

What was going on? She was a Gold rank!

Bobcat said lightly, “En! I got it! Let her go!”

Jiang Nan, “???”


“No! She is with me! You can just capture her!”

Bobcat, “En… I know! Let her go!”

Jiang Nan, “……”

You guys were the f*cking fake Night Legion Army!

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