Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 43


Jiang Nan studies English late into the night!

He felt refreshed the next day!

He received a message from Zhong Yingxue and Xia Yao on WeChat.

Yingxue, “Good luck Xiaonan on your exams. Don’t forget to eat a ham sausage and two eggs before the exam!”

Replied, “Just wait for the exam resut!”

Wolf Extinction asked, “Where is my candy?”

Jiang Nan rolled his eyes and sent her a picture of the Golden Age Beauty Pill!

Wolf Extinction, “Is it sweet?” ٩(º﹃º٩)

Nan Shen, “Guess?”

Wolf Extinction, “…..”

Early Morning!

The students looked at the examination room they were assigned to and quickly check other people’s examination room.

After all, they have to do an Emergency Team Formation!

There was also the Combat Cooperation!

Jiang Nan was not worried at all about the exam!

This was the confidence of a top student!

Someone asked, “Nan Shen! Which exam room are you in?”

Jiang Nan: “Room 3? What’s wrong?”

“What a coincidence! I am also in room 3! Is Nan Shen thirsty? I have black tea here!”

“Fate! I am also in room 3! I will wrap up Nan Shen’s lunch!”

“Come, I will massage your shoulders!”

In a split second, there was a group of people beside Jiang Nan’s desk, all of them looking very attentive!

Jiang Nan looked kind, “Don’t worry! We are classmates. Leave it to me!”

With Jiang Nan’s words, they laughed even more happily!

Jiang Nan’s grades were famous for being good!

He could be considered an outliner in Martial Spirit’s class 1!

Li Xiang looked at Jiang Nan, who was surrounded and sneered in his heart!

This time, he put in a lot of effort to study!

It was to suppress Jiang Nan in cultural classes!

After that, in Heaven Lake Spirit Ruins, he would teach him a lesson!

I will let you be arrogant for a while longer!

The first test will start soon!

Jiang Nan was walking towards his own examination room!

In the end, he met the big man, Wu Liang, in the corridor!

He was wearing a red scarf, and three big words were written on the top!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

After not seeing him for a few days, he actually put on glasses!

It seemed that he had put a lot of effort into his studies.

He put on his black-rimmed glasses.

Not to mention, it really had an inner taste!

“How is it, big guy? Can you get in the top three?”

Wu Liang pushed up his glasses with confidence!

He patted his chest and said, “Big brother! Don’t worry! Everything is under control!”

Jiang Nan was stunned!


So confident? Fine! As expected of the person, I fancy!

“Fine! I’ll wait for your good news. I’ll give you a big reward for being in the top three!”

Jiang Nan punched Wu Liang in the chest and entered his own examination room!

He was stunned to find that Tang Qianya was also in his own examination room.

Jiang Nan smiled and greeted her!

Under the stern gazes of the two examiners, the test began!

Jiang Nan was frantically answering questions on his answer sheet.

The 2B pencil was almost smoked!

In less than 30 minutes, Jiang Nan had finished writing his essay!

In front of the shocked eyes of all the students!

He gets up and hands in the papers!

There was no other way; he was just so confident!


What an arrogant mother!

The students in the examination room cursed in their hearts!

Were you a human printing machine?

The language test only takes less than thirty minutes?

[From Zhou Qiliang’s Resentment Points + 666!] [From Wang Xin’s Resentment Points +888!]

The list of resentment points crazily refreshed, Jiang Nan was satisfied!

There was nothing wrong with it!

This was the effect he wanted!

He had to take advantage of this opportunity to earn a wave of resentment points!

When he was about to leave the examination room.

The supervising teacher said, “Where are you going?”

“Go back and sit! During the exam, you are not allowed to leave the room in advance!”

Jiang Nan, “???”

Jiang Nan returns to his seat and enjoys the constant stream of resentment points!

His heart was blooming with joy!

He was bored and looked around, but he found a few small movements!

Some of the students wrote a cheat sheet in the water bottle logo.

There were also some on the pencil case, even those on hand!

That was indeed a display of divine abilities!

Jiang Nan also discovered that a great god had actually tapped the table with his fingers and used the Morse Code to transmit the answer!

Seven or eight students listened attentively, calculated, and then madly wrote the answer.

Jiang Nan was speechless when he saw this!

If you have this ability, then you should just study!

In order to help them walk the right path!

Jiang Nan showed his willingness to contribute!

For this kind of thing!

Jiang Nan always does this without hesitation!

Then, he tapped the table rhythmically with his fingers…

The students were stunned!


Why did the sound become a bit dense!

This rhythm… Hmm, maybe this is the answer to this question!

After a full half an hour, someone inadvertently looked back!

He saw Jiang Nan knocking on the table as well!

He looked out of the window with a depressed look on his face!

Then he looked at the question that he had answered half of…

He almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

F*ck me!

So what if you feel depressed!

Why were you knocking on your table!

Those students were going crazy!

Jiang Nan looked at the crazily refreshing list of resentment points.


Remember to study hard later!

He inadvertently glanced and saw Tang Qianya sitting diagonally behind him!

Her pretty face was filled with nervousness!

Taking the opportunity when the supervising teacher turned around, her small hands moved under the table!

She pulled up her short skirt slightly.

As a result, Jiang Nan saw that pair of large white legs were filled with small black characters!

After sneaking a glance, she began to answer the questions!

Jiang Nan widened his eyes!

This is good! This is great!



Little Pink Strawberry?

It was even cuter than Winne-the-pooh from before!

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

This girl really had the heart of a young girl!

Tang Qianya seemed to have noticed Jiang Nan’s gaze.

Her face was as red as a ripe apple as she stuck out her tongue at Jiang Nan!

Jiang Nan hurriedly turned around!


See no evil! See no evil!

The second test was English!

Naturally, Jiang Nan reviewed for nothing. He had already finished answering the test papers early!

However, he did not hand in the papers in advance this time!

He can’t get out of the examination room any way!

At this moment, a cool breeze blew past.

Jiang Nan found that a small crumpled note had been blown onto his desk!


They had even used their wind ability to pass down the note!

Talents! It really a talent!

He watched as Wang Ping frantically winked at Jiang Nan!

Jiang Nan opened the note and read what was written!

“Nan Shen, Answer! Please!”

Jiang Nan picked up his pencil and wrote down all the answers on the small slip of paper!

Then, he took advantage of the fact that the supervising teacher was not paying attention!

A finger-flicking divine ability was used to transmit it back!

When Wang Ping saw the full answer on the paper, he was so happy that he went crazy. He crazily wrote the answer on the answer sheet!

He was confident and naturally could not forget his brothers!

Under the cool breeze, this small note passed through the hands of one person after another!

After the exam ended, Wang Ping and the others came over and massaged Jiang Nan’s shoulders!

“Nan Shen is awesome! Haha! This time, I’m finally done!”

“You are really Nan Shen!”

Jiang Nan laughed, “Of course! Of course!”

Wang Ping seemed to have thought of something.

“Right, Nan Shen, the answer was one less! You can’t answer the last question?”

The person next to him also said, “Although I can’t understand it, the last question looks really quite difficult!”

Jiang Nan smiled, “No! I answered the last question!”

Wang Ping was puzzled, “Then why is there one less?”

Jiang Nan, “I don’t know the first question…”

Wang Ping, “???”


The first question?

F*ck me!

We all started with the first question!

And yet you didn’t answer the first question?

[From Wang Ping’s Resentment Points + 999!] [From Zhou Hong’s Resentment Points + 666!] [From… ]

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